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  • Paperback
  • 320 pages
  • No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion #1)
  • Kathi Macias
  • English
  • 07 March 2019
  • 9781596692770

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    No Greater Love is an amazing tale about the troubled heart of a young South African woman who learns the meaning of sacrificial love from people she least expected This story is similar to Scared by Tom Davis, which I adored, except that No Great Love deals with Apartheid and true Christian faith as opposed to the AIDS epidemic This story begins in a powerful way and I was enthralled with the storyline Then I read in disbelief as the world around this young woman crumbled I wasn t sure how the author would be able to keep me reading after the devastation that occurred But I was curious and kept reading only to discover that the story continued just as powerfully even with an entirely different set of circumstances I could not stop reading this story and was emotionally moved by the plot and the amazing characterization The pacing was excellent and the spiritual thread was strong This is a novel that is life giving and inspiring Just how willing are we to be used of God despite the potentially negative consequences that might occur from our obedience This wonderful story makes you think hard on that subject I highly recommended it

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    Exquisite is the word that comes to mind when I think of No Greater Love No Greater Love is a historical fiction Racial or gender or any other discrimination is a sin that we humans have committed in our history and are still doing today In the history of South Africa, racial discrimination was given the word apartheid , which means separation, and very few were left unscathed No Greater Love is a story of separation and of separation Kathi Macias tackled a part of South African political history that has affected many people whether they were active participants or not Without discrimination, she tells the story of separation, through the characters of Chioma, her brother Masozi, the Voster family Anana, Pieter, Andrew and Themba Each character tells a story of loss, of unfairness, of choices, of love and of hope Normally, as a reader, there is one character that stands out than the others This is not the case with No Greater Love You become so part of the story, there is no favorite character to pick As a reader, you, live with them, their choices, and their emotions through the whole spectrum, of love, hate, fear, regret, etcetera, but never indifference They need to belong That s what she heard in the cry The greatest message of separation that No Greater Love tells is about the love Jesus has for each and every one of us, without discrimination Jesus separates us He sets us apart when we make the choice to accept Him as our Saviour No human, no political system, nothing can come between God s love for us I highly recommend No Greater Love.The author, Kathi Macias, provided this book to me for free in exchange for this honest review.

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    Although Kathi Macias has authored than 20 books, this is the first one I have read, and I promise you, it certainly won t be the last If I had to sum up No Greater Love in one word, it would be incredible Kathi has taken the hardship and pain of those involved in the apartheid era of South Africa and brought it alive throughout the pages of this novel.This story grabbed me and held me captive until the end It was edgy and raw and the characters were so realistic that I had to remind myself than once that this was a novel and not a true story Even knowing that, I couldn t help but hold my breath and even tearing up at times.The main characters are amazinly realistic Chioma captured my heart and will be staying with me for a long time She is one of those characters that has had a real impact on my outlook and what I have to be thankful for No Greater Love is definitely one of the best books I ve read this month Make sure to add this to your must reads list I highly recommend it

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    This is the first book of Kathi Macias that I have read I thought it was an excellent book It is a story about apartheid and how the love of Christ can overcome that type of hatred No Greater Love does an excellent job of explaining the Gospel I pray that many will be saved who read the book

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    Thanks to CFBA and New Hope Publishers for providing a copy for review.

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    Enjoyed the diversity but quite average as a story.

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    OK, I had to wait on my fiction list, because I had a feeling this one would be on it This is a powerful, impacting story about apartheid but than that about amazing men and women of God.

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    I adored this book It was engaging, suspenseful, and heartbreaking Can t wait to read Kathi Macias s other fiction works.

