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    Read this when I was much younger It REALLY bored me at the time I think about this book rather often, now that I m older As far fetched as this idea is, it becomes achievable every day with the social media, electronic archiving, and cloud computing I won t spoil it for those who haven t read the book, but the theme her is NOT a good one The implementation book burning seems ludicrous What s crazy is that that same agenda could one day be accomplished with the click of a button And it s BOOM all our history and heritage is gone

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    Of course, I m not fond of the situation of society that this book portrays Like The Giver and The Handmaid s Tale, Farenheit 541 makes you feel uncomfortable and worried This book is phenomenal, though Like those others, it does serve as a sort of warning about the restriction of personal freedoms and education Another book it reminds me of is Blade Runner.

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    Definitely one of my favorites This work is still relative, possibly even becoming relevant as time passes on and and people leave the literary world for a world that is owned and dominated by television and computer screen internet media.

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    great book about too much government

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    this book was assigned in school, but i d seen the movie in 7th grade so i understood it a little bit better than everyone else i thought it was really good and definately a great lesson learned.

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    The novel Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is about a society that is quite different from ours Firemen who actually cause fires instead of preventing them In a society where people owning books is a massive crime People have seashells in their ears which blocks out the environment that they are living in Seems as if the government is controlling what they do and how they do it, that they just choose to overlook the people around them with these seashells that make them listen to the radio The humanity seems to be not concentrated on whats going on around them, than concentrate on the radio, fast cars, and the vast telescreens In this story, the main character is a fireman named Montag, who he himself is a fireman who does commit a crime of reading and writing books He meets a girl named Clarisee, who catches his eye Just because the way she would talk and the little things she would point out would fascinate Montag While Mildred his wife is very attached to the seashells that are in her ears, but than again ignores Montag and tries to overdose on pills She once told Montag she felt their love was dying and that there was just no affection left any After he was told that, Montag s collection of books started to develop Montag hides all his books in the air conditioning vent where nobody will suspect Montags boss, Beatty, watches Montag experience him wonder how books were banned and why they were Beatty does suspect Montag collecting books because thats usually what happens to firemen According to Beatty, minorities opposed to books that had offended the community But Beatty does know that Montag has stolen books in his home, so he gives him twenty four hours to read and turn them in Beatty gave Montag a chance instead of burning his down like the others After, Montag seeks help, so he goes and visits Faber, a friend of his He tells Montag that its not only good to collect books, but also read them Faber and Montag come up with a strategy to bring books back It is planned that Faber will contact a printer and begin reproducing books, and Montag will plant books in the homes of firemen to destroy the business and to destroy the machinery of restriction They have a secret earpiece where both of them can only hear each other The next day Montag heads to the fire house and hands over a book to his boss, Beatty But Beatty says that literature is too dangerous and deserves to be burned The fire department gets a call saying to burn down Montags house and Montag over hears Mildred ends up leaving Montag, and he feels betrayed Montag is arrested and forced to burn down his own house He is also about to get burned to ashes but he makes a run for it and shows up at Fabers house Montag puts on Faber s clothes to leave with a different scent that way the Mechanical Hound can not find him There Montag meets a group of people who are also themselves book collectors and also have ran away They seemed to know about literature than anything else The city is bombed and Montag and his new friends move on to search for survivors and rebuild civilization This shows that people dont always have to follow other people It is okay to be different and show the world how great of a person the person could be.

