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Tangerine summary Tangerine, series Tangerine, book Tangerine, pdf Tangerine, Tangerine 2b6560253e Paul Fisher Sees The World From Behind Glasses So Thick He Looks Like A Bug Eyed Alien But He S Not So Blind That He Can T See There Are Some Very Unusual Things About His Family S New Home In Tangerine County, Florida Where Else Does A Sinkhole Swallow The Local School, Fire Burn Underground For Years, And Lightning Strike At The Same Time Every Day The Chaos Is Compounded By Constant Harassment From His Football Star Brother, And Adjusting To Life In Tangerine Isn T Easy For Paul Until He Joins The Soccer Team At His Middle School With The Help Of His New Teammates, Paul Begins To Discover What Lies Beneath The Surface Of His Strange New Hometown And He Also Gains The Courage To Face Up To Some Secrets His Family Has Been Keeping From Him For Far Too Long In Tangerine, It Seems, Anything Is Possible

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    What can I tell you except my daughter Phoebe is reading this She s in 7th grade up here in Washington State and she brought it home and laid it down with a big thud and a groan and Here it is, Dad I can t believe you want to read it too Which is something I m trying to do read all the books my two daughters are reading, which is surprisingly easy since kids these days don t do much reading it appears at all in school Novels anyway So I dug in and was immediately swept up in this story about a 7th grader who moves from the boring suburbs of Houston to a strangely overdeveloped region in Florida another suburb once proudly occupied by tangerine groves, the best in the world But this 7th grader is far from boring, he has a spine, a heart, and pair of glasses about an inch thick that become a lynchpin to a much darker deeper secret that had me turning the pages turning the pages until Phoebe had to rip it from my cold dead hands Dad, she said Slow down You re ahead of me all of a sudden But I couldn t slow down I finished it just like that And loved it The real beauty So much to talk about With my daughter With myself A great self reflection in what it means to be growing, to be be giving, a piece of fine citrus upon the tongue Few things are as sweet Thank you, Edward Bloor And thank you, Tangerine.

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    Tangerine by Edward Bloor is a novel about the Fisherman family and their sons, Erik and Paul They moved from Texas to Lake Windsor Downs in Tangerine County, Florida One of the sons is legally blind.His whole life he was told that he was blind because he stared into a full solar eclipse when he was young,but doesn t remember.Now he is in a particular time in his life where he is starting out in a new school.Their Dad is also plays a roll in why they moved due to his job as a civil engineer When they started school Erik was already getting busy with his football dream His Dad called it the Erik Fishermen football dream and this kinda left Paul in the blue.After exploring the middleschool, Paul tried out for the soccer team on the first day, he impresses the students with him in soccer.But he is later told by the coach that he is not eligible to play on the team, due to liability issues, because he has an IEP filled out by his mom for him because of his visual impairment After Paul and Erik get settled they meet Mike and Joey Costello, their neighbors When football season started for Mike and Erik, Mike was struck by lightening during practice which resulted in him dying The parents argue about practice and how they thought they shouldn t have it because of Mike s death Florida is known to have many sinkholes and many natural disasters Soon after, while Paul is at school, a field of classroom trailers at the school collapse into a sinkhole Many people, including Paul and Joey, try to rescue the people who are trapped and fortunately, no one gets seriously injured The emergency relocation plan gives the kids the choice to stay with a different schedule and crowded classes or go to Tangerine Middle School, the school on the other, poorer side of the county.Soon after, Joey starts to get sick of Tangerine Middle because none of Paul s new friends don t think he is cool and he thinks that Paul acts mean around the other students at school, especially those on the soccer team After almost getting into a fight, Joey finally goes back to Lake Windsor, leaving Tangerine Middle School and their soccer team Paul finally has a flashback from his childhood, the day his vision was damaged Erik said that Paul told on him and his friend Vincent Castor for spray painting a wall in their old neighborhood, so to get back at him, Erik held Paul s arms behind his back and held open his eyes while Vincent Castor sprayed spray paint in Paul s eyes Paul is furious with his parents for lying to him all these years and finally confronts them about how his vision was really damaged His parents insist they were trying to do the right thing and protect him from growing up hating his brother, but Paul persists and says that instead of hating his brother, he s been hating himself all along Paul ends up getting moved to a private school I think that the author handled the issues very well I feel like the story teaches a lesson to the parents to not lie to your children because they will end up finding out everything eventually Also you re teaching a wrong lesson to your children in which causes a lot issues But overall I do recommend this book but sometimes the plot and issues can get a bit confusing.

