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Pink (Shades of Style) pdf Pink (Shades of Style), ebook Pink (Shades of Style), epub Pink (Shades of Style), doc Pink (Shades of Style), e-pub Pink (Shades of Style), Pink (Shades of Style) c422886f432 Meet Raya Joseph, The Creative Head Designer At An Up And Coming New Fashion Design Firm Like Employees Of Any Fledgling Company, Raya And Her Fellow Designers Face A Variety Of Challenges Especially When It Comes To Bringing In Business So When They Are Hired To Design A Million Dollar Wedding Gown, These Talented And Animated Designers Are Thrilled But There S One Catch The New Customer Is The Woman Who Stole Raya S Fiance Meanwhile, Flex Dunham, An Athletic Trainer Who Coaches A Charity Basketball Team, Needs Team Uniforms And Soon Finds Himself In Raya S Shop Raya Hasn T Looked At A Man Since Her Engagement Fiasco, So When Flex Walks Into Her Office, Things Get A Little Complicated The Entertaining First Novel In The Shades Of Style Series, Pink Offers A Perfect Mix Of Likeable Characters, Sweet Drama, Humor, And A Little Bit Of Romance

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    I loved that the main character, Raya, was a woman of color and she had a diverse group of friends She was relatable and I could see her evolution as a character But to be frank, her story was boring to me The drama with her ex friend was slightly intriguing at first but as the book went on it got and played out Both of the main characters had daddy issues so similar that it felt like I was rereading the same thoughts each chapter The actual writing was pretty good, but perhaps the plot was just a little too fluffy for me A solid pick if you re looking for a feel good love story.

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    Goo scriptureI loved how scripture was used to support all that they were going through but the story moved very slowly.

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    2.5 stars Raya Joseph is ready to break out of her beige shell After suffering heartbreak over the past year, she put her dynamic personality and clothing under wraps and unobtrusively went about her job designing clothes and uniforms for Garments of Praise, a company owned by her friend Chenille But Raya decides it s time to change she dyes her afro white blonde, dresses in pink, and tries to make her attitude match her look Meeting gorgeous personal trainer Flex on the train serves to boost her ego That is, until Raya discovers that her nemesis, Megan Arietta, may be involved with Flex.Flex is working through tragedies in his own life and is relying on God to see him through Raya is the first woman who has caught his eye and appealed to his spirit in a long while But misunderstandings and assumptions serve to keep them apart unless God has plans that the two can t change.Pink is the first in the Shades of Style series, centered on the women who work at the Garments of Praise clothing design firm Raya and Flex make an interesting couple They both come into the relationship with preconceived notions about each other and about relationships in general As each grows as a person, they are able to open up and to each other The secondary characters give the story an incredible amount of depth The storyline featuring Chenille s pregnancy is astonishingly realistic and heart wrenching, as well as filled with faith.Unfortunately, neither Raya nor Flex is well developed The reader isn t clued in to the circumstances of their pasts until well into the story, and even then it s not very detailed Since this is a major plot point and the reason the two have difficulty forming relationships, a clearer explanation would have been helpful Raya has serious issues with her family, yet this is never fully explained It s almost like background chapters are missing.Marilynn Griffith is a writer to watch in African American chick lit Her voice is both unique and appealing The humor and intriguing situations help to overshadow the shortcomings and make Pink a worthwhile read.

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    I liked this book, the characters were easy to relate to And i liked how the characters would think to themselves about bible verses, or when they were doing something hey knew they shouldn t the author had a good way of showing what the characters were thinking in the back of their minds However I have one gripe about this book Not just one or two but multiple characters in the book came down with AIDS I know that it s a way of life but did so many of the characters have to get it I mean really the author could have proved a point easily enough with just one character getting AIDS But other than that, good Christian fiction read.

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    This crosses over into adult territory as well Basically, Raya feels betrayed by her college roommate, who stole her fiance, and her college roommate s mother, who destroyed her parents marriage This caused her to flee to NY and move in with her grandmother, and also seriously shook up her faith in God There was something else in there too, but it s a spoiler Anyway, it s about her trying to find her faith in God again and also how she deals with meeting this new guy and her unexpected attraction to him Also has bits told from his point of view, and he s got his own problems too, let me tell you It was ok, but personally I liked Melody Carlson better.

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    When I seen this book, I knew I had to read it I have a passon of fashion and I love PINK I did not expect for the book to talk about God and AIDS The book had drama about relationships than she really talked about fashion.Overall I rate the book a 3 I would reccommend it to anyone who likes humor,drama, and romance.

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    It was really good It was about God and love and I really did like this book I didn t think I would though Mostly cause it was pink Haha it was good and it was one of those books I read last year that really got me into love storys, no matter how cheesy.

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    It was a great book but some of the writing had be going back to re read to make sure I understood what was being written But overall, the story had some great characters.

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