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A Mothers Gift summary A Mothers Gift , series A Mothers Gift , book A Mothers Gift , pdf A Mothers Gift , A Mothers Gift df807dc647 Dreaming Of A Family By Arlene JamesWidowed Mother Dixie Stephenson Never Stopped Blaming Herself For Her Late Husband S Accidental Death And She Didn T Expect Any Of Her Dreams To Come True, Especially Since She Had Been Dreaming Of Another Man But Is Joel Slade, A Wounded Soldier, Truly The Answer To Her Prayers Can He Be The Father Her Little Boy Needs, And The Man Who Helps Dixie Finally Heal The Mommy Wish By Kathryn SpringerJulia Windham S Country House Was Her Sanctuary A Quiet Place Where She Could Be Left Alone To Grieve Her Shattered Dreams That All Changed When Handsome Widower Nick Delaney And His Precocious Daughter, Beth, Moved Next Door Now There S Noise, Laughter And Maybe Even Hope For A Future As A Family

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    A Mother s GiftBy Arlene James and Kathryn SpringerThis book is a set of two shorter stories, both with a Mother s Day Theme In the first story, Dreaming of a Family, Dixie Stephenson is having a recurring dream The swing set in her backyard falls on her son, and a strange man pulls him out She wakes from this dream shaken, and wondering what it means Then, when she takes her son to the park, she meets a man who looks just like the one in her dreams He is a wounded veteran who has lost his sight The last thing he ever saw was a picture of her Dixie has to overcome feeling guilty about her husband s death before she can accept his love.In the second story, The Mommy Wish, Julia Windham lives in a country estate She wants to buy the house next door, but before she can sign the papers, another buyer seals the deal and moves in He is a widower with a young daughter who immediately takes a liking to Julia Julia would rather have her privacy, but dogs and circumstances keep bringing them together They send mixed signals to each other, but finally learn about each other s past Through the efforts of the daughter, and a rescued horse named Star, Julia learns to let go of her past and accept a future in his arms.Both stories were enjoyable to read The Mommy Wish had enough information about horses to make the reader believe that Julia was an award winning rider who was competent around the stable The authors reveal the characters motivation slowly throughout the story, creating a sense of suspense in wondering why or how they could act that way The endings were believable, and the characters were likeable.

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    Two stories in one volume First story Alright, but I just could not get past how not just rude but flat out cruel Dixie was to Joel Some of the things she said were not acceptable, not even as I was scared and didn t know what to say so I lashed out Like, no You re still an adult You don t say cruel things about someone s handicap Come on.Second story I liked this one a lot better, and it was a really nice, happy little story However, I felt like I had to suffer through a lot of hints about Julia s deep dark secret and in the end it felt incredibly anticlimactic Like, tragic, yes, but at the same time not enough for the amount of angst she s put herself through since then Also super vague as to why the whole incident would have made her financee break up with her So I was confused about that.

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    A Mother s Gift was absolutely extraordinary and is one of my favorite books of all time Arlene James and Kathryn Springer are incredibly talented ladies who create amazing and addictive love inspired romance novels Dreaming of a Family and The Mommy Wish were quite simply exceptional, and a fantastic Mother s Day read The characters from both of these short romance stories were just phenomenal and drew me right in, effortlessly Don t miss out

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    It s been awhile since I picked up a steeple hill book and so glad I decided to go back and read some of them Yes, they re predictable but sometimes you just need a short predictable, romance book I enjoyed both of the stories in this book but I think I enjoyed the first one than the second story.

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    Two cute stories, both predictable and short.Dixie blames herself for her husband,Mark s death in a boating accident.Julia has isolated herself from people since her competition horse back riding accident.

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    Liked The Mommy Wish by Kathryn Springer Couldn t finish Dreaming of a Family by Arlene James, it was that bad.

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    The first story I struggled through, the second story was sweet and entertaining.

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    The first story was rather lame and corny but the second one was good

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