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    This is actually the best book I ve read before, even though I don t read much I can relate to it a lot, because it s about soccer, and I play it a lot In this book, Paul Fisher is a young boy who moved from Texas, too Tangerine, Florida He goes to a school where he can finally play soccer, but then has a conflict because of his impaired vision That is a whole different part of the story, my favorite part His parents have been lying to him his whole life about why he has impaired vision Erik, Paul s brother, is not a nice brother at all, they do not get along what so ever Paul is terrified of Erik Later in the story, you find out the bad stuff that Erik gets into, and how he is part of Paul s vision problems I recommend this book to anyone, best book ever.

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    As I figured out which shelves to put this on, I was realizing that Bloor really tried to pack a lot of issues into a relatively short book and he did an excellent job of it There s the racism classism stuff and environmentalism or lack thereof and disabilities and how they are dealt with in the school system and lots of inequity that isn t related to race or class and farming and safe driving and sports and bulleying and and and.The story is compelling The characters are beyond believable and this is the sort of book I would love to teach because it has something for everyone who might read it Too bad the kids I m teaching now are a little young for it

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    I wrote an essay for this book in the 7th grade without actually reading it and got 100% I did read it eventually, though, obviously

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    I don t think I have ever been this furious, this hopping mad, indignant, filled with righteous anger, seething with a Jane Eyre type impotent rage, as when I was reading this novel Lemme think about it Nope Never This is the only one Because I kinda figured out what was happening and what was the reason behind our hero s tragic condition What had happened Now that is something really revolting Not to mention, unfair.Look, I get it parenting is hard Not everyone is cut out to be parents and certainly some shouldn t even be one But the level of negligence and utter neglect not only takes the cake, but the entire goddamn bakery, too In fact, it took the Red Riding Hood Bakery, one of my favorite places here in my new personal wasteland.What do you do when someone who hurts your child is also your child For sure, no child should be exempt from accountability nor from your succor and importantly unconditional love and parental support How do you forgive one while aiding the other Here, they did one but not the other The promises made silently, do they get lost in the shuffle somwhow How do you protect a child, and here s a truly important question how do you punish one, the one who is guilty If you are absolving the remorseless one, then you are the one who is guilty, not just someone who benefits from your biased treatment Our brave protagonist s eyesight were impaired in this book, but it was his parents who were truly blind In spite of his handicap, he saw things he wasn t supposed to But despite his skin, he had a thicker skin Love the grandparents though More of this kind of YA, please Very confident writing I must say and I will say the author has a firm grip on his pen Watch out for his Crusader, too One of the best YA around Read it Read them both I guess you ll have to read this novel to know what I am rambling about so incoherently, now don t you

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    I don t say this for a lot of books But this is a very special case.Fuck this book.This piece of shit is an absolute and utter perversion of the English language If I could give it zero stars I would Hell, if I could give it two middle fingers I would Reading this book was like eating chicken shit infected with avian flu, with the writing being the chicken shit and the story being the avian flu The author evidently tried to write a adult drama about kids friggin bludgeoning each other to death but failed so he called it a kids book and sold it as it was It felt like a really bad modern take on Hamlet I ve never read Hamlet just with lightning strikes wasting fools left and right like it s the Old Testament up in this bitch Florida in this story is like a whack ass Texas with rain and that s not true at all, so on behalf of the the State of Florida, I say fuck you, buddy The only use I d have for this goddamn garbage is pitching it in the fire at the back of Paul s house where it can burn forever and scar the earth with its horrendously putrid scent Speaking of Paul, I gotta talk about this boy This boy right here The fuck is up with this kid Like seriously He says he lost his vision because he looked at a solar eclipse but HOLD ONTO YOUR BUTTS turns out Erik merced him with the Tangerine spray paint and almost blinded him By the end of this story I wished Erik would give me the good old orange dream machine special so I d never have to read anything as dogshit as this again.

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    Tangerine is about a blind boy who realizes why he is blind I thought that this book was so metaphoric I don t think the story is about the blind boy, Paul, though, I think it is about his brother Eric I think that this story has a shadow of it, showing the actions and thoughts that make up a psychopath Eric has caused a lot of trouble by stealing, spray painting his brother s eyeballs, and killing people I think that by putting the thought of soccer and football, it relates to all the kids who don t have a good income and depend on these kinds of sports scholarships, especially Cubans who live in Miami or Latina families in California I think that these kinds of things, like punching, happens all the time, but this book really helps people come to a sense that they may be killing that kid.

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    I read it in 7th Grade in school as required reading Out of all the books I read that year, I personally found And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie was and is still the best However, this came in second.This book about a boy who is nearly blind and moves to Florida The book generally was quite nice However, I felt the plot was a tad bit weird, and the description of how he was blinded somewhat creepy and icky However, overall, it was an ok book to read that someone else might have enjoyed .

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