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The Fiend of White Buck Hall chapter 1 The Fiend of White Buck Hall , meaning The Fiend of White Buck Hall , genre The Fiend of White Buck Hall , book cover The Fiend of White Buck Hall , flies The Fiend of White Buck Hall , The Fiend of White Buck Hall c44530cd11d62 They Say Thomas Hillyer, A Wizard, Is In League With The Devil And That The White Buck Roaming His Estate Hypnotizes People And Steals Their Souls Molly Is A Fugitive, Wanted For A Crime She Did Not Commit Seeing A Want Ad For A Secretary In A Sleepy Town, She Sets Off For White Buck Hall But Ignores The Warning About The Albino Stag Who Lurks In The Woods When She Meets Him On The Forest Path, Her Life Is Forever Changed

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    Molly is running away from the law.She has answered an advertisement for a secretary at a Place called White Buck Hall.As the book opens she is resting at an inn and decides to ask the innkeeper for directions to the mansion.He tells her she would be better not going there as the owner of the place is in League with the devil and there are all sorts of mysterious going ons.She doesnt pay much mind to it though and continue on foot to the estate and suddenly there appears a white stag.Its startled when a hunter starts to shoot at it.The hunter is killed by the stag and Molly faints only to wake up inside White Buck Hall in the care of its owner and a dwarf wich is the member of his household.Here is what I first thought when reading the blurb.Albino hero Thats quite cool Never encounterd one in a romance novel before aaand hes a wizard and can turn into a magnificient white stag you say This all sounded very goodbut this hope crumbled soon.Its just messy and confusing to read At one the heroine thinks to herself that the guy doesnt dress like other men she knows But in the first place I cant recall there being a description of his attire or she thinking about The world building is also very strange I couldnt figure out if magic was widely recognized in this world or not And the characters are not convincing as people supposed to live in the 1890s.

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    Set in New Jersey in the late 1800 s, the novel The Fiend of White Buck Hall written by Penelope Marzec is a breath of fresh air The tinniest details included in this piece make it delicious As some authors write with abrasive prose and ingenue conversation, Penelope Marzec has a knack for dialogue that feels honest and language that flows like water in a stream It was a pleasure reading her novel and I found myself enjoying the characters, and the miniscule descriptions as well as the story She spaces her words out well, with short, choppy thoughts mixed along with long, fluid sentences This makes her language feel all the sincere and flow like poetry with ease rather than heavy with bulky chunks of sentences that some writers tend to use If you are looking for a something to read that will engage history, romance as well as provide an intellectual satisfaction, this piece of writing may be what you need Reviewed by Ami BlackwelderApril 29, 2010http hotgossiphotreviews.blogspot.com

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    This book, which takes place in 1890s New Jersey, has the usual characteristics of a historical romance, but adds a dash of magical mystery It is pretty clear from the beginning that there is some connection between the white buck that roams the grounds of White Buck Hall and Thomas Hillyer, an albino wizard The most obvious connection is that Thomas shape shifts into the buck but things aren t always what they seem Molly is a fugitive on the run from false accusations and is headed to White Buck Hall to apply for a secretary position She stumbles into the white buck as she is walking through the woods The buck saves her from a hunter but is also injured So starts the relationship between Thomas and Molly.White Buck Hall is occupied by a variety of interesting characters including a dwarf clown, a deaf and mute giant, and a bearded lady Thomas wants Molly to leave but at the same time he is intensely attracted to her Molly is independent and stubborn She refuses to leave seeing this situation as her only option to escape her pursuers and instead decides to convince Thomas that she should stay and help with his research.The story proceeds to unwind the mystery behind Molly s fugitive status and Thomas s magical connection to the white buck as the attraction between Molly and Thomas grows.Molly starts to have visions of the white buck and has a lot of fainting and dizzy spells, which I assume is related to the visions, as I do not recall it really being explained I was not clear on the magical worldview in this book It seemed that Thomas used his magic pretty freely, and at times in public, yet I didn t get the sense that this was a world where magic was openly accepted The occupants of White Buck Hall and the servants in his other residence in Philadelphia where the story goes at a later time seem to know about and accept his magic, but I didn t get the feeling that magic was widely accepted or known in the general population.Overall I like the story but I didn t have any strong feelings either way Though the story kept my interest enough it seemed to plod along occasionally There was some awkward scene staging at one point and typos than I would expect from a small press book The sex in this book is infrequent and on the sensual than spicy side nothing too explicit and language is euphemistic than direct or graphic If you like historical romances with some magical elements added in you might like this one Typos found 14Note on print book formatting font character spacing was set very close and was uncomfortable to read.

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    Molly Coan is on the run from false accusations, so a want ad asking for a secretary in a small town seems a perfect opportunity to hide When she almost arrives at the town, she is warned of the albino stag that roams the property which is believed to steal people s souls Thinking that she is going there for a simple position, she finds One of those things being Thomas, the owner of White Buck HallThomas Hillyer, a wizard, does not need any new disruption to his work and life After a run in with the stag that Molly has, Thomas goes through Molly s things to find out about her He finds a surprise connection, and begins to wonder if she will be with or against him Regardless of the feelings, he has to make a decision concerning her.Molly settles in thinking she is safe, and works to get the position Her troubles follow her anyway, but Thomas decides to help her Through all of this is the mystery of the white stag, and the visions Molly is having with it in them Are they real in foretelling the future, or is she making them up some how Some elements of the story seemed to end abruptly with quick resolutions, and I got the feeling I might have missed something while reading The characters were all original and had qualities about them that were entertaining to read, but not just the main ones Even with the feeling I might have missed something, this was an enjoyable read More stories in this world would be a good thing because the world created by Ms Marzec is extremely interesting and looks to have a lot of potential in it.Official Review Coffee Time Romance More

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    This was a quick read with an interesting premise the love story between an albino aristocrat who learned wizardry from his time with the circus and a working class girl wanted for a crime she didn t commit I struggled with a few elements of the novel, however I felt the characters were not well developed, which is truly a shame with some of the gems included in the novel such as the former circus performers Rafe the dwarf and the bearded lady to name a few and the stuffy house servants I didn t care for Molly, the main character, a great deal I think this is mostly because her past trauma regarding the death of her little brother seemed very one dimensional and her thought process when confronted with a crisis was inane The storyline didn t feel fleshed out and there were several points that didn t get explained well how Molly got mixed up with Filmont, how did Molly know the girl who was run over by a train, how Thomas lured his circus friends away from the circus in the first place, details about the connection between Thomas and the white buck, etc The romance between Thomas and Molly was sweet and the best part of the entire book.

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