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Wiener Dog Art (Far Side) quotes Wiener Dog Art (Far Side), litcharts Wiener Dog Art (Far Side), symbolism Wiener Dog Art (Far Side), summary shmoop Wiener Dog Art (Far Side), Wiener Dog Art (Far Side) b73d9396 Gary Larson Created Eight Original Color Cartoons Exclusively For This Collection Including Portrayals Of Wiener Dog Art In The Style Of The Great Masters The Book Also Exhibits Than Far Side Cartoons For The First Time In Book Form, Displaying The Breadth Of Humor That Far Side Fans Have Come To Expect

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    Here s some images from it read it alongside Roth s I Married a Communist, as comic relief I liked the actual wiener dog art that he does as if Great Artists did wiener dog art less than I liked the words wiener dog art, but it was still fun, and I liked the other stuff in here, his usual cartoons, even better But it s always worth having Larson around You need to just laugh sometimes, right

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    the index is probably the best joke in the book.

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    I have a few years until my daughter reaches adulthood, but I am confident in her future to continue the legacy of book love I did all the right things early on I read to her, I surrounded her with books, and right now we have a semi regular date together at the local bookstore So far it is working Although gone are the days when I can recommend books and authors to her If I buy her a book or check out a book from the library that is a guarantee that the poor book author will sit in a corner unread It is best for her to discover them on her own She is less of an omnivore than I and is the first to admit she is a picky book reader But when she discovers something she likes she jumps in feet first Right now she is really into humor and cartoon collections When she was little, she liked Snoopy and Charlie Brown The past year or so she discovered Calvin and Hobbes and had been collecting CH collections She told a stranger yesterday a quote from the Oatmeal and calls him one of her favorite authors I was surprised to find in her purchase pile yesterday that she has discovered the Far Side YES I have succeeded What she didn t know is that I snuck that book out of her pile last evening and perused through it I ve missed Gary Larson, who was a big part of my early adulthood Does he still have his section at the California Academy of Sciences because that exhibit was fun I think he was a first harbinger for those of us who identify themselves as tech science geeks But then Larson appealed to the everyman The mid section of this book contains Larson s Wiener Dog Art through the Ages which is fun And the index is awesome The entire alphabet with nothing in it and then you get to the Ts And then each entry is titled, The one about as in The one about the accountants and The one about the desert island It was fun to take a trip down memory lane Although this collection was missing my favorite of all time the one about the boneless chicken ranch.

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    Two stars may seem a bit harsh but that s just about as much as I enjoyed it Maybe because it s from a past generation, but a lot of the jokes must have gone over my head I did have to google Carmen Miranda or maybe it s just not my cup of tea Or perhaps this particular volume didn t have the best representation of Far Side..A got a decent amount of the jokes, smiled a tiny but and chuckled at maybe one Not as much as I would ve liked, though There were also quite a few Indian jokes that I m sure would not be considered racist or otherwise Not that I m overly sensitive about that sort of thing, but it certainly doesn t endear the book to me any I ll at least give another volume of Far Side a chance.

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    Enjoy eight masterful pieces of artwork that span the greatest eras of Weiner dog worship where humour and beauty collide, surrounded by dozens of classic Far Side comics that take readers from the rural roads to the dangers of absurd urban life Larson will keep fans and newcomers chuckling the whole way through with this creative take on art and the love of dogs Does any critic dare to try and find fault in such eternal works of canine classics

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    As always, another classic Far Side collection The middle insert of famous artwork paintings reimagined with Wiener Dachshunds is great There is some really good and memorable stills comics cartoons whatever you call single cell comic strips in this one Even one about a border collie which is great as a border collie owner Also the index is a terrific final gag.

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    A rather deceiving title for this volume of work by Gary Larson Funny as always, but only a short section in the middle of the book devoted to weiner dogs I have two dachshunds and that s why I picked it up Still very clever and funny.

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    More nostalgic comfort reading I loved these strips when I was a kid, and they hold up today You can t go wrong with Gary Larson and the Farside

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    It was pretty Funy

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    This is a funny little book The only problem is that it s not long enough.

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