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That Kiss In The Rain summary That Kiss In The Rain , series That Kiss In The Rain , book That Kiss In The Rain , pdf That Kiss In The Rain , That Kiss In The Rain 653caa2097 Love Is The Weather Of Life To All Those People Who Are In Love WithwellLOVEc The Book Presents Main Characters Pallavi, Hasil, Swadha And Of Course Palki Hasil S Wife Pallavi Is A Tough Brat Rich Bitch Everyone Wants To Be Her As Far As Riches Are Concerned Fun , Confident, And When It Comes To Her Image, Furious Hasil Is Of A Monotonous Guy I Guess He S Been Portrayed As The Dream Guy Love Of All Three Girls In The Book Nice Guy Though Brought A Smile On My Face In The End Swadha, The Most Important Character In The Book, Has An Answer To Every Question In The Mind Of Women Of All Age And Then They Met Him Exactly When They Shouldn T Have

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    I fell in Love with Novoneel s writing after reading this one Also, one of the most captivating prologues which keep you bound until the end I was seriously surprised how come so many negative reviews and the shocking thing why CB s writing are appreciated The very first anonymous exchange clutched me never fading those carved marks on my heart Is there any festival which can be celebrated every day and not once a year Asked the girl Wait till you fall in love with me Replied the boy Definitely, story line is a bit off track but not completely swayed away like other stories, with evergreen happy endings Those quotations after reading each one my heart literally leaped out of rib cage longing for a love life Rarely happening scenario Love is the reason to remain sane all life and yet it is an excuse to be insane in all the moments that make up a life Moving on to the main characters Pallavi Vimani Her image being portrayed as spoil brat is profoundly reversed when she finally acquires a chance to be with the love of her life She is completely crazy, selfish, manipulative bitch and straightforward one with guts Swadha Kashyap Lady with traumatized childhood keeps on fighting her perplexing feelings reserved for her boss Her encounters with him are at point completely hilarious ones AND ULTIMATELY THE HAASIL SINHA I wish I had a boyfriend with these every single quality of him, completely adorable one who makes me fall every single second And of course, his love for his wife is unfathomable Our story began not when we came into each other s life It began from the time when life happened to us We are not only made for each other but were thought for each other too And my exact feelings reading this sentence were Arguing on Love , always has endless complicating, frustrating reasons, why can t we keep it simpler as the sunrises and sunsets Feelings are the only things which human nature can t hold or control Flowing with them makes things much easier rather than discarding or trying to erase them Love is simple, endless, eternize, and why contaminate it with complications, lust, misunderstandings, or attractions P.S Well, Novoneel owes the book to the veins The predictable Goosebumps and twists sing to you as a long sad tale It kicks the difference between love, lust, and desires which reminds me of

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    This book sucks Worst than Ekta Kapoor s worst daily soaps Don t even try wasting your precious time reading this Not Good

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    Unbelievably touching.I didn t want the book to end at all I enjoyed every bit of it Haasil Palki s love, Pallavi s upsetting love, Swadha s Uff Am just too much in love with the book and the way Novoneel thinks, feels and expresses.And one thing, I ve read this book almost 6 7 years ago But the goosebumps I felt when I read the story was beyond compare.

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    The characters failed to hold ground..Personal Take Waste of 205 pages

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    I m still having the hangover Pallavi is brilliantthe characters are like real flesh n bloodbut want some brighter hues of lifeit made me feel only the grey life is not all about gloom.Thanks a lot for giving the chance 2 experience such instances

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    the story line was perfectall d characters were really sharp n attractive..a book that takes a while for u to understand n ones u do u ganna love itits a treat worthwhile.

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    I guess I was too carried away with how about a sin tonight , which I have given 3 stars to, but I will probably be taking some points out of it, due to the terrible book that this one is In fact, how about was also just average, but some of the author s ideas reflected some of mine, hence the carried away feeling.This one is just an immature piece of writing In Swadha, I have found a wet tissue paper of a female character, mooning over a married boss waiting for his wife to die In Pallavi, the author seems to have tried to create a Sydney Sheldon like heroine, but has failed She s neither intelligent nor quirky nor, when required, sensitive like Sheldon s heroines Haasil is nondescript, despite being the so called main guy of the story He s just another wet tissue paper And the circumstances in which ok spoiler, but who cares, really his wife was found was pretty laughable I mean, oh please The language writing technique is lazy The writer just keeps jumping from scene to scene, and its lazy and loose And really, what is be rest assured People either are asked to rest assured or be assured But what does be rest mean The metaphors are over the top, just like how about. The tears were given freedom from the fortress that were his eyes that sentence was an insult even to the worst purple prose And note to the author don t know what you know about marriages, but no husband and wife ever spent every waking moment in furious lovemaking sessions , cos that s all the very lovelorn Haasil seems to do with his wife Oh that, and, talk endlessly about love in sad, forlorn, philosophical terms In fact, the latter is all that Haasil does with Swadha as well Why exactly A lot of the endless, meaningless paragraphs about love and life seem to be coming out of the author s mouth, rather than the characters This leaves them flimsy Unreal And they all seem to be cut or less from the same cloth.I thought I would be reading the author s other book as well, but I guess, he would have nothing new to offer.https rainandabook.wordpress.com 2013 10 05 that kiss in the rain by novoneel chakraborty

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    I liked the love quote part or whatever it can be said I hate pallavi she z really f ked up am not a favourite of her character and truly not feeling for her f ked up life on other hand swedha was left alone with all her love, it gives some soft corner for her Haasil was perfectly sculpted by his character I was impressed by him with the hurt with pallavi I really feel sorry for him Nitin is a twister of story but not a bad guy he just wants his friend to be alive and happy totally it worth a read for once.

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    Ok ok stuff nothing new or turn around story carrying a spoiled urban life imprint on few scared hearted people it is possible that I, being a middle class tier 2 type perceptive value holder, too harsh and too judgmental but the story doesn t correlate or touch me Swadha sweet girl,, pallavi chatur naar karke singaar,,, haasil that breed which doesn t exist

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    I really need the part 2 of this book

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