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Holly (Southern Submissives #1) files Holly (Southern Submissives #1) , read online Holly (Southern Submissives #1) , free Holly (Southern Submissives #1) , free Holly (Southern Submissives #1) , Holly (Southern Submissives #1) 96b938b43 Holly Dominique Adair Book In The Southern Submissives Series A Submissive Betrayed Holly Has Seen The Darker Side Of The Bondage Lifestyle And Her Experience Has Left Her Scarred, Both Physically And Emotionally Reluctant To Venture Back To The World Of Sensual Excess That Calls To Her, She S Forced To Make A Choice Between Facing Her Fears And Saving Her Livelihood, Or Losing Her Heritage And Possibly Her Soul A Master On A Mission Ethan Has Been In Love With Holly From The Moment They Met At A Bondage Scene In The French Quarter Disturbed By Her Bad Experiences, He Hatches A Plan To Bring The Woman Of His Dreams Into His Bed In The Hopes That Ultimately She Will Invite Him Into Her Heart One Weekend A One Shot Deal Three Days Where Ethan Will Use Every Erotic Tool In His Considerable Arsenal To Win Holly Over But The Weekend Is A Taste, An Addictive Sample Of What Could Be, And For A Man With Forever In His Sights, It S Only The Beginning Note Holly Contains One Scene Of Non Consensual Bondage That Some Readers May Find Disturbing

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    Don t be fooled by the BDSM trappings this is a very sweet, old fashioned romance What really inspired me to write this review is that the cover is so yucky That s right, I feel it s my duty to tell everyone NOT to judge this book by its cover The girl on the cover looks like the poster child for poor personal hygiene She looks like she hasn t trimmed, brushed, or washed her hair since the Dodgers left Brooklyn She looks like Bigfoot s date to the prom This wretched creature has NOTHING to do with Holly, who is hands down the gentlest, most ladylike heroine you will ever meet in a steaming hot Ellora s Cave novella True, when it comes to sex Holly s preferences are a little exotic she enjoys being tied up and helpless while her master makes love to her Make of that what you will But outside of bed, she s polite, soft spoken, completely well mannered, always well groomed and well turned out with a weakness for very high heels Holly is a rather old fashioned Southern lady in terms of her quiet good manners, yet she has modern tastes in bed All Holly wants is to hold onto the lovely new and used bookstore which her parents left her Dominique Adair does an incredible job of taking a typical romance novel plot point and making it seem genuinely important and original Hard to believe I was worried about the bookstore than I was about the sex but that is the ultimate measure of what a remarkable story this is The opening scenes are full of literally stomach churning tension, as poor Holly finds out at a fancy restaurant that she s been double crossed by her hateful ex master and his slimy brother It s so heart wrenching to see Holly acting the part of a perfect lady, twisting her napkin in her hands, when all the time she s frantic with worry Even when she loses her composure and chugs down a glass of wine in unladylike haste you feel her distress and just ache along with her Fortunately, the gorgeous hero soon buys her bookstore and offers her a proposition three days of sex in return for keeping her store open forever The end isn t really much of a surprise The surprise is that you really care about Holly, and feel there s nothing sordid or strange about her submitting to this wonderful man who turns out to be the ideal master warm, protective, and responsive to all her fantasies I ve written quite a few erotic e books myself, under the name Carol Storm, and I m proud of them But I m just a beginner compared to the amazing Dominique Adair

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    After a devastating D s relationship, which left Holly Broussard with both emotional and physical scarring, she had closed herself off from any type of romantic relationship Still after her Ex underhandedly betrays her, yet again, Holly is faced with a choice loose the business that has been in her family for decades or enter into a weekend tryst that would bring security to not only herself but to the friends she has come to call family Ethan Clarke cannot believe his good fortune After briefly meeting the beautiful Holly at a D s party he had become determined to meet and hopefully start a long and loving D s relationship with her After Holly s Ex showed his true colors he found himself in a dilemma How was he to get Holly to open herself up to another relationship let alone a D s one With a little help, unbeknownst, from the Ex Ethan is given the opportunity to crack the shell Holly has encased her emotions in and hopefully reawaken her trust in both herself and her belief of a truly loving D s relationship What a wonderful story Ms Adair has written in HOLLY After the rather emotionally shattering beginning that leaves any romantic reader distressed Ms Adair gradually rebuilt Holly s confidence and trust in herself and my belief that love does conquer all The tension between Holly and Ethan is riveting and the love scenes are exceedingly hot The pace of the story flows extremely fast and before I knew it I was on the last page wanting To me this tale of D s was not about hot sex but a story of hope and love Hope that even after the most awful of abusive relationships a person can find love, all they have to do is not close themselves off, remembering that love can come around when least expected HOLLY is a spectacular first book in the SOUTHERN SUBMISSIVES story line that if continued in this fashion will become a magnificent trilogy.

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    This review was posted at Under The Covers Book BlogThe first in a series of short stories that are meant to take you on a trip into the world of bondage, and as always with Ms Adair, very well done.Holly has a preference for being a submissive sexually She s comfortable with her choice and is comfortable in that type of relationship I m warning you at the beginning of this book we get a view of an event in Holly s recent past, in her relationship with her previous Master, who she refers to as The Bastard later on I love that Needless to say, he violates her trust, and hurts her, emotionally and physically.Now, only months later, she encounters a situation that she was not expecting And doesn t know how to react.Hot, successful business man, Ethan Clarke, is presented with an opportunity to get Holly He first met her at a D s party, while she was still with The Bastard , and knew at that moment she was THE ONE for him He s wanted her ever since, she s taken over his dreams, and now he s in a position to get her in his bed Maybe this wasn t the perfect choice to go about it, in my opinion, but in the end, and in a short amount of time, you realize he truly cares for Holly and can make her happy.He has to heal her from the damage caused by The Bastard in the only way he can By helping her get back to living and experiencing the things she likes.This is hot, steamy, a bit kinky, but ultimately a short but entertaining read, and I ll definitely be reading the next book

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    Mostly master slave situations It was imaginative and erotic Holly dates Greg who abuses her so she breaks up with him She avoids men until she meets Ethan who offers her a financial deal she can t refuse if she ll be his sex slave for one weekend.This short story is also published in the anthology All She Wants.Data Story length 77 pages Sexual language erotic Number of sex scenes five Setting current day US Copyright 2005 Genre erotic contemporary romance.Other Books To date, I ve read one other story by Dominique Adair I gave 4.5 stars to Blood Law which appears in the anthology Lady Jaided s Virile Vampires.

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    3.5 stars

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    Oops Didn t realize I had already read this, in the anthology that it s in Still, a good story Could have been longer.

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