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    Honey Jane Moon is a scrappy little know it all brave, smart, but ill prepared to become the most famous child star in America, even though she s not quite as young as everyone believes It won t take her long to drive the men in her life crazy There s Eric Dillion, a smoldering bad boy and one of Hollywood s most gifted actors And Dash Coogan, the last of the cowboy heroes, a man trapped on a screen too small to contain a legend When Honey falls in love, she ll do it the only way she knows how with all her heart. Let me just say, first off, that this book is 22 years old A lot of my friends on Goodreads are a lot younger than me But I really think you are doing yourselves a dis service by not reading older books Sure new authors are great too but there are some real gems that have been around nearly as long as you have This was a re read for me Some books are worth it But as I was reading this one, 10%, 20%, 30%, I was thinking to myself sure, it s a good read but was it really a 5 star originally for me Then about halfway in we have some things happen and wham, bam, thank you ma am, we have lift off Yes, a true rollercoaster of a ride.It had tears, heartache, laughter, friendship, hate, love, tears, the makings of a fine old country songs Did I mention tears I could just hear George Jones singing The Grand Tour as I read it Step right up, come on inIf you d like to take the grand tourOf a lonely house that once was home sweet homeI have nothing here to sell you,Just some things that I will tell youSome things I know will chill you to the bone Honey, Honey, Honey What to say about Honey I loved her I loved her spunk, her independence, her capacity to love, her fears, her search for happiness.We have a host of secondary character along with the main characters They were great too But Black Thunder did not desert those it sheltered any than God did, not even in the darkest of hours I think you are better off not knowing a lot about this book Just experience it Live Honey s dream with her.It s not easy The night was a silent as death There are some part of this book that are heartbreaking Your heart will break for some of the characters Families are funny things You reckon I think I ve been waiting for you forever She knew he didn t understand and she was humbled at his trust in her I need that ride to set me free The ending Perfect.

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    La ley es la ley Si me hace llorar 5 estrellas Ay SEP, qu f cil es para ti hacerme llorarSi bien la primera mitad del libro no es lo mejor de SEP y me pareci bastante normalito, la segunda mitad es sublime No me esperaba NADA de lo que pod a pasar.Hay tres protagonistas, pero a dos de ellos le toca sufrir lo peor Dos situaciones que me han llegado al coraz n y que me han hecho sentirme impotente No voy a decir nada sobre ellas para que os sorprend is tanto como yo Dos giros que hacen que el libro cambie.Me encanta una vez m s c mo SEP trata el tema de las relaciones sexuales Cuida los peque os detalles al m ximo y le da un toque especial Es una grande SEP LEEDLO

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    Heartbreaking but thoroughly beautiful When I chose to pick up this book, I assumed it was another SEP s Humorous Romance story I didn t pay much attention to any reviews, why should I This is Susan Elizabeth Phillips But I was so wrong This is completely different from her other books I ve ever read before There s so much depth, so many emotions, and so many layers of meaning in the story It was like experiencing a journey with Honey, Dash, and Eric, through the entire book to find the answer to the questions about love, hope, and faith.Honey Jane Moon was not so perfect heroine She had many flaws, made plenty of mistakes, and also misjudged some people But when she loved, she loved with all her heart When she gave, she wanted nothing in return The story started when Honey was sixteen Her life had been transformed so many times, from a determined girl, to a spoiled child star, to be a woman in love, then she experienced loss and grief, and finally found the real meaning of happiness Her character was so true to life Dash Coogan and Eric Dillon were other imperfect characters They were both haunted by their miserable pasts, which made them scare to love and be loved in return They didn t know how to live a happy life.When Dash left Honey, it hit me hard and smashed my heart into tiny bits After she had awoken and found that she was alone in the house, everything there reminded her of him At that moment, I couldn t hold my emotions any My tears started rolling down my face and I sobbed my heart out for her loss A sob racked her body She missed him so much He had been her lover, her father, her child, the center of everything good in her life She missed his touch and scent She missed the way he swore, the sound of his footsteps crossing the floor, the scrape of his whiskers against her cheek She missed the way he turned the newspaper inside out so that she could never find the front page, the sounds of Sooners games blaring from the television She missed his daily rituals of shaving and showering, the abandoned towels and underwear that never quite hit the hamper She missed all the flotsam and jetsam that had been part of Dash Coogan This was so sad and heartbroken But I was so happy when Honey and Eric eventually had such a beautiful life together In the end, she had her own wonderful family that she had ever wanted all her life Honey gazed through the lights straight into his heart But if it weren t for Eric Dillon, I wouldn t be here tonight He loved me when I wasn t lovable, and I guess when it comes right down to it, that s pretty much what family is all about Thank you, sweetheart Eric watched from the second row, his chest so filled with love and pride he felt as if he would burst It amazed him that Honey could thank him when she was the one who had given him everything There were tears in my eyes again It was so beautiful This is another one of my memorable reads I loved every page of this book Highly recommended