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    There was always a minority afraid of something, and a great majority afraid of the dark, afraid of the future, afraid of the past, afraid of the present, afraid of themselves and shadows of themselves Ray Bradbury s Fahrenheit 451 captivates the reader with its distinctive symbolism and unique plot The plot unfolds in a future time where books are outlawed and thus abolished by firemen It is believed by the government that the knowledge obtained from these books and the ideas they may potentially inspire can be harmful The government of this society believes that these books may inspire diversity or a non conformist attitude which they fear will be harmful to the governmental power and structural society they have worked to build It is a classic yet immensely unique American novel that everyone should read at least once in their lives I do recommend Fahrenheit 451 The elaborate plot of Fahrenheit 451 unfolds in a futuristic urban setting where reading and or being in possession of any books is deemed taboo and the texts are to be abolished by the fire department Guy Montag is a fireman ordered to set fires rather than stop them for the sole purpose of destroying books However, when curiosity strikes, and Guy decides to read one of the books he is supposed to have set ablaze Once he realizes the significance of literature and the positive impact it could have on society, he decides to rebel and fight to save the books which remain Bradburry s writing style is immensely unique in contrast to other authors of his time His heavy use of symbolism to convey his ideas and his show not tell style keeps the reader hooked and wanting to find out what unfolds next One major theme in Bradburry s novel is as follows knowledge is one of the most important qualities one can acquire in life A general theme of the novel is to fight for what you believe in even if your perspective is viewed as inferior to the majority Guy Montag fights to preserve the books, he is supposed to be destroying Once Guy learns of what he is abolishing, by beginning to read he realizes that these books need to be preserved Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury is a classic American novel like no other Bradbury s complex plot and unique writing style conveys his message and successfully allows the reader to lucidly visualize the setting and understand the characters of this novel I recommend this novel, as it is very well executed and diverse from other books.

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    During this past summer, I read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury This book was recommended to me by my brother and it has also been a book that I have wanted to read for a while This book has really appealed to me due to its abstract writing and concepts I have not read many books like this, but I would say that these books tend to keep me interested Reading Fahrenheit 451 was an enjoyable experience and kept me thinking because of the intellectual concepts A few things surprised me about this book first being that it was practically a crime to own a book and that there would be consequences, and second being that the consequence for possessing a single book lead to everything being burnt down by the firemen Now, you would think that firemen are these heroes that stop fires, but no, they start them and cause chaos This book has some fairly abstract ideas that not many other books have It keeps the reader on their toes and leaves them wanting .Ray Bradbury developed some interesting characters They all had quirky, strange qualities that were evident while reading the book One of the characters that I am most interested in is Mildred In the beginning of the book, she can come off as a snarky and bitter woman As the book and plot progresses it is apparent that Mildred is deeply depressed and she overdoses on some pills After this event, she became unconscious and was sent to receive emergency service Mildred had to get her stomach pumped so that the drugs would be removed from her system Once she was released she had no recollection of the entire episode In addition to her overdosing on medication, she is also an avid fan of television and hides at home to watch as much as possible She takes her anger triggered by depression out on her husband, Guy Montag I feel that a lot of people can relate to Mildred s character especially teenagers Ray Bradbury almost presents this character to put an emphasis on the importance of awareness for mental illnesses Although everyone has had their highs and lows, I feel that I can relate the most with Guy Montag because of his strong passion for learning about books and life in general I have the same outlook on life and books and wish I had enough time to read the books that interest me the most.I would strongly encourage people to read this book because it shares important life lessons I would also be very interested in reading by Ray Bradbury because of his interesting writing style His abstract writing should keep the readers interested, wanting to read .

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    Lame Really lame I have always heard amazing things about this one and finally decided to look at it myself There is no reason this should be considered a classic I think what we have here is a bunch of English teachers trying to validate the benefits of reading In their efforts, the have preserved this book and labeled it a must read for all high school students If students like it, okay But I was terribly unimpressed The story was weak and the characters were not worth connecting to And really, I couldn t find anything worth reflecting on besides a few lines about censorship, which were also weak Maybe I ll look at it again a few years down the road, but probably not.

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    Overall, I found this book rather boring It is the story of a civilization that has banned books , and actively employs firemen to seek them out and burn them The protagonist of the story finds himself caught up in a war and frantically trying to reproduce books The book then ends with him meeting a band of refugees called the book people , and they plan to rebuild society after the great war ended In class, I would teach a lesson referencing this book about why books, reading, and learning can be viewed as dangerous and promote the idea that knowledge is power The theme of this book, I would suggest, is overcoming censorship.

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