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Sundance (Palisades Pure Romance) chapter 1 Sundance (Palisades Pure Romance), meaning Sundance (Palisades Pure Romance), genre Sundance (Palisades Pure Romance), book cover Sundance (Palisades Pure Romance), flies Sundance (Palisades Pure Romance), Sundance (Palisades Pure Romance) 2d4ac43a7966d When Ever Adventurous Robin Grayson Hatches A Plot To Spend The Summer Cooking At The Former Homestead Of Her Great Grandparents, The New Owner Widower Craig Cameron Greets Her Unenthusiastically Yet, For The Sake Of His Two Sons, He Agrees To Let The Beautiful Redhead Stay On A Trial Basis

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    Another one that I skimmedjust not my cup of tea If you re looking for a sweet, clean romance, try this onethe author is a good writer It was just too focused on the characters liking each other or not for my taste Too romancy and fairly predictable I skimmed half the book and sent it back to the church library However, I ve really liked some of Darty s novellas.

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    A light, enjoyable read with good characters and storyline I especially enjoyed Robin, the main female character, and her relationship with Zach and Will, the sons of her employer.

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    This was a cute book Robin Grayson enlists the help of her cousin in getting a job on a ranch her great grandfather had settled While there, she meets the new owner, Craig Cameron I think the author did really well in creating the back story for Craig and his sons, though a couple of the side characters needed a little fleshing out, namely Robin s cousin and uncle Some of the other characters are given interesting stories, which could be novels in their own right I think the only part that really bothered me was the fact that, at the end of the novel, Robin goes against Craig s wishes and speaks to her uncle about giving Craig a loan, when he clearly wanted to do himself It is good that they both apologize, but I don t think it is made very clear that this was something that was very inappropriate of her to do.

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