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Sex txt Sex , text ebook Sex , adobe reader Sex , chapter 2 Sex , Sex 445e19 The Co Creator Of The Popular Online Midwest Teen Sex Show Brings Us A Hilarious, Honest, And In Depth Look At Every Teen S Favorite Subject Sex This Isn T Your Mother S Sex Book It S Punchy And Unapologetic At The Same Time, It Teaches Teens The Practical Ins And Outs Of Being Sexually Active And, Above All, How To Stay Safe With Humorous Illustrations By San Francisco Chronicle Cartoon Artist Michael Capozzola, This Book Features Chapters On Everything Including Foreplay, Different Forms Of Sex All Of Them , Masturbation, Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity, Body Issues, Relationships, Virginity, Birth Control, And Protection Against Diseases Modern Teens Are Faced Daily With Making Decisions About Whether To Have Sex And How To Protect Themselves If They Do, And They Need An Engaging And Relatable Resource For Getting The Right Information That S What This Book Is About

About the Author: Nikol Hasler

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sex book, this is one of the most wanted Nikol Hasler author readers around the world.

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    I was very impressed with this book, but I m sure it will be the type to get tons of reads in my library s teen room, but not actual checkouts.I d learned of the Midwest Teen Sex Show a while back when searching for good resources to direct my teens to about sex and reproductive health The show is almost jarringly blunt and unrestricted and the conservative in me screamed out in fear LOL Yet, I found it extremely informative and honest The same can be said of my experience with the book.Nikol Hasler, founder of the Midwest Teen Sex Show teams up with doctors and other professionals to hash out this funny and blunt force course in sex and sexual health While her wit can seem crass at first, as demonstrated especially by the bovine p0rn on the cover, as you begin to actually read, it is very easy to see how a book like this can be important for teens and even some under experienced adults Hasler is even handed in her approach towards all genders and sexual preferences Her explanations are clear and direct, and leave absolutely nothing to chance or imagination For this, I am grateful So many resources about sex, especially those directed towards young people, tend to leave out the uncomfortable bits and pieces in the hopes that some parent somewhere will do the dirty work Hasler understands that this is exactly WHY a book like hers is necessary, because parents DON T want to have these conversations No mom I know is about to brace the convo of anal penetration Just isn t going to happen And if it did, I d be hard pressed to find a teen who d be comfortable listening to it.Those are the topics that this book simply doesn t shy away from From stimuli to fantasies and fetishes, she tells it all Which is probably why I m sure there will be a parent coming in to complain about it eventually Some of her advice and information begins to come across as step by step instruction For example, when one teen asks for advice on whether or not he s a pervert for wanting to try anal sex, her response starts with The human body is a wondrous thing with many places to put a penis UM..Okay. I don t need you telling my 15 year old that, lady That being said, she always follows her jokes with sound information and research She makes no qualms about the fact that while sex is a fun and natural thing, it is also a big decision, and one that no one should be pressured into or doing if they aren t sure about She is fair and supportive of those wanting to wait or those teens feeling pressured to even pretend that they ve done it just to avoid being teased by peers, even to the point of advising them to come out about being abstinent in the hopes that they ll help some other teens who want to be proud of their virginity.If there was anything I would have changed, it would have been to address the reader with the idea that sexual health is important so that they can live the adult life they choose in regards to building a family, etc., but for what it was worth, Hasler included a great amount of valuable information In all, I was very pleased with the amount of good information found packed inside Adults who are uncomfortable with open sexual dialogue presented to teens will hate this one, but teens who are curious will find it the best thing they ve read in a while I would suggest to any adult who picks it up, that they try and remember their own teenage curiosity and work backwards from there rather than reading it with what they know now.

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    I am heartsick and horrified at the idea of teens reading this book The section of sexual identity starts out poorly by conflating sexual identity and gender It continues to be terrible by equating bisexuality with promiscuity and cheating and by saying people who are bisexual flip flop between being straight or gay Trans people apparently chose their gender spoiler no they don t , and asexual people never have sex spoiler some do asexuality is a spectrum The author spends only two paragraphs on what to do in an abusive relationship her advice Get out because it s so easy , and she couldn t resist making fun of people with kinks Her treatment of weight is bad She fat shames and doesn t bother mentioning that eating disorders are a medical condition that requires treatment Don t give this book to teens It ll do harm than good.