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    1989 was not a good year to fall in love at least not in South Africa, and certainly not with a white man.with that opening line, we are thrust into the life of Chioma, a young orphaned black woman who has a fierce hatred for everything about white people and yet, she finds herself drawn to Andrew, a white man and the son of her employers when Chioma s brother Masozi is carelessly murdered by one of Andrew s friends, the cultural imbalance and danger of apartheid is made vividly clear and the choices that they both make set a series of unexpected events into motion that will change the simplicity of life as they know it.He was an Afrikaner, and he knew his place He was white Chioma was coloured Nothing else needed to be said.the narration hopped between the various characters and offered vastly different perspectives of the same series of events this allowed Macias to really explore the prejudice, injustices, and religious convictions of each individual from a personal place, and to provide insight to the strengths, weaknesses and development of each of the characters i thought this was very well done and created a highly readable page turner that was difficult to put down i also appreciated that although the book was published as Christian fiction and as a romance, that none of it was overdone everything was presented tastefully in a way that makes this book accessible to readers across many genres.Chioma She thought of her name and wondered, as she had so many times through the years, why her parents had labeled her so inappropriately She could understand Masozi s name, as tears were a familiar phenomenon to her people But Chioma God is great She nearly snorted with contempt If there was anything great about the gods, she had yet to see it, and certainly didn t expect to any time soon.however, considering its Christian ties, i was surprised that there was as much conviction in the writing in regards to the violence and hypocrisy i had naively expected something light and fluffy and Godly, but there were no pulled punches here we see the actions of the militant group led by the fierce and aggressive Themba, as well as the often misguided intentions of the devout plantation owner Pieter and although they were on opposite sides of the hostility, the sincerity of their actions made them both seem accessible and honest.my favorite moments in the reading were those that explored the cultural history of South Africa through the militant groups and activists, like Chioma s parents, that sacrificed their lives for the cause the voice within her father s journal actually felt the most tangible to me of all the characters and it really made me sympathize with Chioma and the plight of her people I have come to the sad conclushen that sometimes vilence is warented. if i were to offer any criticism, it would be that i would have liked to have seen depth and variety in the voices presented during the various narrators, but i thought that the presentation was sufficient my only sort of nagging criticism is that in certain passages, there tended to be strings of rambling questions based on the characters stream of consciousness it seemed to be an odd technique that distracted from the flow of the story for me yet, at the same time, it was a very intimate look at the characters thought process, so i can t really fault it either.all in all, i really enjoyed No Greater Love and would definitely recommend it to those looking for a good piece of Christian fiction, or even possibly for people who are just looking for an interesting cultural piece on South Africa the mix of historical and cultural fiction with the romance and Christian aspects actually panned out to make a very nice read.

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    I m so thankful to have received a review copy of this most electrifying, moving historical novel by Kathi Macias I was hooked from the very first line 1989 was not a good year to fall in love at least not in South Africa, and certainly not with a white man This author had my attention and kept it until the very end I m not a history buff and appreciated the fact that Kathi Macias showed the affect of the Apartheid from both a white and black perspective I was clueless about the political system that governed South Africa from 1948 1994 The author says Apartheid was a tragedy of humanity, a mockery of divinity, a fallacy of purity in black and white It was a subjugation of the majority at the hands of the minority This author does an amazing job of developing multifaceted characters and situations that are so believable I cared, and stayed up late reading to find out their fate Chioma, 16 yr old orphan, along with her brother, Masozi, worked on a farm as slaves Trouble seeking men disturb Chioma and Masozi as they are resting at the side of the road, before making the trek home to the farm Andrew, the farm owner s son, stops to see what s up That s when all heck breaks loose No one expected trouble But, the ANC rebel band will not stop their taunting until they have had their fun.Andrew s dad preaches every week and is a strong supporter of the Apartheid Andrew doesn t believe in the Apartheid How could he when the bible teaches that God loves us ALL God doesn t pick a favorite and say that He only loves them No, the bible says, He loves us ALL, and died for everyone, in order to have everlasting life There s the rub Didn t his father see that He couldn t preach love on Sunday and enforce the Apartheid the rest of the week Andrew couldn t live like this God was moving in his heart and opening his eyes.Chioma has to decide if she believes the white man s God How could she when she watched her mother and father die at the hands of white men She had to stay strong for the cause it s her only hope Then after an unexpected uprising where Andrew, a white man who came to her and her brothers side, Chioma begins to look at life a little different This was one powerful story that showed the situation from both sides and had the characters come to the realization something had to change They couldn t do life as usual any They were tired and had had enough But how could one person change the world and what would that look like It was scary It was almost comfortable for Chioma to not make waves But the feelings they had inside where killing both Chioma and Andrew They started to look at change in a whole new light The Light of Jesus He is the Light of the world This is the first book in the Extreme Devotion Series I look forward to reading the next book, More than Conquerors.Disclosure of Material Connection I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Nora St.LaurentThe Book Club Network www.bookfun.orgThe Book Club Network blog www.psalm516.blogspot.com Book Fun Magazine www.bookfunmagazine.com

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No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion #1) characters No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion #1) , audiobook No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion #1) , files book No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion #1) , today No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion #1) , No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion #1) ed027 Forbidden Romance, An Unlikely Martyr, And An Even Unlikely Hero Orphaned Four Years Earlier When Their Parents, Active In The African National Congress ANC Movement Against Apartheid, Were Murdered Year Old Chioma And Her Year Old Brother Masozi Now Live And Work On An Afrikaner Family S Farm When Chioma And Andrew, The Farm Owner S Son, Find Themselves Attracted To One Another, Tragedy Revisits Their Lives Chioma Escapes To Join An ANC Rebel Band In Her Effort To Survive And Gain Revenge For Her Family And Culture When Cultures Clash In Life Or Death Struggles, Chioma Must Choose Between Violence And Revenge Or Forgiveness And Selfless Love Loosely Based On Historical Events And Set Near Pretoria, South Africa, In The Violent Upheaval Prior To ANC Leader Nelson Mandela S Release From Prison In And His Ascendance To The Presidency Of South Africa, This Story Of Forbidden Romance Produces An Unlikely Martyr Who Is Replaced By One Even Unlikely

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