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For My Master explained For My Master , review For My Master , trailer For My Master , box office For My Master , analysis For My Master , For My Master bcdc In Wickedly Wanton, A Short Story AnthologyAgent Kathie Belmont Has Long Lusted After Her Boss, Ross Guerrero, But Has Never Even Flirted With Him Could He Be The Strong But Tender Master She Craves Ross Wants Kathie In His Life On Her Knees But The Constraints Of Their Jobs With An Ultra Secret US Security Agency Have Come Between Them Will Their Undercover Roles As A Sex Slave And Her Master Bring Them Togetherforever

  • ebook
  • 53 pages
  • For My Master
  • Suz deMello
  • English
  • 14 October 2017

About the Author: Suz deMello

Suz Suz deMello says, I m a clicheA vegan yoga teacher from California who loves walks on the beach, cuddling her dogs and romance novels But she s an award winning, best selling writer who s hit several best seller lists, been short listed for the RITA and reviewed by such prestigious publications such as Kirkus, Library Journal and Publisher s Weekly Suz uses a pseudonym to protect her privacy But if you re a romance fan, you ve probably read one of her 20 books or have heard of her, since she s known for fast paced, layered novels charged with humor as well as emotion Her personal motto is Never stop learning, never stop growing She s had at least five careers she can remember librarian, trial attorney, Starbucks barista, grant writer, and yoga teacher Perhaps her most interesting career move was teaching English to preschoolers in China But she loves to write romance and teach yoga She also has earned a 2d degree black belt in kenpo karate.She currently resides in Mazatlan, Mexico, where she practices yoga, cuddles her dogs and walks on the beach every day And yes, she s writing romance this time, another Regency.

10 thoughts on “For My Master

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    Mixing work with pleasure never seemed so sexy as when Kathy agreed to her boss, Ross Guerrero s harebrained scheme Kathy Belmont is twenty nine with a few years under her belt as a law enforcement officer She currently works for a secret US agency Their current mission is to cross the Mexican border and destroy El Silencio s drug fortress Ross s plan is to get them into the drug lord s home through a sex party invite The catch Kathy will need to go in as a sex slave This would be a sex slave to her uber sexy boss, Ross.The premise of this story and some of the BDSM scenes need a heavy dose in suspending reality The short story is on the edge of unbelievable cheesy territory The predictable sexual fantasies of a young woman for her older male boss are trotted out Her lust to submit to him in delicious deviant ways is amusing and smexy One particular noteworthy desire involves a dildo, lube and her slutty asshole The submissive training Ross gives Kathy is a joke It s like a horny sex starved high school boy prematurely ejaculating all over his date This is clearly not an experienced Dom who knows how to train a newbie submissive Still, the sex scenes are hawt as well as the non negotiated permanent mark The other BDSM clich s make a presence in the drug lord s home Between the threats of breaking a disobedient slave and a psychotic Dominatrix, it s all good fun.Ms de Mello writes a good paced story with humour and hot sex The D s element is crass than subtle Still, it s a fun and quick read Both Kathy and Ross are sweet in their romantic love The villains, El Silencio and daughter, Reina are natural in their perverted psychosis There is a clear delineation between good and bad in this story This book is recommended to kinky readers who enjoy subordinate submitting to a boss theme.

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    If you are looking for a book that will get you motor going then this is the book for you That being said, and the fact that I enjoyed the sex scenes, there were aspects of the book that did put me off.Perhaps the biggest issue I had with the book was the fact that the two main characters engaged in certain activities right from the start that made me didn t jive with me Both Ross and Kathie are working together undercover as a BDSM couple, but the fact that they engaged almost right away in an impromptus orgy at Ross house made this book seem to lean towards just the sex versus developing a storyline.There is a particular scene where Ross called Kathie a princess because she did not want to do a certain act which I found quite gross to tell you the truth there are certain hard limits I have when it comes to reading BDSM and this is one of them The fact that hard limits were not even mentioned in the story and it was assumed that Kathie the slave would do anything that Ross demanded didn t sit well with me either In this instance I would never consider her refusal due to the fact that she is being a princess but due to the fact that the act is unhygienic and could make her seriously ill I will let you try and guess what I am taking about.In the end as I said earlier if you want a book just to get you all hot and sweating this book may do it, but if you are looking for a bonded relationship that develops this may not be the one for you.

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    This kinky ebook actually has a story And I liked that The hero, Ross Guerrero, strong, sexy and powerful A man who is control Then comes our heroine, Kathie Belmont Confident, sexy and passionately in love with her boss, Ross Loved the sex scene Great read If you like kinky sex or light BDSM then this book is for you A very fast read, looking forward to reading .

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    This book delivered exactly what I hoped it would It s a super sexy, short ish read that had history, present and a future The very likeable characters were hot and feisty, the plot well rounded and I devoured this steamy page turner in one sitting.

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    Mixing business with pleasure has never sounded so good With this read you get all the bang in a few pages that will leave you wanting This is a great lunch time read.

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    This novel is way too hot No way would I do that stuff with my boss So kinky

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    Suz deMello is a brand new author for me and I was excited when I won one of her books I started this because I knew it was short and could be easily finished in an hour or so I wasn t expecting the action filled journey that followed Kathie has always lusted after her boss spending many night fantasizing what it would be like to belong to him When a case comes in that forces them to play D s for the sake of the mission Kathie soon wonders whether or not Ross is just playing the game or if he really wants her Ross takes Kathie as his submissive to make it easier to infiltrate El Silencio and his gang Once brought in Ross finds himself worried about Kathie s safety He hopes that by giving her a taste of him as a Dom it will help her to find that is what she needs For My Master is a short erotic adventure that was gripping to read I found myself rooting for Kathie and Ross to successfully complete their mission and get their Happily Ever After I look forward to reading of deMello s work in the future.

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    I love BDSM books and this one just did it for me Kathie has been in charge since her parents died at 18 and she had to take over for her two younger siblings She did all that and went to college and became an agent Ross wants her and this is the perfect way to get her They have the perfect give and take in their relationship I loved it The sex scenes were YUMMY

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    Pretty good A bit rushed, with some plot convenience theatre , but a sweet love story between the hero and heroine, with an interesting dichotomy between their private lives D s and public lives federal agents.

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    2.5I wish the story were a bit longer so that the plot could be developed Something to allow me to better believe the fast paced development and depth of the feelings.

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