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The Commodore chapter 1 The Commodore, meaning The Commodore, genre The Commodore, book cover The Commodore, flies The Commodore, The Commodore b4c6a5796e600 Having Survived A Long And Desperate Adventure In The Great South Sea, Captain Jack Aubrey And Stephen Maturin Return To England To Very Different Circumstances For Jack It Is A Happy Homecoming, At Least Initially, But For Stephen It Is Disastrous His Little Daughter Appears To Be Autistic, Incapable Of Speech Or Contact, While His Wife, Diana, Unable To Bear This Situation, Has Disappeared, Her House Being Looked After By The Widowed Clarissa OakesMuch Of The Commodore Takes Place On Land, In Sitting Rooms And In Drafty Castles, But The Roar Of The Great Guns Is Never Far From Our Hearing Aubrey And Maturin Are Sent On A Bizarre Decoy Mission To The Fever Ridden Lagoons Of The Gulf Of Guinea To Suppress The Slave Trade But Their Ultimate Destination Is Ireland, Where The French Are Mounting An Invasion That Will Test Aubrey S Seamanship And Maturin S Resourcefulness As A Secret Intelligence AgentThe Subtle Interweaving Of These Disparate Themes Is An Achievement Of Pure Storytelling By One Of Our Greatest Living Novelists

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    Come cheer up my lads, tis to glory we steerTo add something new to this wonderful year To honour we call you, not press you like slaves,For who are so free as we sons of the waves Patrick O Brian, The Commodore quoting the sailor song Hearts of Oak Captain Aubrey technically Post Captain gets frocked or the Naval equivalent and now commands a squadron of ships This was a temporary rank given to high ranking captains without making them admirals, thus saving the Navy the cost, but still giving the captains the prestige they needed to command multiple vessels Aubrey and Maturin head to the coast of Africa to disrupt the slave trade, but not before Maturin meets his daughter and discovers his wife has disappeared The high points of this book is Maturin meeting his daughter who is considerd slow and in the final scenes with Maturin is reunited with his wife From the action side, there is a fleet action at the end of the book that seems like one of those magical juggling acts that only O Brian can pull off He throws so many details in the air, and spins and swirls, and keeps them all floating in his narrative that the reader is left amazed that everything doesn t come crashing down The book contains a great deal of information about leadership as Aubrey discovers the difficulty in commanding a squadron of captains with various capabilities There is also several amazing discourses on slavery and the slave trade something that would definitely have been an oversight if O Brian didn t cover it before the series ends in 3.5 books I may be wrong, but the story told about Aubrey s victories during the slave trades broadly resemble the exploits of the HMS Black Joke Anyway, it was a fascinating bit of naval history and the details were fantastic It wasn t my favorite O Brian, but there is always soul in his books They breathe and they hurt and they stretch you as you read every one of them I m getting close enough to the end of the series that I m already feeling a bit sad knowing this is the 17 and that there are only 20 and one unfinished novel This isn t an unusual feeling, I usually get this way anytime I m on the backhalf of a work of genius.

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    This installment in the Aubrey Maturin saga has definitely been a late series high point After several books at sea, our duo makes port at home where they find high drama in their personal lives Jack s wife Sophie has taken extreme umbrage at the nearby presence of Clarissa Oakes, Jack s former passenger on a previous voyage who has a dress from the same bolt of cloth Jack gave her facepalm And Stephen returns to find his wife Diana MIA when the reality of their daughter Bridget s autism became too much for her to cope with Stephen s head butting with Jack s mother in law over Bridget is delicious They re soon back at sea on a mission that is quite different from anything O Brian has written so far capturing slave traders There s all kinds of drama and tension within Jack s squadron one of the captains is a flogger, the other a sodomite and their ships are in total chaos which Jack, as the Commodore, has to navigate as mutiny and infighting threaten to shred all order.As with all the books, there are so many beautifully rendered scenes that are amazingly crafted in their brevity O Brian can impart such meaning with only a sentence or two, making his characters so dimensional they fairly leap from the page.

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    I abandoned Tristram Shandy s light hearted social commentary for a story with guts Patrick O Brian never fails to deliver Jack Aubrey has his first fleet command Part of the plot revolves around a contrast among the leadership styles of three ships captains 1 flog your people until they achieve your standard of perfection 2 have sex with your favorites 3 train your team so that they master a rewarding skill in this case, sailing the ship and working its guns so as to maximize the potential for taking prizes with minimal loss of life.The results of these three styles 1 a mutinous crew that is bound to mishandle the ship in a battle 2 a crew of insiders and outsiders who resent each other 3 an efficient fighting crew who will follow their captain anywhere.As always, O Brian gets the human touches just right The friendship between Stephen s autistic daughter and his Irish servant Jack s fractious mother in law in her new profession as a bookie Stephen s unexpected attraction to Mrs Wood, an amateur naturalist and the wife of the English governor of Freetown in West Africa Her voice Her eyes No, no, my motives are entirely pure Her hand in mine No, no, that was affection as for an uncle Still, I might as well look my best when I visit her tomorrow Unless you happen to be reading The Unknown Shore.

