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Alpha Turned chapter 1 Alpha Turned, meaning Alpha Turned, genre Alpha Turned, book cover Alpha Turned, flies Alpha Turned, Alpha Turned 5da28fbed032c Not All Men Are Bad Strong, Independent, And Happy On Her Own, Hillary Has Grown From The Na Ve Person She Was Four Years Ago, After A Brutal Rape Turned Her Into A Werewolf The Normal Life She S Made For Herself Is Only Upset When The Moon Calls To Her And She Has An Uncontrollable Urge To Turn Furry And Chase Small Creatures And She Doesn T Need A Man For That Until She Finally Meets Another Werewolf, This One A Gorgeous, Sexy Guy Who Is Determined To Change Her Mind About One Furry Man In Particular Him No, Some Men Are Very, Very Good The Minute Zach Scents Hillary He Knows She S The Mate He S Been Searching For Though Both The Wolf And The Man Are Itching To Claim Her, First He Has To Convince Her That He S One Of The Good Guys, And That There Are Certain Benefits To Being An Alpha Werewolf And There S No Better Way Of Making Hillary See That Than Giving Her Himself Body, Mind And Soul

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    It was alright I guess. I don t know why, but I don t think I was expecting it to be erotica, so take that into account when you look at my rating.What worked for me I love fated to be mated stories I also love stories where the hero heroine was turned against their will I liked that the rest of the pack accepted her so easily The secondary romance between Stephen and Alex made me smile.What didn t work for me Holy cow they jumped straight into the ILY s I prefer for my FTBM stories to have at least a little than a 5 minute resistance to the whole mated for life thing, kwim I wish there d been hesitancy about sex for Hilary she lost her virginity in a brutal gang rape which, sensitive readers should be aware is lived out in mildly explicit detail that left her so traumatized she hadn t so much as gone to dinner with a guy for four years, and yet, had absolutely no issues with jumping right into the sack with our hero AND, Zach whispered the exact same words to her that her rapist had whispered, both during the act of sex, and it didn t even phase her Yeah, that was a little hard for me to swallow no pun intended snerk The confrontation with the bad guy , even in the words of Hilary, was anticlimactic The kid There was absolutely NO POINT to having her in the story AT ALL, and then to make her an empath was just too much.Overall I d say not a total waste of time, but not something I d suggest running out and spending money on Wait until it goes on sale.2 1 2 Stars.

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    This started out pretty darned good, but once they got together it quickly went downhill I m pretty sure the only trope missing was the kitchen sink A note to the author publisher some things need to be included in either the synopsis or as a tag If I wanted to read bdsm, lgbt romance, or any other particular part of a story that plays a major role, a reader should have the option to make that decision on their own, not find out incidentally 1.5 stars

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    This book was ok I didn t like the first pack at all and the second one was really accommodating and sweet There was one part that just didn t line up for me These are shifters so when faced with a potential threat I don t expect them to go all OK Corral and start using guns They can turn into wolves for heaven s sake There were some editing issues but they were minimal so I overlooked them Overall, an ok book but needed something .

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    Soooo there were some unpleasant surprises in this book view spoiler I didn t really enjoy the anal play going on with Zach THAT was unexpected Also, Stephen and Alex were just sort of tossed in there Kind of random hide spoiler

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    Overall a good read that I enjoyed I liked the take on Pack, the family ties and justice being done With a couple of tweaks Alpha Turned could have been very, very good.I m a big fan of the recognize ones mate scenario I have no problem with that, but to throw love into it without even a decent lets get to know each other conversation was a bit too much even for me As was the wild sex right from the get go Considering what her first and only experience had been it would have been much plausible to have gentled her into that aspect, at least for the first time.

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    The storyline was very similar to one other book I ve read The girl was turned the same way,had the same profession, met her mate the same way, but the bad shifters never stopped looking for her like in this book Despite that, it wasn t a bad read.

