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    this book changed my freakin life i was kicked out for being queer too, and i was fortunate to be a legal adult 18 and fortunate to have friends and a lil money in my savings account, so i didn t have to go through the fucked up shit a lot of these kids did but it still marked me, and i don t know many people who ve been through that, and reading this book was like coming home did you hear me THIS BOOK IS HOME thank you sassafrass lowrey you spoke for us, for all of us, and you let us speak we needed that thank you.

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    This was a solid 4 star book, but I added a star because the subject matter is so important LGBT homeless youth The contents are primarily stories written by those who have been kicked out of or have run away from hostile home environments often due to religion or sexual abuse A handful of pragmatic academic analyses are included as a counterpoint to the first person narratives.For some of the writers, homelessness is a relatively recent experience for others it is now in their past Editor Lowrey put together the book ze wished had been available when ze was first on the streets and needed confirmation that ze was not alone, that ze could survive And although some of the kids forced to fend for themselves have been tragically lost, others show incredible resilience, banding together to form intentional families and the sanctuary of community.The book points out that very few urban areas have recognized the need to serve dispossessed LGBT youth by establishing shelters or safehouses money is tight and public support is often hard to rouse The homelessness of these kids is but a symptom of a larger and pervasive cultural problem we are a society that does not value all people, and somehow there seems to be a tacit belief that parents of LGBT youth are entitled to abdicate their responsibility to love and protect the children they have created Such a mindset is, of course, due to a homophobic and transphobic culture The stories are of slightly varying quality, partly due to the editor s conscious decision to leave the accounts in each writer s own words However, most of the narratives are very impactful and the idea that young people are left to fend for themselves before they are ready for physical, emotional, and psychological independence should be disturbing to us all This book is about survival, in all its debasement and its glory This is the gender neutral pronoun preferred by Lowrey Thanks to commenter Levi for encouraging me to correct the pronoun in this review.

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    Friends do me a favor and check to see if this book is in your public library system If not, most libraries have a form to fill out for suggested additions to the collection Request that this book is put on the shelves, because it s one of those books that will be life changing for someone who needs it.This anthology is made up of essays written mostly by homeless or formerly homeless queer and trans youth Many of the essays give advice on how to survive the streets, and I love that a book for this demographic finally exists Plus, I totally want to gift this to those white wealthy cis gays and lesbians at the head of the movement that are so focused on marriage and DADT I would hope that this book would make them reconsider their priorities.My only complaint is about the placement of the final essay It s written by an academic who has never been homeless, and as far as I can tell, doesn t identify as queer or trans It was disappointing to have a collection that centered the voices of marginalized youth wrapped up by a privileged outsider in the end it changed the tone and made me question who the book was for But whatever, the editor still seems awesome, and it was a minor sour note to an overall fantastic anthology.

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    This was a heart wrenching While the individual narratives were not always well written, in the conventional sense grammar, etc they always conveyed the story of the youth who wrote them The narratives diverse in many ways race, gender, age, etc I dinged the book one star, because I would have preferred fewer of the policy recommendations essays from experts that accompanied the individual narratives The last line of the afterward reads, The one thing I hope you won t do, after reading these compelling stories, is nothing I m not sure what I ll do, but I will do something.P.S Thanks Mom and Dad for being wonderfully accepting of my sexuality and other quirkiness.

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    Solid anthology about LGBT youth homelessness I would have liked to see this anthology include of the kids writings Still, it s really good and it ll make you think.

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    I guess I was pretty clueless about the struggles of LGBTQ youth And whenever I pictured homeless people, I always imagined older, disheveled people, like those I ve met on the streets of New York and Cleveland My eyes have been opened.This book is a collection of true stories told by gay lesbian queer trans people who have found themselves homeless Some leave their childhood homes, escaping abuse and persecution Others are thrown out by parents who are unable and or unwilling to accept their children and love them, simply because the children aren t heterosexual Every story is unique, with its own incidents of cruelty, humiliation, and efforts toward a cure There is a common thread of immediate homelessness and forced independence The percentage of homeless who are LGBTQ is high in most cities, often representing than 30% of the homeless population, yet funding for these kids is scarce.The stories are heart wrenching excruciatingly painful for the narrator and the reader The suffering and discrimination is not being addressed adequately This is the group that is least likely to be remembered when government funds are being distributed I learned so much from this book that I hope others will read it and realize that we have to help people, ALL people , to make our country and our world truly fair and equal for everyone.

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    An eye opener for sure The LGBTQ voice has been hijacked by the media as a happy colorful movement with the only struggle being marriage rights, this shows the real struggles of real youth Great read.

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    Kicked Out is an anthology of about thirty personal narratives and personal essays collected and edited by Sassafras Lowrey with a forward by Judy Shepard This anthology includes personal narratives from homeless and formerly homeless LGBTQ youth as well as policy essays from service providers.For the most part, I really like most if not all of these contributions Kicked Out comprises of first hand accounts of queer people pushed out of their homes into the mean streets of the United States of America to fend on their own This anthology is a distinct, important book It combines auto ethnographic narratives of survivors with accounts from social workers and policy makers who lay bare the gaps in services and care, as well as the innovation and creativity of this population.Like most anthologies there are weaker contributions and Kicked Out may have been the exception It is far from perfect, but the personal essays and short stories gives a wonderful reflection from the homeless LGBTQ youths and the social workers that are trying to save them, despite their hands being tied most of the time.All in all, Kicked Out is a wonderful collection of personal short stories and essays as this anthology serves as both a guidebook and to draw attention to youth homelessness to the broader LGBTQ community.

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    I think my only criticism is that this book isn t long enough I wanted to hear stories from street kids I really appreciated Lowrey s introduction in which zie says that zie can t say the book will fix everything or that everything will be OK but just let others know that they are not alone The academic essays were less interesting but relevant especially since this books means to speak to street kids AND outreach professionals It was an editorial decision to mix them in with the stories instead of putting them in an a separate section I feel mixed about that At first, I thought they should have been in their own clinical essay section but then I realized I d probably have skipped that section in toto So it s probably a good thing that they were mixed in and I read them as I went along kudos to the editor for structuring hir anthology so as to push me to read the boring er bits One odd observation for a book targeted toward street kids, it s huge size wise about 8.5 x 11 that seems like it could be a pain to carry around When it prints again, I d suggest maybe something pocket sized.

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    This anthology addresses the needs and experiences of lgbtq homeless youth It s the only source I ve ever read that advises kids in verbally abusive situations to stay until they are old enough to safely leave home but advises kids in physically or sexually abusive situations to seek help from social services or the police The editors make the point that survival as a homeless youth, lacking a high school diploma, is incredibly difficult At the same time, the anthology honors the will, courage, and ingenuity of the lgbt homeless kids who have survived It is an upbeat collection including interviews with homeless youth, position papers for educators, and various studies.

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