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The Bellini Madonna pdf The Bellini Madonna, ebook The Bellini Madonna, epub The Bellini Madonna, doc The Bellini Madonna, e-pub The Bellini Madonna, The Bellini Madonna f78b577f41a Thomas Lynch Was Once A Brilliant Young Art Historian Now He Is A Disgraced, Middle Aged Art Historian, Overly Fond Of The Bottle And Of His Fresh Young Students But Everything Will Change Now That He S On The Trail Of A Lost MasterpieceThomas Lynch Was Once A Brilliant Young Art Historian Now He Is A Disgraced, Middle Aged Art Historian, Overly Fond Of The Bottle And Of His Fresh Young Students But Everything Will Change Now That He S On The Trail Of A Lost Masterpiece, A Legendary Madonna By The Italian Master Giovanni Bellini Insinuating Himself Into The Crumbling English Manor House Where The Painting May Be Concealed, Lynch Attempts To Gull The Eccentric And Perversely Beautiful Women Who Live There Though He Himself Seems To Be The Pawn In This Elaborate Game A Victorian Diary That Draws Robert Browning Into The Painting S Complicated Provenance Might Provide The Key If Only Lynch Can Manage To Beat His Hosts In The Search In The End, It Will Be Lynch S Own Vulnerable Heart That Betrays The Betrayer Interlaced With Complex Clues And Hidden Jokes, The Bellini Madonna Reels From The Lush English Countryside To The Sternly Lovely Hill Towns Of The Veneto, From The Fifteenth Century To The Twenty First It Is A Spectacularly Original Debut

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    I read a good review of this book, and it seemed to be favored on Goodreads Then, when I got the book, the book jacket and quotes on the back were all praiseworthy, even calling it a spectacularly original debut I m surprised I had no sympathy for the main character and found the plot too slow The writing was bogged down with details and there was just something about the writing in general that turned me off Frankly, I didn t like any of the characters in the book and there were only a few Thomas Lynch is obsessed with finding the Bellini, and then at the end, he s left with all these questions and so are we.

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    Excellent writing It s not a fast read, but it s about the journey than arriving Savour it.

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    This is a superbly well written art mystery and love story The narrator, Thomas Lynch, is a dodgy art historian who has been sacked from his college A long forgotten passage in one of Albrecht Durer s letters tips Lynch off to the existence of a lost Madonna by the great Venetian master Bellini His search takes him to Mawle, a decaying English country house But once there he becomes ensnared in a game of sexual tag with the young mistress in waiting, Anna Roper Funny, clever and disturbing.

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    This book has to be one of the most boring books I have read in a long, long time My expectations were really high because of all the wonderful reviews it has recd Yes, it is stylishly written, and yes it has the convergence of high art and the low skulduggery So, what was my problem with the book a it feels too much like Nabokov s Lolita, so much so that you know what is going to happen and how each character will turn out, b the strong dislike for the characters, one just hates them all, I could not squeeze an iota of sympathy for all the miserable characters in the book, c the whining of the narrator really got to me after sometime, and God knows, whining in beautiful, stylish prose is still whining The narrative from the old diary is better than the main narrative but as a reader it is pretty obvious where the whole thing is going, and that this highly educated sophisticated art historian took forever to figure things out made me want to shake him, and shake him till he fell straight out of his asinine midlife crisis.Why did I not leave it in the middle Because I kept hoping it will get better, and because I seldom leave books half read.

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    Loved the incredible wealth and smartness of language, the wit and compassion, the complexity of characters, the intertwining of past and present, the pace it took it s time The characters, for once, had complexity of real human beings What I didn t particularly like was that the language used in the diary at the center of the plot was not differentiated from that of the contemporary narrator Not for everyone, but my book club companions reveled in it.

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    Being an art administrator, I found the historical aspects of the book quite fascinating The book is written in an intellectual fashion, so some may not grasp the subtleties and irony of the main character s coming to terms with his aging and the loss of a careerThe cast of characters, and their personae, address all of our human frailties and vices in some form or other I do recommend the book, but don t expect light reading there is definite depth to the story

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    I m sad that this book gets so many 2 and 3 star reviews, because I ended up liking it a lot Our narrator, Thomas Lynch, is a promiscuous Lothario who gets kicked out of his college professorship for having affairs with students of both sexes He s an art expert specializing in the artist Bellini, and so he goes on a hunt for a lost Bellini based on some rumors to distract himself from his troubles I wasn t sure if I was going to like this book at first Our main character isn t always easy to like, and he is so blinded by his own assumptions that he doesn t see some obvious things staring him in the face I did end up enjoying the book quite a bit, though, and liked that the author did her research about art history and the historical figures who are mentioned in the main character s research This is Lowry s debut novel, and I d be interested to see where she goes next.

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    If you appreciate language, beautiful prose and a book to be savoured and, indeed, languished in then you won t be disappointed.What this book is NOT is a quick fix chick flick with sparse plot, transparent characters and a predictable but explosive finale The delights of this book lie in the atmosphere, language and haunting spaces created to allow the reader to sit back in the warm sunshine which I actually felt from the Venice skies and the immediacy of being dropped into this world as an observer where, no, we don t always have explanations for the actions of everyone we meet and where life doesn t always have a movie ending A delicious book.

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    A brilliantly written book, very engaging Oddly, the characters at least the main character in particular is very flawed and unlikeable Yet I found this to be a wonderful read I m curious what other readers think.

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    Onvan The Bellini Madonna A Novel Nevisande Elizabeth Lowry ISBN 312429665 ISBN13 9780312429669 Dar 368 Safhe Saal e Chap 2008

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