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Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent files Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent, read online Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent, free Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent, free Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent, Untamed Italian, blackmailed innocent 8241938ed No Woman Has Ever Shunned Wicked Italian Tycoon Zac Delucca But Sweet, Studious Sally Is In A World Of Her Own, Looking After Her Sick Mother Little Does She Realize Her Unfocused Disinterest Is Driving Zac S Fury Especially As Her Father Is Responsible For Embezzling Millions From His CompanyThere S A Debt To Be Paid Zac Will Offer Sally An Ultimatum Become His Mistress On Demand Or Risk Ruin He S Confident She Ll Make The Right Choice

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    This book was a delightful breath of fresh air for the current mode of Harlequin Presents I loved how resistant Sally was to Zac She saw him and dismissed him on first glance because he wasn t her first priority How nice She didn t become a drooling, melting pile of female flesh because of his unbelieveable appeal rolling eyes Yes, he was attractive, and she was attracted to him, but she kept a good head on her shoulders when it came to him, for the most part.I like mutuality in a romance I like seeing the hero and heroine are mutally engaged, and their affections are even on both sides In real life, the sad thing is that one person seems to love than the other I realize this So, I tend to not go for that scenario in romances.Unfortunately, I ve read way too many where the man holds all the sexual and emotional power in the relationship It bugs me Why should the heroine always be the one to concede, to give in, to change for love Why shouldn t the hero have to work for her This was a nice change for this reader Zac had to work hard to get Sally He did some less than ethical things, and made some bad assumptions, and he had to eat some crow, than once And the great thing was that Sally wasn t out to treat him poorly or out to use and abuse him She was just trying to deal with the bad situation she had with her ailing mother and loser, lowdown father Yes, sometimes women do have important things to deal with than their sex life or love life, or men I think Ms Baird did a great job writing this story She showed Sally to be a normal woman, with desires and needs But Sally was a strong woman who had priorities, and those priorities didn t involve chasing men, casual sex, or being someone s sex toy Zac gave her an ultimatum, and that gave her an excuse to give into him, because she was very attracted to him But, before that, she did resist him pretty well, because she didn t want the kind of relationship he was offering Bravo to her She didn t give her up needs and goals for some less than satisfactory relationship with a guy who didn t love her Some might not like that she waited so long to say, I love you But it completely made sense, based on the baggage she had with her parents, how her father was a serial adulterer who completely took advantage of her mother, his lovelorn wife She d be pretty silly to fall easily for a seemingly inconstant male with her background, in my opinion And I liked how Zac might have been the typical Italian sex god hero, but in some ways he wasn t He d been celibate for almost a year, he worked hard to get what he had, he was able to realize when he was wrong, and make up and apologize for it And he was willing to take Sally on her terms until she was emotionally able to give him I quite liked him for those reasons I enjoyed their separation I guess it s my sadistic streak , because Sally was trying to go and find out what life was like without carrying the baggage of her parents on her shoulders I liked that Zac was the one who was pining Yes, I guess I am sadistic It was so refreshing for me.I honestly hope to see books like this in the Harlequin Presents line With rational, educated, independent women who are not ruled by their libido, and who won t settle for less than they deserve for some hot guy who makes me as a reader question if he s worthwhile for her in the end This a was nice book, and such a palate cleaner after a prior Harlequin Presents, who got everything wrong with the sexual emotional dynamic for this reader.Overall rating 4.5 out of 5.0 stars A for Effort, Ms Baird.

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    Featuring one of the stronger heroines in the HP line if you cringe at spineless, overly self sacrifing heroines, you will love Sally She doesn t dissolve into a puddle of goo when the dark, handsome billionaire casts his roving eye on her She doesn t jump to sacrifice herself for a cold, embezzling, louse of a father The situation with Sally s mother was sad and it was understandable that she would have issues I liked the hero too It was amusing to see a HP alpha billionaire hero get ignored for a change and have to work to capture the heroine s notice His exasperation was kind of endearing I enjoyed his ruthless pursuit and I also enjoyed that he came to see how wrong he was He did suffer there for a while This is one of the steamier HP s I ve read, with well written scenes Zac and Sally had scorching chemistry together My one complaint The heroine doesn t say ILY until the epilogue, one year later That s just too late for me she married him, she should have said the words then Other than that, this was a great HP read.

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    I bought this without realizing I had read it before So, notes to self This is the one where the H falls for the h as he is going to fire her father for stealing He doesn t know her, but is instantly attracted and thinks she looks bridal The h hates her father because he is a womanizing pig, but she is there to convince him to visit her mother in the nursing home as she now has terminal cancer view spoiler Hero first thinks the h is the father s mistress, then he thinks she s an experienced woman of the world, then once he coerces her into a relationship he ll let her father keep working and he won t press charges for daddy s embezzlement if they have sex he realizes she s a virgin That still doesn t stop him from thinking she is pregnant from another man four months later when he finally tracks her down.The black moment comes when the heroine goes to the hero s apartment and sees a black hairband and Dior perfume in the bathroom She is reminded that the hero is a womanizer just like her father So she breaks it off Hero goes to Italy for business and doesn t contact her again Meanwhile her mother dies and heroine is finally free of the apartment she hates She vacations in Peru, finds out she s pregnant, buys a cottage with the proceeds of the apartment, and that s where the hero finds her.Positive points The heroine didn t sacrifice herself for her unworthy father, she did it for her mother The hero has a good grovel The heroine does not make up with her father Negative points The misunderstanding and jealousy of the black moment was a little flimsy hide spoiler

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    I enjoyed this one It was well written The plot made sense All motivations were explained The characterizations of the hero and heroine were well done I liked the way the heroine didn t fall into a pile of mush on the floor at the sight of the hero It was great to see a HP hero have to work to get the heroine to notice him I particularly enjoyed the scene where he sat down and talked to himself after he found out she was not living off her father but was instead educated and employed He s like what kind of idiot was I to jump to the conclusion that she was a rich bimbo without any proof I kind of thought that was a nod to HP readers who always mention such idiocy in reviews.

