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    The story of a civil war guerilla fighter in Missouri Bloody Bill was possibly the most vicious of the Missouri bushwhacker captains This book is not very long, but it is about Bill Anderson There is some info about other guerilla fighters and a little Civil War info but it mostly sticks to the subject named in the title which anyone who reads my reviews knows that s how I prefer it If you want to learn about Bloody Bill Anderson, this is your book I would have liked maybe a little detail But I realize that with these kind of men, usually a lot of info is hard to come by But I think the author did a great job of telling the story about a infamous guerilla fighter from over 100 years ago Especially if you are a fan of Civil War history Missouri, being a divided state, was kind of a war within the war It created a extremely violent atmosphere The book is a good, quick read and a very good account of Bill Anderson s life.

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    A slender though detailed account of the depredations of one Bill Anderson They certainly did not leave out the details of the brutality that Anderson and his gang wreaked upon Missouri It was well written book with extensive notes at the end I found it interesting and I flew through it Definitely recommended for those interested in the bushwhackers of Missouri in the Civil War.

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    If I never see the word hitherto again it will be much too soon The book itself was okay, but the content was fascinating.

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    I just finished this book titled, Bloody Bill Anderson, who was one of the deadliest and most notorious pro Confederate guerrilla leaders in the American Civil War Anderson led a band of Confederate sympathizers ranging between 40 to 80 bushwhackers at any one time, that targeted Union loyalists and federal soldiers in the states of Missouri and Kansas in the years of 1862 until he was shot and killed on Oct 27,1864 The guerrillas were called bushwhackers, because they would hide in the bush by rivers and ravines to ambush Union troops as they would ride by Anderson took a leading role in the Lawrence Massacre, lead by, William Quantrill, and later participated in the Battle of Baxter Springs, both of which occurred in 1863 In what became known as the Centralia Massacre, on Sept 27,1864 Anderson s bushwhackers executed 24 unarmed Union soldiers in the town square, looted, pillaged, and burned down homes, the train depot, destroyed the train, and set an ambush later that day that killed than 100 Union militiamen Anderson himself and his men would mutilate their victims by scalping and doing other various barbaric horrendous acts which is how he get his name of Bloody Bill Historians have made disparate appraisals of Anderson some see him as a sadistic, psychopathic killer, but for others his actions cannot be separated from the general desperation and lawlessness of the time Missouri was one of the worst battlegrounds for this conflict, since Missouri was a slave state that was part of the Union, and had supporters from both sides.After the Civil War, some of these bushwhackers that survived became outlaws, train and bank robbers to still rage warfare against the Unionthe most famous being The James Brothers, Jesse and Frank These two did ride with Quantrill and Bloody Bill in both the Lawrence Massacre and the Centralia Massacre.This is an interesting read on this very ugly subject that produced its own set of colorful demons that lived by their own principals It is best to know your past so as not to repeat them again

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    A sordid tale of a savage killer, but well done Brings out the true nastiness of the time, in the most viciously violent arena of the entire Civil War Anderson was an obscure figure until August 1863, so details about him before that time are a bit sketchy Most of this book is about his doings in 1864, when he terrorized Northern Missouri Don t expect wall to wall coverage of Anderson here There are digressions about other bushwhackers, Quantrill, Todd, etc., but they are not irrelevant Brief mentions of Frank and Jesse James.I wanted to know about Anderson s motives and this book does a good job of explaining how they evolved from mere horse thieving for money actually pony thieving to revenge killing, then to killing for the sake of killing and money, of course He was consumed with hatred of Yankees, but wore a Yankee uniform as a guise Not an inspirational read, not an ennobling subject matter, but true history Paints a vivid and authentic picture of the time I recognize the period jargon from the Civil War letters I published going up the spout, being played out, your wife until death, etc Photographic portraits were likenesses Recommended to historians and Missourians interested in the topic Just the facts, no particular bias.

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    I knew a lot about the Civil War in the East before picking up this book, but knew only a little of the Guerrilla War in the western theater.I found this book a really easy readable book about a figure I ve never heard of before finding this book I was surprised by the brutality of the Anderson in his escapades against the Union The only partisans I knew of in the west was Quantrill and assumed that he controlled all of the partisans This book shows how there were several partisan bands and not all of them were following the same orders.It was interesting to see that for a time Jesse and Frank James also crossed paths with Anderson while they were partisans This is a great book about the Partisans, or Guerrillas, in the western theater.I liked the author s style and did not feel he was too dry as many biographies tend to be I will certainly be looking for other Castel books.

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    Bloody Bill Anderson The Short, Savage Life of a Civil War Guerrilla was a great book from beginning to end Civil War literature is severely lacking in anything about Bill Anderson relying on legend and myth than real life This book corrects some of that I enjoyed every minute of it My only complaint is that it was too short, but, then again, so was Bloody Bill s life It ties in well with the other Missouri guerrillas who went on the greater infamy after the war The brutality of the irregular war in Missouri is very clear in the pages of this book As a student of the Civil War in Missouri, I was enthralled with every page of the book It is very well written and documented Relying heavily on the Official Record, contemporary news reports, and eyewitness accounts, this may be the definitive book on Bill Anderson I recommend it highly

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    A brief account of one of the Civil War s most notorious Bushwackers Bloody Bill Anderson It tells briefly of his life before the start of the Civil War and then once the War starts his rise as a guerilla leader, including his participation in the Lawrence massacre and his leadership in the killings at Centralia.

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    If you ve ever seen The Outlaw Josie Wales you have the backdrop of Bloody Bill Anderson What I was hoping for was a bit narrative and lot less historical dissertation The authors went for so much precision that they killed the story.

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    The brutal life of Bloody Bill, a bushwhacker who, to say the least, definitely had issues in his life He killed indiscriminately, robbed, burned and stole horses During a clash with union soldiers he ended up with 2 bullets in his head.

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