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    FOUR POINT FIVE STARSAN OLDIE BUT A GOODIE High friend ratings and the audio being available at the library was the reason why I grabbed this one At first, I wasn t too sure if this story would touch me Honey Moon, yes that was her name, is in her teen years when the story starts In my opinion, she s a pretty annoying teen The story was good but not great at this point I contemplated why I saw 5 star friend ratings for this book but then part way through the book it expanded into something deeper which caught my attention Let s just say I was flabbergasted when one of the main male characters was accused of an unspeakable act that reshaped his future Upon meeting this character early on in the story I had no real interest in him because he seemed superficial but after the incident that broke him I saw a whole new growth develop from this character At times my heart broke for him as he struggled to come to terms with what the future would hold for him He basically had his whole world ripped from him and his pain was unbearable About the same time, in the story, Honey also experienced a life altering event that changed her outlook on life and her ability to cope To deal with this new circumstance in her life she went back her roots where she found the will to conquer the world For both of these characters, the thing that brought them back to the living was BLACK THUNDER An old wooden rollercoaster that allowed them to face their fears and feel alive again I m grateful I stuck with the story to see what it had to offer Even though this book is old give it a whirl and see what you think STANDALONE

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    MARAVILLOSA Esta es la historia m s intensa, m s compleja y m s emotiva que le de SEP hasta el momento y he le do casi todas El t tulo es tan significativo tanto en ingl s como en espa ol y refleja, a la perfecci n, lo que encontr s entre sus p ginas.Imposible poner en palabras lo que solo puede sentirse con el coraz n Honey sigui con la vista la legendaria primera ca da Sabes qu ocurre cuando llegas abajo Qu Que vuelves a subir contest en voz baja Siempre remontas En una monta a rusa, el infierno solo es temporal.

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    This was definitely a powerful book by Susan Elizabeth Phillips I can understand why some fans will likely hate this book It is not your cookie cutter style romance There is tragedy, multiple love interests, giant age gaps between love interests, and not even the children are safe in this one.That being said, for me, those elements are exactly why I am consistantly amazed by Phillips novels Someone who can make laugh, make me cry, make me hate the hero, make me love the hero, all within the same book Awesome stuff.As usual, the audiobook version was the way to go for me with this novel Such a talented narrator Pirate voices Slow Southern drawl Children I wish she hadn t died and could narrate novels.

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    I bow to this woman Ms Phillips you are an amazing author Another FABULOUS book that is a must read if you are a lover of SEP books.

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    4 Stars Debo reconocer que no creo que sea de los mejores libros de SEP al menos la primera parte se me hizo tediosa aburridona para nada a lo que nos tiene acostumbrados y como se iba dirigiendo la historia no me gustaba, me cuesta admitirlo pero estuve a punto de abandonarlo pero le segu porque no soy dada a dejar lecturas a medias,adem s que llegas a un punto donde no puedes parar Ya la segunda parte cambia todo creo que es a la que le doy la puntuaci n.Al igual que el t tulo, el libro es una monta a rusa de emociones frustraci n en la primera parte no conectaba con los personajes me estaban haciendo rabiar No se si les ha pasado que te haces una idea en la cabeza pero cuando ves que la cosa se va para otro rumbo te frustras pues es lo que me sucedi , pero en la segunda parte cuando creo que muchos lloraron parte insensible se alegr al fin las cosas est n volviendo a su cause Sorry es lo que pens Fue otro libro totalmente los giros que dio la historia fueron incre bles muchos me partieron el coraz n, pero tambi n sent maripositas en el est mago cosas que la primera parte no me provoc.De los tres protagonistas al que m s am fue a Eric desde el principio aunque era un chico grosero ten a ese aura de misterio que me encantaba y despu s conocerlo m s profundamente me encant paso de ser un antagonista al chico perfecto que toda mujer desea ten a tantas capas que era dif cil conocerlo verdaderamente pero cuando se despoj de ellas era totalmente un amor.

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Honey Moon summary pdf Honey Moon, summary chapter 2 Honey Moon, sparknotes Honey Moon, Honey Moon 6ee37c6 The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Hot Shot And Fancy Pants Is Back With A Sexy Love Story From A Dilapidated South Carolina Amusement Park To The Glamour Of Hollywood, Orphaned Honey Jane Moon Became The Most Famous Child Star In America But When She Grows Up, Honey Becomes A Passionate Woman Who Loves As Fiercely As She Lives, Changing Forever The Lives Of Two Famous Men

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Honey Moon
  • Susan Elizabeth Phillips
  • English
  • 15 October 2019
  • 9780671735937

About the Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPSSusan Elizabeth Phillips is an international bestseller whose books have been published in over 30 languages She s the only four time recipient of the Romance Writers of America s prestigious Favorite Book of the Year Award, and a recipient of their Lifetime Achievement Award Among her other accomplishments, Susan created the sports romance.Susan s newest book, FIRST STAR