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The Charmed Return (Faerie Path, #6) summary The Charmed Return (Faerie Path, #6), series The Charmed Return (Faerie Path, #6), book The Charmed Return (Faerie Path, #6), pdf The Charmed Return (Faerie Path, #6), The Charmed Return (Faerie Path, #6) e1ca815713 The Thrilling Conclusion To The Faerie Path Series, In Which Tania, The Long Lost Princess Of Faerie, Ultimately Must Choose Between Her Two WorldsShe Was Once A Princess Of Faerie, The Seventh Daughter Of King Oberon But Sixteen Year Old Anita Palmer Wakes Up In London With No Memory Of The Faerie Realm Her Princess Identity Her True Love, Edric Or Her Quest To Save Faerie From A Deadly Plague That Ravaged It Anita Must Reawaken Tania, Her Faerie Self But How And Who Can She Trust When Not Even Her Memories Are Safe Her Quest Leads To A Thrilling Final Battle, With Her Own Destiny As Well As The Fate Of Both The Faerie And The Mortal World At StakeTeen Faery Books Are Popular Than Ever, And The Final Book In The Faerie Path Series Is Perfect For Readers Who Are Looking For Action, Romance, And Adventure

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    Meh This was a lousy end to the series From what I remember of it, I m just glad the series is over Tania Anita is such a Mary Sue that I couldn t stand her any D yay the sixth book I got it yay um, this isn t as good as I expected O omg tania, NOBODY CARES make it stop, please ugh, still going well, I gotta finish this HUZZAH It s over Yes

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    Loved the book and read it very quickly I was a bit frustrated at the end for reasons I don t want to say Let us just say that I am deeply hoping for a seventh book It s deeply a sad thing to think that it might end here with so much left undone I would still definately suggest reading it because it was a great adventure Hope to read

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    The author really has you where he wants you with this book If you have enjoyed this series and wish to know how it really ends you are out of luck Unfortunately this is the last book of the series and it really does in with about one million cliffhangers Its not the typical, oh I really loved these characters and want to know how the rest of their lives go cliffhangers Honestly you are awaiting a decision and consequences of that decision at the end of the novel with no hope of getting that conclusion The real kicker is, the author knew he would not be writing a seventh novel The publishers asked for the first trilogy, and when that sold well, they asked for a second trilogy Going into this novel the author knew he would not be writing the seventh novel, he had already been told this from the publishing company I am getting all of this info off of the author s website by the way I went there trying to see when the next book would be realized to learn there wouldn t be one So by leaving the storylines up in the air and for those of you who have finished the novel, no pun intended , the author claims he will not write another book until it is guaranteed to be published and the only way to do that is to have the fans write them and demand it Basically, I feel this is saying I have left all of you hanging on purpose so that I can get money from this franchise when the publishers get tired of hearing from you Because really, we have read the six books that were originally ordered and feel we need to know what actually happens.All of that being said, this book is actually quite lame compared to the other ones Things feel rushed and half thought out I wish I had stopped at book three.

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    Overall I think this series would be fun and enjoyable if I was a couple years youngee but I m not and that really impacted my view on this series as it was very childish.

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    This book is about a girl named Tania She is a Faerie princess Tania can walk between worlds, between Faerie and the mortal world She loves a boy named Edric Tania gets sent to the mortal world and can t remember anything about her Faerie self She has taken her parents to Faerie before and her mom tries to tell her what has happened, but she doesn t remember She goes to her friend s house and Edric appears with her sister Rathina, using the Dark Arts to get to her Then Tania s dead sister appears and heals her memory and goes back to the place where dead Faerie folk go Faerie folk are immortal, but not invulnerable A plague has recently hit Faerie and killed many people Edric uses the Dark Arts to call all of Tania s past selves together They go to Faerie and her friend follows them They have to go defeat the evil man who has taken over Faerie.I gave this book five stars because it was very intriguing and I couldn t put it down It had a lot of suspense and romance I would recommend this book to anyone who likes princess stories, romance, and fantasy.