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    This is one of the best books on sex for teens that I ve read The information is presented very well in a non textbook manner The tone while tongue in cheek at times is very sex positive I really liked that QA portions of the book The questions felt like questions teens would ask, like Is it normal to have hairy nipples or Can my bf s penis be too big for my vagina The STI was written well Many books and sex ed classes tend to take a scare tactics route, which in my opinion, is not helpful This book calmly and clearly explains STIs and STI prevention My only real complaint is that because this book was published in 2010, some of the medical information is a little out of date, but just barely The HPV vaccine can now be given to males and females The clitoris is not just the glans most of it is not visible like an iceberg Plan B is widely available And the HIV prevention pill is called Prep Also, some of the teen resources in the back of the book need to be updated I would like to see a 2nd edition of this book include The Trevor Project and It Gets Better All in all, really good information here Recommended.Edit 2018 Okay, so this was written 8 years ago And a lot has changed, medically and socially LGBTQ teens may not feel as if this resource is inclusive And the medical information remains outdated I may continue my search for better sex ed resources for teens.

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    This is one of those books that will either get stolen right away or will have a parent complain about us owning it in the first place It talks in a straightforward manner about all things sex fetishes, birth control, sexual identity, abortion adoption, etc It s packed with good information, facts, and common questions I learned a few things myself ever heard of cake farters Yeah, stuff like that.This is the kind of book which will make some people very angry because they don t want their children having access to a book which tells how to put a condom on or gives basic descriptions of sexual positions But this is exactly the kind of books a lot of teens need to read, because it clears up common myths about how not to get pregnant, how to avoid STD s, etc It tells you when you need to see a doctor about something and what is a normal body function There is also plenty in it to make teens go Ewww I made lots of faces while reading it surprise, curiosity, disgust The cover is the worst part of the book, in my opinion, but apparently it is the company logo of the internet show The Midwest Teen Sex Show A different cover, I feel, would have made it easier for kids to go to and harder for objectioners to find.This book pulls no punches If you want the information straight on with no glamour, this is the book to go to If you are easily offended, you should avoid it.Product DescriptionThe co creator of the popular online Midwest Teen Sex Show brings us a hilarious, honest, and in depth look at every teen s favorite subject sex This isn t your mother s sex book It s punchy and unapologetic At the same time, it teaches teens the practical ins and outs of being sexually active and, above all, how to stay safe.With humorous illustrations by San Francisco Chronicle cartoon artist Michael Capozzola, this book features chapters on everything including foreplay, different forms of sex all of them , masturbation, sexual orientation and gender identity, body issues, relationships, virginity, birth control, and protection against diseases Modern teens are faced daily with making decisions about whether to have sex and how to protect themselves if they do, and they need an engaging and relatable resource for getting the right information That s what this book is about.

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    I read this for a friend I thought it was a good book with a lot of humor that went into depth than just about any other book of this kind for teens that I ve seen I only had two problems 1,I didn t see many mentions of abstinence which is a choice that should be presented I m for total sex education when it comes to teens and sex subject matter but we also have to show that some teens also choose not to have sex and we should include that choice to keep them from feeling excluded Plus, they should have it in the pregnancy and STD sections And 2, No medical consultation listed I think having that on the cover or credits would go a long way in helping teens, teachers, parents, and librarians in case they find themselves having to defend the materials.

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    It s really weird when you re a grown woman and you re reading books about teens having sex for a classlike, do I win my Goodreads challenge or do I not risk looking pervy i just really care about meeting my goodreads goal ok

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    I had such high hopes for this book after reading the good reviews of the Midwest Teen Sex Show Plus, I just read s.e.x by Heather Corinna which was amazing so this left me extra disappointed Don t get me wrong, this book isn t all bad The humor will grab the attention of teens who might otherwise be loathe to read a sex ed book, and it s not so long that it will scare people away The author is very pro masturbation yay and gives a great admonition to boys about not harassing the girls about their periods You wouldn t want the girls making jokes about your occasional boners, so let them bleed in peace It was frustrating that the humor seemed to come at the expense of good information though For example, when talking about getting your period unexpectedly they referred to it as a battle wound , and they make fun of the freakiness of certain fetishes And not all the information was good There s a section on loving your body, but it s followed by a section on how much you should try to not be fat Love your body, as long as it s thin, but make sure you don t get an eating disorder in the process Then they have a decent explanation of trans issues but then insist on discussing both sexes throughout the rest of the book They even divide up sex acts by orientation straight vaginal sex vs lesbian vaginal sex, for example and there is no allowance for people having sex outside of their chosen sexual identity.Then there were little annoyances plenty of talk of manual sex but no discussion of gloves, insistence that BDSM is never for teens sorry kinky teens, you ll just have to wait , and wanting to date than one person means you can t commit The final straw for me was their discussion of the g spot, which started with Many believe that there is a region called the G spot that is thought to be sensitive than other parts of the vain It is said to be an area inside the vagina on the upper wall about 2 to 3 inches in Many believe It is said If you don t believe that the g spot exists, at least explain why.Overall, I wouldn t recommend this book unless the reader really needs the humor to make it through There are better options out there.