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    This is a good book A really really good book I m excited for anyone who is about to read it because it is AMAZING The Story So this story starts off with Hillary AKA Larry or Hill who is going with her boyfriend of 4 moths to meet his family at a barbeque Aww At the start, her boyfriend Jeff was really sweet and I actually liked him seeing as though I already knew he wouldn t be the hero of the book Anyway, when she meets the family they are all really weird and creepy, but she goes along with it She kinda zones off and next thing you know the word mate key word here chicas, kept getting thrown around And she gets attacked by a pack of wolves of Jeff s family and gets bitten and raped Definetly hating Jeff at this point.At this point I was kind of meh because this book had such potential I mean really it could have been 5 star worthy It was the damnurgg where do I start 1 The rape scene was over and done with quick Nothing very moving To be honest, it broke my heart but I was expecting myself to be really engaged and be on the verge of tears and anger and frustration at Jeff etc but I was annoyed by my lack of connection and feeling with it There was no empathy or anything I don t know it was kind of bland.2 When Hillary finally meets Zach our hero there is a total lack of clarity I don t actually understand what is going on and all the links with other people and I am soo confused So for the benefit of my fellow readers I will clear this up for you Pack Alpha s have their female mate who is also referred to as Alpha as well How strong a wolf is, is measured by how long they can withstand the urge to turn into a wolf There are gay wolves After Alpha, is Second as in second in command hehe They can have sex in wolf form hmm interesting Alpha s can send telapathic links to other members of the same pack, so if someone is feeling blue, send them a wee boost Wolves as humans obvs touchy feel each other a lot, even unromantically between others I ll discuss this is detail later So there you have it Hope it helps because even though it is explained, the author sometimes rambles before explantion, as if we should already know some stuff The characters Let s start with Zach first of all I m sorry but he was quite a wimpy wimp of an alpha Expectation Strong, savagely beautiful, fierce, loyal, protective When I here Alpha in romance novels I expect a hard on the outside, soft on the inside, tough, badass, 8 pack hottie NotReality Cute, adorable, sweet and such a cutie But I wasn t feeling the spark He was cuddly and precious than what I would expect for an alpha Like he was Clark Kent than Superman, I don t know.He wasn t exactly over protective, possessive and scrummy like that P but he was still nice Nice, yup Reallynice.A lot of the wolf communication stuff meant that there was a lotta touching each other I just thought that should be limited to HERO AND HEROINE thank you very much I understand why but at the same time, other heroes and alpha s I ve read about are totally cavemen, my woman no touching off limits kind of thing I felt like saying PAWS OFF, in place of him.Sorry if I m being picky but he is an Alpha for crying out loud Man up JeezHillary I really respected and admired because she suffered and survived I don t know how I felt about her as a whole though She was always just there, y know She wasn t bringing anything to the book No sass, spunk, humour I don t mind a heroine who is nice and perfect, but she was too right, if that makes sense She lost her sense of self in my eyes Her personality no personalityI liked her But that was all And just to like a heroine in a book isn t enough for me Before I go onto the good parts, I have to make sure you are aware of what you re getting into Expect INSTA LOVE BOOK ME BOOK ME For the amount of criticism I have given this book, I did still like it First up, my favourite part would have to be the tour of Zach s house My only qualm would be it was all very rushed and the author didn t build the sexual tension but apart from that s all round In the future I must not have such high expectations And I pray that one day I will find the perfect couple when reading romance novels who are neither wusses nor spineless or boring The perfect balance, dear Lord, is all I ask for

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    Surprisingly good paranormal romance I am a big fan of paranormal romance, and at this point have read hundreds of books in the genre I struggle to find new authors and series that I haven t read yet I was very pleasantly surprised by this book The cover is cheesy and not representative of the book, so don t let that put you off The book offers a good romance, interesting characters and story that pulls you in I loved the world building and the details around werewolf life, pack structure, etc Hillary is attacked and raped by a crazy werewolf pack, turning her into a werewolf She barely gets away and runs for her life She sets up a shop in a small town well away from werewolves and works hard to move on Four years later, she meets her first werewolf following the attack this time a good guy who is stunned to see her living in the town She s a technically a rogue and should have asked permission of the regional pack to live there, but of course she doesn t know anything about werewolf laws, pack structures, etc At first she is afraid of him, but eventually she determines he seems like a good guy He encourages her to meet his wife and his Alpha Zach, the leader of the regional pack When he meets with Zach to tell him about Hillary, Zach is stunned at the scent on his brother and thinks there s a good chance that she will be his mate He is interested to learn how strong she is, and that she is likely an alpha herself The story focuses on their relationship, her acceptance into the pack, and then working with the national council to deal with the evil pack who attacked her A very entertaining read In case you don t want to pay printed book pricing and don t have a Kindle, I ordered this from the publisher s web site as an ebook PDF for only 5.95.

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    2 1 2 stars because 2 seems too harsh.Every so often, I ve read comments from people who hate the whole destined mate concept I ve always liked that theme but in Alpha Turned I finally got some of the complaints Within a day of meeting the Alpha werewolf, Zach, Hillary not only trusts him, has sex with him and romps with him as a wolf but is exchanging declarations of undying love with him This is in fact a mushy Werewolf romance Much of the story lacks tension because as soon as Hillary is mated, she immediately adapts to Werewolf life and is a powerful wolf with fantastic instincts so not much of moving into the pack is hard for her She and Zach are in lurve and agree on everything, so no tension there There are some very bad guys Hillary becomes a werewolf at the beginning of the book when she is viciously attacked by a different pack of weres These bad guys need to be dealt with but they are distant for most of the book and when the showdown occurs, it is not especially suspenseful I probably wouldn t have finished this book if it wsn t relatively short, to be quite honest The werewolf world is well developed and thought out There just isn t enough of an actual plot This could have been a musical werewolf love story with lots of time having the wolves just dinking around, howling Getting to Know You instead of getting on with the story Oddly, I like musicals but not so much when I read.

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    Easy to read, quick and fun The plot was minimal though, but overall easy to follow Not too huge of a plot line pretty fast paced in the relationship and a nice tidy bow Hillary who btw goes by Larry, weird since I never thought of that as a nickname for a Hillary, is a lone wolf due to the traumatic events surrounding her change, but that all changes when she meets Aaron, who introduces her to his brother Zach..who turns out to be her mate Anyways the scenes are ok not too steamy but good What I disliked about this being a wolf shifter book was that there was a lack of aggression I ve seeing in other books particularly surrounding the mating of Alphas Other than that the book was decent.

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