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    I don t know why I keep reading the next book in this series It s dumb and the writing is terrible I guess I just want to know how the story ends I do not recommend this series.

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    I m so happy I finally got my hands on this sixth installment of the Faerie Path series I knew it had been released, but I wasn t able to find it anywhere in the stores, so I recently ordered it online.My review may a bit awkward here as I am a tad confused on the book itself, mainly because I don t understand if this is the final book or not in the series If this is just a 6th book with another one coming, I love it However if this is the conclusion to the series as the blurb says, then I am underwhelmed because too much was left unresolved and it left off on a surprisingly open end with minimal satisfaction given SPOILERS AHEAD You ve been warned.As a 6th book with another coming, I would give it four stars I loved the story and the characters I was glad that Jade finally got to step in again and jump into the action and the story since it s been a while since she s been present I was happy to see Zara again too, if only briefly I liked that the author tricks the readers or at least he tricked me into thinking Lear was defeated only to turn around and fool you which is good because after his false defeat midway I was like Well now what Are they really going to wrap that up THAT early What the heck is going on in the rest of the book now So I was pleasantly surprised And I, like Tania, was growing unsettled by everyone s odd behavior I raised my eyebrows and was like They all seem a bit disturbingly happy and chill after everything that happened, with Cordelia being dead and losing so many people in the plague So I was glad that it was addressed and we learned it was all a part of Lear s deception However, if this is actually the final installment, I have to give it 2 stars because not enough was wrapped up Too much is left unresolved For one, I want to see Edric have consequences for using the Dark Arts so much We keep hearing about how bad it is to use them and Tania keeps begging him to stop and he keeps saying Just one time but we don t really see any consequences I want a final book with Edric being the villain and Tania having to save or kill him Because we need to see why the Dark Arts are so bad Because right not, I m not convinced Also, what happens with Mary and Clive Palmer We never learn if Tania can sidestep in between worlds again We never learn if she gets reunited with her parents or how she chooses to live her life as a mortal or a faerie or if she continues to bounce between both worlds We also never learn what happens with Oberon and the pact We are left off on a cliffhanger, which, for a final book, is not too great, in my opinion I ve invested a lot into the series and I, like most readers, want a payoff We never know if and how Faerie is restored So until it becomes clear to me what this book is, I am going halfway between both scores and leaving it at a 3 for now EDITED Upon learning that this is, indeed, the last book of the series, I ve lowered my star from 3 to 2 accordingly.

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    I should have written reviews right after each book, because I read them so quickly that I can t seperate them in my mind All 6 books are just one long storya good one, but a long one I remember really enjoying it and not being able to put it down That s not good when it is such a long series because my housework tends to suffer I didn t like this series as much as Maria V Snyder s stories, but it kind of reminds me of them Teenagers discovering magical abilities, evil villians, heros, and heroines, love triangles, etc,Fearie Path is maybe meant for a juvenile audience, but I can be pretty juvenile sometimes

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    I thought the beginning of the series was amazing Simply put As the series progressed, I found myself skipping pages, skimming pages, and just wanting to get to the end I was curious as to how the series would end and decided to read the last book Big disappointment The ending left questions than the previous book and the series feels unfinished There are limitless possibilities on what happens afterward and the book is just a long journeyTo me, it felt like an unfinished book series.

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    The Charmed Return was good, but I feel like it could have been better That is because I feel like Tania could have had gotten her memory back slower, and other stuff in the book should have happened slower I also feel like could have happened in this book I really wouldn t suggest this book, or this book series to anyone because I just feel like it is boring, and just a really weird book series that the author wrote It is a very clean book, but I just feel like it is boring and I just want to get done with the book Also it does get a little better once you keep reading the books except the last book, The Charmed Return wasn t that good but, I still wouldn t suggest reading this book series If you are going to read it, I would suggest being 11 and older to read this book because I feel like little kids really wouldn t get this book, and I would also recommend being prepared for some weird.

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