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    Chatty, funny, informative and non judgmental are the four adjectives I would choose to describe this book Nikol Hasler translates everything the Midwest Teen Sex Show has been doing via webisodes into this catchy book.This is a far ranging and comprehensive book The sort of book that is going to freak out some parents, and just make teens want to read it even Aside from giving the ins and outs heh of heterosexual vaginal intercourse, there s also sections on anal and oral sex, sexual orientation, kinks and fetishes, as well as the standard chapters on anatomy, STIs and STDs and birth control.I like that the chapters are arranged thematically, rather than by who might get the most use out of them this means the anatomy chapter lays it all out there, rather than having a clearly delineated girl section and boy section it s obvious when discussing sexual anatomy, but then there s sections on body hair and physical exams The short intro makes it clear that even if you don t own a penis or vagina, if you ever want to be near one you should have an idea of what s going on, and mixing everything up makes it harder to skip over something a reader might think is gross, uninteresting, or unnecessary.While the text of the book is very open and accepting of all sorts of sexuality and orientations, I found the illustrations to be extremely heteronormative There are only two illustrations in the entire book that are clearly about homosexual experiences, and boy include two guys Any other time there is a pair presented, they re a heterosexual pair Even when characters are presented alone, there will sometimes be speech bubbles indicating the character is in a heterosexual relationship for example, in a chapter on dating, next to a question about parents who dislike your girlfriend, is a cartoon of a frustrated boy yelling But I love HER A little thing Yes But if this bisexual adult woman notices it, I bet there are lots of lesbian and gay teenagers who already feel marginalized that will be feeling the same way.

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    YALSA Non Fiction 2010I have cognitive dissonance regarding this book I may be conservative but a book for teens that offers specific and detailed sexual techniques disturbs me I spoke to a nineteen year old girl about the book and she told me that what it contains, most kids learn about in public school While I am all about teens being informed about sex, relationships and STIs, I object to the explicit information being offered I was educated about several things though The book defines terms that I was fuzzy about regarding the difference of transsexual, transgender as opposed to cross dressing It also offers up dated terms that parents will need to be familiar with in order to know what their teens are talking about On the plus side, the book encourages dialogue between partners, parents and doctors It offers advice to teens in the event that they find themselves pregnant, having contracted an STI or STD or in an abusive relationship It explains reproductive anatomy and what is considered a normal body function It defines what is normal and what is not ok during any type of relationship It is very comprehensive and informative but I feel like a large portion of the book is intended for young twenty year olds, not teens I also know that even if this book was the recipient of many, many awards, I would still feel nervous about purchasing it for the LMC.As a funny side note, it says that librarians secretly love noise and sex, suggesting that kids yell the word SEX out loud in the library to get used to saying it.

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    Problem with this book Abortion is only discussed as a choice and only the emotional side effects are and not what actually happens during the procedure or what that can do to the uterus So much for uncensored They give both sides of plenty of other sex topics, why not this Too controversial What an oxymoron considering the content of the book At least offer a source on the medical ups and downs of having an abortion If you still want to go through with it after doing your homework, not even those protestors outside the clinic will persuade you turn your head That sounded preachy, but I don t think I was that bad Disclaimer I have no issue with the rest of this book In fact, I found it very informative and light However, I think this makes it seem like you need to learn everything you need to know about sex before senior prom the stereotypical lose your virginity day There is a lot of info in here and I strongly suggest just being open with your kid about it from the beginning start of puberty So many parents including mine fail to do this even if asked than once Seriously, you avoid problems later if you just answer their curiosity with straight answers you definitely know Like the book says, the you talk about it in the open, the easier it is.

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