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Wimpy Collection chapter 1 Wimpy Collection, meaning Wimpy Collection, genre Wimpy Collection, book cover Wimpy Collection, flies Wimpy Collection, Wimpy Collection a112870592376 Greg Heffley Finds Himself Thrust Into A New Year And A New School Where Undersize Weaklings Share The Corridors With Kids Who Are Taller, Meaner And Already Shaving Desperate To Prove His New Found Maturity, Which Only Going Up A Grade Can Bring, Greg Is Happy To Have His Not Quite So Cool Sidekick, Rowley, Along For The Ride Three Fantastic Titles In A Box Set Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Rodrick Rules, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid The Last Straw

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    This was an amazing book, while reading it i felt like im a little kid again , that feeling was really awesome , i have read all of the books of this collection , except the last book , can t wait to read it, i am sure its full of surprises, this is a kind of book that i think everyone can read whether ur old or young , it just brings out a child in you and you never know it.

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    I love wimpy Kid books

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    I have read all three of these books and they are awesome.

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    good book

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    i do not read the book

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    Really really funny It was the only time I my sister actualy wanted me to read to her.

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    Very funny I would recommend this to kids doesn t really have a plot jumps around a lot of different subjects in life

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