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    This is a parody of our current economical meltdown done right, with tons of fun moments and ingenious puns to keep the reader entertained It s not all fun and games, though Seemingly lighthearted and leisured at first, this comic touches very serious topics haunting our world, such as the high unemployment rate, health care, debt, education, morals, greed, gender inequality, the growing devaluation of human beings, and much .It s a wake up call, but while it can get a bit depressing at times, it does serve a grander purpose Not everyone will enjoy the politics thrown in, and might even feel like it carries different values from their own But taking that aside, I think this comic book can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone The humor is great, exceptionally clever, and supported by a nice understanding of the world s but mainly the USA s economics The old styled, Golden Age inspired art is charming and captivating, and will make you feel nostalgic Surprisingly, though, it works well with the modern and pop culture references mostly about superheroes, of course , which this comic is filled to the brim with The nonstop, inventive wordplay is also something to look out for and will put a smile on your face every time.Overall, an interesting and quick read for anyone interested in having a good time, but also an educational one.

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    This was completely great and well worth the read I was drawn in by the sort of silly premise, not fully knowing what to expect, and I was really pleased with the whole thing.On the lighter side of it all, this is a great parody of comics The various superhero names and parallels to DC and Marvel characters were great I loved the retro art as well as the amazing facts and silly little ads, everything that made it feel like a real comic from decades past was great I loved how not subtle it was Bruce Paine, a rich man, vigilante, with his Cave of Positivity or his vehicle The American Dream Machine Wonder Mother, with her invisible jet made of the glass ceiling On and on it goes, the parodies were endless and excellent This was hilarious and worth reading for the sense of humour as well.On the serious side of it, I genuinely like the statements about recent political and economic issues This actually does a great job of using a superhero parody to make a bigger point about how horrible society and the government are to poor people, or even just people who aren t rich This was rather spot on and I wasn t expecting that at all from this, I was rather impressed.Overall this was a really good read It was funny, fun, and made some great points about real issues I would definitely be willing to reread and I would recommend it completely.

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    FANTASTIC FACTSGrab your bootstraps Thirty years ago, corporate CEOs like The Man were paid only around 78 times than minimum wage earners, but thanks to the hard work of the Just Us League, today s CEOs earn over 4000 times In fact, they can make in one year than average earners not the lowest make in 90 years They re that good.Reach for the sky If the USA maintained the same income distribution we had in the 1970s, heroes in the work force would earn at least three times as much as they do today averaging about 120,000 instead of today s 40,000 As of 2007, income inequality was higher than in any year on record, save one 1928 Happy days are here again Dream big In the last 30 years, the American Dream has grown increasingly out of reach for and people unless they don t live in America Today a poor child born in Germany, France, Canada, or Scandinavia actually has a better chance of joining the middle class in adulthood than a child born poor in the good ol US of A Take that, you cheese eating socialists

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    I liked this a lot than I expected to this partially explains a lot of the messed up economic social policies that led to the current recession, but it s also an over the top superhero parody My one criticism is that in trying to do both it never fully achieves either A lot of economic realities are mentioned but not fully explained and it never achieves a full superhero narrative either it s really stringing together various economic concepts and news events and overlaying a different superhero trope over each one So it s a fun read, but I might have preferred something that tried to be educational and less parody.

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    A modern superhero satire on our current economic crisis with characters such as Wonder Mother, Everyman, Plan B, and Lemur Brothers It hits on a lot of the issues of the Great Recession and offers actual facts that helped our current situation to happen A very fun read unless you re one of the few who weren t hit that hard by this.

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    So much clever word play It almost gave me back all the hope that s been sucked from me by teaching critical theory during the primary season.

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    Spot on take on America s recession, and how in denial most Americans prefer to be about it A refreshingly cynically harsh take on our current descent into new medieval times Hilarious

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    While not exactly an even handed treatment, this book is still a good, thought provoking read Should be on everybody s shelf right next to Howard Zinn.

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    Great writing and fantastic art it would actually perhaps served even a little better if it weren t such an overt parody While the economy was in the doldrums in 2008 this serves as a reminder of how fortunate and out of touch vast parts of the public were with chants like The Power of Positive Thinking Capetown USA is the Hooverville for Unemployed superheroes There s problem with The Ageists, Nepotismo, White Rage, The Invisble Hand becomes an Iron Fist , The Just Us League, The Deregulator,

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    would read a Fellowman comic.

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