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    I borrowed this collection of short stories and poems and thought it was quite funny I particularly enjoyed the Finn who wouldn t have a sauna and the hapless writer of bad cowboy stories who spent his days down at the library watching people read books written by his rivals.So I got a copy for my Mum After some time I asked her if she liked it and found it funny No, she said and started to tell me about one story, but as she did so she started to laugh So she started to tell me about another of the stories and again she started to laugh.I went on to read a couple of other Garrison Keller books and they didn t make me laugh either Perhaps I should have told somebody about them down the phone.

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    Much of Keillor s work is simple and brilliant and easily identified with by any ordinary person who isn t struggling to be hip But occasionally GK writes a real clunker, some story that goes on and on and on until you want to take a hatchet or a book of matches and put it out of its misery Those pieces almost always involve a struggling artiste who is misunderstood, which makes me think it s just GK blowing off steam Still, some editor should have said, Nuh uh This one isn t going in the book Overall, though, the title says it We are still married. It s the small, daily triumphs that count and comfort us.

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    I m not a short stories girl, but this is mostly a collection of pieces, letters, stories poems held together by Keillor humor dry wit Even his definition of humor is a droll rambling of humor Sometimes I wish I could quit writing humor and just write irritation for a while I grow old and irritable Unfortunately, he did write irritation with some of the pieces Didn t read them all some were glib, several were downright strange maybe funnier in their day , A Liberal Reaches for Her whip had imagined Hitler being interviewed on the Today show which was a tad upsetting His comment re his long running radio show It was a long reach for a writer, to do a radio show all those years, like a dairy farmer sailing the Atlantic, but that sort of thing happens all the time The open sea casts a powerful lure and dairy farmers are particularly susceptible And he s off on a tangent about sailing farmers, and that s just in the intro I grew up in a day of letter writing A couple of boyfriends one I married I exchanged quite a few letters In a time of texting emails, handwritten letters feel like ancient history I enjoyed his How to Write a Letter We shy persons need to write a letter now and then, or else we will dry up and blow away It s true Such a sweet gift a piece of handmade writing, in an envelope that is not a bill, sitting in your friend s path when she trudges home from a long day spent among wahoos and savages, a day our words will help repair They don t need to be immortal, just sincere.

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    Disappointing Not a typical Keillor piece I think it was a thrown together mish mash of leftovers designed to make a few buck Glad I read it, but wouldn t read it again.

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    This book was really a mixed bag On the one hand, Keillor can be a really fantastic writer I ve heard him called American Magical Realism and definatly liked that way of looking at him He has a knack for capturing beautiful moments, for making a story absurd but not too much, and for his famous humor On the other hand, I was very sick of hearing about Lutherans and small american towns and his life in general It just got to be too much Also, it felt like a book that was thrown together from peices that he just happened to have lieing around his house The Peices section was quite mixed the first 100 pages were spectacular, but then the next 150 were not very much fun to read too short and plotless And I m not a big fan of his poetry, of which there was not very much But the last section, stories, was quite good and worth the read all by itself In all, I d recomend it, but feel free to skim.

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    Okay I had to laugh out loud many times while reading this Keillor has an incredibly deft touch at writing humor For some reason, maybe living in Montana for twelve years, which, like Lake Wobegan, has Lutherans, Norwegian bachelor farmers, a very developed music scene in the schools, fierce snowstorms most years, and used to have people who ate breakfast regularly in town at the Western Cafe I have acquired a Midwestern sense of humor I actually laughed uncontrollably while reading a The Young Lutherans Guide to the Orchestra which tells young people which instrument they should choose to play based on the type of people which tend to play those instruments Read it you won t be sorry.

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    This book grew on me, and as I read and became receptive to the author s style of writing, I enjoyed it Garrison Keillor looks at life somewhat askance, and from a viewpoint slightly removed from the modern prevailing cultural ethos Quirky is the word that most readily comes to mind when describing the short pieces presented in this book.

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    I m a real fan of Garrison Keillor and his writing and improv but what I think must have been hilarious in 1982 when it was published just did not hold up well in the here and now In fact, the funniest piece to me was Garrison Keillor complaining about how old he is at 43 I wonder how he feels now.

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    Read this aloud to each other in early days of marriage Very touching and funny Meeting Famous People is a must read You re Book Saved My Life, Mister is great read aloud.And a tender story about a husband father who reflects on his own father s passing and what he did and didn t do to help him parent.

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    I may as well just cut and paste my reviews for other Garrison Keillor s books into this space, since I feel the same about all of his work I ve read I find it very enjoyable, but as a native of the type of towns that Keillor describes, it is hard for me to be objective I have the same nostolgia that Keillor has.Gentle humor, solid writing, compassion and humanity I love Keillor.

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