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    Cheesy but satisfying.

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    I mostly liked this story because it s one of the those books where the heroine is oblivious to the hero while the hero had the hots for the heroine on sight.The hero does blackmail the heroine for sex but he also soon learns the error of his ways I liked the line that goes something like normally Zac is 6 4 but he felt like 2 inch tall after an encounter with the heroine.The sensuality level is high for a HP since the H H engage in a lot of sex About Miranda Lee level sensuality for those who read her books.

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    I was in for some really easy read and even though the blackmailed in the title should put me off, I just wanted some escapism and not to worry about anything for the duration of the book and I was for a bit of a shock In comparison to many good reviews, I discover how my view was different from the others For starters what Hero would blackmail an innocent woman to have sex with him to pay the debts of her father whom he has stolen from the Heroes company Basically, her father pimped her to become the Heroes w re and the Hero knew exactly what was the situation with the heroine s sick mother and that she needs money to keep her in care and he took advantage of it and had no care to question his immoral actions I mean how can you romanticise this kind of behaviour in a man Any decent man would never allow an innocent woman to become his sex slave for his back and call but would try to find a different solution that is morally acceptable in the social standings There were few occasions that he was close to physically harming her and even said when she struck him for verbally abusing her calling her a prostitute not in a nice way that she was lucky she was not a man as she would be cold by now I am not saying she should be heating him on the face, but he was really abusive to her and she would just stand there and allow the abuse to continue The fact he was so close harming her physically is enough reason to make me shiver The whole fact he was so callused to the extreme in some instances and so prejudice, not even considering looking for the actual facts..speak about his lack of judgement and moral compass and he is an international businessman Where are his ethical values To treat people like commodities is not ideal romantic hero materialI am just disappointed the author used this plot device in the 21 century to promote the imbalance of power and gender inequality No wonder we still have sexual harassments and alike in today s world Look no further, its here in this book and its sold for profit

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    Heroine dislikes hero on sight, he decides she s some kind of gold digging slut He blackmails her into bed She acknowledges that he is basically paying her father to have sex with her They have sex He says things like Take off all your clothes or I ll take them off for you and You agreed to be my mistress, and the only choice you have left is the one I just gave you Rather than revolted my reaction , she s apparently without any qualms, and strips down and pirouettes After stupendous sex a one way ticket to the stars , she s saying things teasingly and commenting that he s a magnificent lover and she only wishes she had known what she was missing, so she hadn t waited so long Cliches like the woman commenting on the spectacular view, and the man, gazing at her, agreeing, create glaringly obvious signposts to the romance, but instead of establishing a convincing positive relationship, they just bore A few romps in the sack and one dinner date after the initial blackmail conversation, and she s getting chest pains at least, I think that s what pain pierced like a knife in her heart means from a bottle of perfume and a black hairband in his medicine cabinet Because of course she s in love And of course he must be cheating on her The keen intellect that got her the job as a researcher at the British Museum is thus frequently on display sarcasm When she gives him a jealousy fuelled lecture on his alley cat morals, he experiences a few moments of chagrin, but then remembers he has another woman in Milan, and shrugs it all off Indiscriminate whoring is so hawt But I m too harsh, because of course he won t be able to do it with someone other than the heroine And he ll be busy looking distracted and being insufferable to all of his underlings He s the hero he s got conventions to fulfill If he doesn t do those stereotypical things, how will we know he s in looovvve The sex for money element is so blatant and dealt with as if it s not problematic at all, the characters written so completely unattractively, the dialogue so clunkily probably not a word , that this book is just leaving me with a sour taste in my mouth I like Harlequin Presents I like the tendency to be melodramatic and I often even enjoy the alpha hero who has to learn to not be a jerk, and I can tolerate a secret baby, but this book exemplifies the worst of what can happen when a laundry list of conventions are bundled together, without well written characters and plot.

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    A disinterested heroine is a wonderful change of pace in this JB book.The hero was enthralled at first sight, but the heroine had other things on her mind The sincere grovel at the end was quite nice, too.

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    I loved this book I very rarely give a 5 star to an HP, but this book is a definite 5 star read The author did a great job of building tension and chemistry between two very strong likable characters I liked that the heroine was well educated, had a great career and was self sufficient I loved that the hero was head over heels in lust and had a take no prisoners attitude It was refreshing to see a relationship built from than just sex and above all a relationship that actually grows The author gave us enough insight into their past to justify their actions, emotions and decisions So you never felt the need to throttle either one LOL Everything just clicked.This is my first Jacqueline Bard novel and I will search out books from this author It is a great, fun read

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