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    Jack and Stephen return home after a voyage around the world and an absence of years Stephen meets his young daughter for the first time but does not find the picture of domestic happiness that he wished for Jack and Sophie are reunited but soon have a falling out over a couple of painful misunderstandings.They return to sea, Jack having been given command of a squadron and sent publicly to harass slavers off the coast of Africa and privately to intercept a French invasion force Already disturbed over his private troubles, he has to deal with one barely competent flogging captain and another who is destroying discipline on his ship by consorting with young crewmembers.This book contains one of my favorite passages, where Stephen overhears Jack playing the violin alone and realizes that Jack has long been disguising his musical ability in order to match Stephen s skill level.

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    Charming as ever, although featuring one of O Brian s rambling and anticlimactic plots.

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    Having circum navigated the globe, Aubrey and Maturin have an interlude back in England before setting off to fight the slave trade off the coast of Africa These interludes are the weakest parts of this saga, for me I just get a bit bored quite quickly But soon enough we re back at sea with Aubrey in command of a small fleet for the second time and then matters fairly whizz along, like a ship clapping on sail, right up to the sky scrapers The problems of fleet command present new challenges for Aubrey and Maturin faces new and old family challenges.A pleasant, competent entry into this series, neither the worst nor the best and only three to go

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    Like a visit with old friends

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    Another book set mostly at sea, which I enjoy This book marks Aubrey s move to a ship of the line, acting as a Commodore of a fleet, very much coming of age as a captain, nearing his advancement as an admiral He and Stephen are feeling their age a bit, and maturing overall Stephen also meets his daughter, who seems to be on the autism spectrum, and she is interestingly written There is also a bit on the dangers of homosexuality in a ship, not out of moral reasons, but in having a captain repaying sexual favors with favoritism, undermining the overall moral of the ship This is a delicate area to write, because you don t want to whitewash history and historical attitudes in favor of modern attitudes and understanding, but Stephen and Jack would lose their likeability if they were close minded and bigoted O Brian demonstrates a nice balance in this, letting Jack express some ignorance in his evaluation and understanding of sexuality, religion and race, with Stephen serving as a nice counterpoint.

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    This book has a jaunty pace and some quick turns In other words, it keeps things moving and you get through the 300 or so pages pretty fast I really have to say that the earlier volumes were the best of the series.

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    One of the pleasures of reading a series this long, covering this many years, is that as the characters grow older, so do we Stephen loses his hair Jack is constantly battling his weight They both succumb to dangerous wounds and illnesses They are jealous over their wives behavior They are thoroughly recognizable people, living in the world of the British navy during the Napoleonic wars.It is time for the men to return home to their families Sophie is a paragon of wisdom, but shows her temper The children have the vocabulary of seasoned sailors Stephen rushes to meet his daughter for the first time Mrs Oakes has been raising Brigit and Padeen does the girl a world of good when she is slow of speech.At Ashgrove, Aubrey s estate, Stephen comes upon Jack in the middle of the night playing the violin brilliantly and realizes that Jack holds back when he plays with Stephen Later we learn the poignant reason for Jack s melancholy music that night After years at sea, many missions accomplished, Jack s disgrace long behind him, he is given the rank of commodore, commander of a squadron of ships, and Stephen as always gathers the intelligence that will make his mission sure to be successful.The mission is to stop the slave trade off the coast of Africa Jack, laboring under his hero, Nelson s, view that without the slave economy, Britain would lose her luster, is not convinced of the soundness of the campaign, and it is a testament to the men s friendship that Stephen who abhors slavery for the crime that it is, does not jump all over such blathering but reasons with him about it When Jack sees the conditions and squalor first hand, he goes at the mission with greater spirit.But he would rather be fighting Napoleon, and is spoiling for a sea battle against the French who approach Ireland as a place to foment revolution In this book, as in others in the series, we learn of the exotic species under Stephen s study A potto not to be confused with a potoo is a tiny delicate monkey that could fit in your palm When Stephen brings it on board, the ship experiences all sorts of luck.

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