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    Eagerly looking forward to the final installment Continually fun stuff

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    Alcatraz was forcefully pushed, I mean gently persuaded by his loving relatives and friends into defending a besieged city he never saw before in his life To put things into perspective, the people who are supposed to care about the guy thought it would be a good idea to send a 13 year old boy into a city surrounded by an army of evil librarians in hopes he somehow would be able to save the day Off he went only to discover that the situation is much worse than what everybody thought previously Let me start with the following disclaimer the book has one very funny part That part was excellent to avoid spoilers I will just mention that it involves Shakespeare This part is the sole reason the book escaped 2.5 star rating As you have guessed already, my complaints or cranky rants, if you like follow I always hated how Brandon Sanderson breaks the fourth wall in the series This time around these moments made up than one half of the tale probably to hide the fact that how much has actually happened I can almost see Sanderson saying, Look how clever I am while writing Too much of anything is never good, even if it is chocolate As any adult knows growing up sucks If people tell otherwise, they are lying through their teeth So there is no need to rub it in our face and this is exactly what the second half of the book does Alcatraz grows up and this is not funny at all, this is sad especially if you consider that this is the first time the series stopped being funny I did find something for Alcatraz to feel better about His father is a complete failure as one His mother is not much better if not worse, however as far as coldhearted mothers concerned Bastille s mother can easily compete with Alcatraz s At least unlike the former the latter shows some signs of humanity The former shows as much emotions as any stone of my pavement Speaking about parents there was an interesting plot twist at the end which unfortunately was overshadowed by a use of Deux Ex Machina or something that felt like one to me How else would you resolve an unsolvable situation without one This was bad enough to almost make me abandon the series However considering the fact that the next book would be the series conclusion can somebody confirm it and that the books are quite short I will force myself to finish the series eventually.

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    Is there anything Alcatraz can t break

    Tuki Tuki, the capital of the kingdom of Mokia, is under attack by an army of evil Librarians and Alcatraz decides he s going to do something about it.

    As with all the books in this series,

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    4.17 A buddy read with the young at heart at BBB I loved it It offered everything we have come to expect from Brandon Sanderson I love the book I love the series I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Brandon Sanderson not a member of any SANDERSONIAN cult

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    Poco m s puedo decir que no haya dicho en rese as anteriores de esta saga Leed Alcatraz, le e.

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    On sale Sept 7 2016 on for 2.99So this was my least favorite of the series so far This went a little into the dark side and except for some of the stuff at the beginning and a spectacular chapter with a bunch of Hamlet Quotes in a chase It is serious as discoveries are made as to what Alcatraz s father has planned, what the librarians are doing and that sometimes being the hero doesn t work out quite like you think it will.But I will say that the chapters headings which followed no traditional naming convention what so ever were either funny or intriguing Some of them I had to look up to see what they might have went to Such as a shout out to Avogadro s number, Pi, the call sign for the Star Ship Enterprise and a few other gems.Still the audio is done very well and before I knew it I was at the end of another fun read with a small cliffhanger.

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    4 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum to know I can always count on the Alcatraz series to lift my spirits The Shattered Lens may be book four of the sequence, but I m just as hooked on the story as I was when I first picked up Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians, the adventure that started it all Brandon Sanderson continues to deliver plenty of laughs and action as he prepares to ramp things up for The Dark Talent now that the illustrated hardcover re issues of books 1 4 are out in the world, the stage is set for the long awaited big finale, dropping September 2016.You d think a nice vacation for Alcatraz Smedry and Co are in order, after foiling the latest Librarian scheme to attack the Free Kingdoms but no This time, urgent news has come from Mokia, a Free Kingdom nation currently under siege by the Shattered Lens, the most zealous of the Librarian sects Thinking like a Smedry, Alcatraz hatches up a crazy plan to charge headfirst into the heat of battle, hoping that his actions would encourage the Knights of Crystallia to follow his lead and send support to Tuki Tuki, the capital of Mokia.It doesn t take long for Alcatraz to realize he s in way over his head The Shattered Lens army of giant robots have Tuki Tuki surrounded, and every day and of the city s defenders are falling to the enemy s coma inducing weapons Still, Alcatraz is determined not to let Mokia fall not while he s in charge He only has to hold out until help arrives, which should be soon ish This was another awesome installment, but I probably didn t like it as much as the first three books Obviously I m not the target audience here, but while the plot, characters, humor, etc are definitely on the youngish side, on the whole I ve found this series to be very clever and witty, engaging enough so that adults like myself can enjoy the stories That s why I was surprised when I read the first couple chapters of The Shattered Lens and felt for the first time that the series might have gone just a tad overboard with the silliness Alcatraz s ramblings at the beginning of each chapter, which has become somewhat of a tradition, also felt a bit forced this time around Like I said though, these books weren t written for my demographic, and what matters is that the kids will still love this one, but I just wanted to give the main reason why I felt this fourth book didn t mesh as well with me as the first three did.Now that that s out of the way though, I want to talk about the things that did work for me Let s get to the most important subject first teddy bear grenades After all, how else are Free Kingdoms children supposed to protect themselves I also really enjoyed getting to visit Mokia, despite having to see it in its besieged state Sanderson continues to expand the cast as well, adding another member to Alcatraz s family tree which also means yay bizarre Smedry talents Aydee Ecks, Alcatraz s bubbly little cousin, has the talent of being really bad at math and I just love the way she puts it to good use.And speaking of Smedry talents, the one thing I haven t really talked about in my reviews is the way magic works in the Alcatraz universe Considering some of the intricate magic systems in Sanderson s adult works, I originally dismissed occulator lenses and Smedry talents, etc as being superficial and overly simplistic But I was wrong Much has been revealed so far over the course of these four books, connecting the dots and fleshing out what is known as the Incarnate Wheel, which is a theory used to divide the different talents up into groups This style of describing and categorizing talents is pure Brandon Sanderson Although there s still this humorous, farcical element to the talent system in Alcatraz, it s probably no less complex and thought out than the magic systems in his epic fantasy novels, and I m really starting to appreciate that.All in all, it s become quite evident that we re now gearing up for the final book, as plot threads are coming together or being tied up left and right It felt like this was the main purpose of the novel, for even though the siege of Mokia played a central role, it s the big reveals in here that really stole the show But there are still so many questions What s the real deal behind Alcatraz s talent How will things play out between him and Bastille What s going to happen with his parents And will we really, truly, finally get that long promised, oft teased altar scene Diving into The Dark Talent soon, so I guess I ll be finding this all out in due course

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    Originally reviewed at Bookwraiths.My youngest son and I have been enjoying the Alcatraz series for several months now Brandon Sanderson s funny, bizarre, clever, and hilarious writing definitely takes some getting use to I mean, the Evil Libraries are reading these stories after all, so Alcatraz has to confuse them , but once you begin to acclimate yourself to the strangeness of the Free Kingdoms and the whackiness of the Smedrys the middle grade fun takes off The author has even been kind enough to include another one of his creative magical systems and a serious undertone to the tale to satisfy demanding readers young and old alike And the best part is The Shattered Lens sets everything up for the titanic conclusion to the series next book As we begin, Alcatraz can t seem to catch his breath before the Evil Librarians unleash yet another diabolical scheme to take over the Free Kingdoms After having foiled their foul plots for three straight books, you d think the bad guys would have learned their lesson by now I mean, Alcatraz Smedry has come home and they need to stop the foolishness already But, no, the librarians move from defeat into full attack mode in The Shattered Lens Their new target the Free Kingdom of Mokia, where they besiege its capital of Tuki Tuki All of which means Alcatraz must once again use his extraordinary Smedry talent of breaking things along with an unlimited supply of exploding teddy bears to stop the vile villains in their tracks.Like always, Alcatraz sets off without any real plan Okay, he sorta has a plan I mean, charging into battle with only his friend Bastille to help is kind of a strategy, right The other Free Kingdoms will eventually come and help once they see Alcatraz taking a stand They have to, don t they And, they will show up in time to stop the librarians coma inducing weapon from taking out all of Tuki Tuki s defenders, hopefully Sure, the robot army of the Evil Librarians is impressive, scary powerful even, but Alcatraz knows it will all work out in the end, because it always does.As a middle grade book filled with whacky humor, it probably goes without saying that the jokes are the star here Now, as a dad, I can t say I laughed out loud at every one liner or smiled at every silliness which Brandon Sanderson effortlessly penned, but my nine year old did Every zany line, every ridiculous event amused him, entertained him, and thrilled him And since my son is the target audience for this mad caper than, I think Mr Sanderson succeeded in doing exactly what he set to do entertain the middle grade readers.Don t take the above statement to me I didn t enjoy this book, because I did It is just that different things held my attention My personal favorite being the continued growth of the magical system, as here and throughout the entire series Mr Sanderson has every so subtly unveiled oculatory lens, Smedry talents, the Incarnate Wheel, and so much the comical nature of each magic hiding yet developing an intricate and complex system which is very reminiscent of the magical systems from his adult epic fantasy series The Alcatraz system yet another one of Sanderson s magical masterpieces, which is well worth learning about.As for any criticisms of this novel, I do not have any besides what I have already mentioned in my reviews of the three prior books, specifically you like Sanderson s sense of humor here or you don t Obviously, if pushed to say , I will admit the whacky, over the top fun was a bit much for me at times And, sure, the serious plot points took a backseat to the laughs But please remember this is a middle grade book where comedy is king, so while those things did bother me, I do not hold that against The Shattered Lens in the least.But it all comes down to whether you should read this book and this series, doesn t it My only answer to such a question is that Alcatraz is a series you either like or you don t My son and I do like it He gets all the jokes I get most of them He relates to Alcatraz My nine year old self thinks Alcatraz is pretty cool The magic system here makes my son laugh The magic system makes me realize how smart Brandon Sanderson really is The Shattered Lens conclusion excited my son The conclusion made me anxious to see how Mr Sanderson can wrap this story up in The Dark Talent set to be released September 6, 2016 And so that is why I would encourage all fantasy lovers to give this one a try, because your inner child needs to be released occasionally to have some fun.I received this book from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review I d like to thank them for allowing me to receive this review copy and inform everyone that the review you have read is my opinion alone.

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    Another great read by my one of my fave authors of all time Hmmmm, I think I have officially run out of novels by BS to read Well, there s still the last three books of the WOT series that he finished but I don t think I m in the mood to tackle ten books from another author, to get to his work just yet There is however, about three or so of his novellas I haven t read, so I ll go read those in the mean while I can t wait for the final book The Dark Talent to come out on September 6th 2016.

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