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Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume chapter 1 Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume, meaning Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume, genre Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume, book cover Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume, flies Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume, Bone: The Complete Cartoon Epic in One Volume d697b3ce58ab6 An American Graphic Novel First The Complete Page Epic From Start To Finish In One Deluxe Trade PaperbackThree Modern Cartoon Cousins Get Lost In A Pre Technological Valley, Spending A Year There Making New Friends And Out Running Dangerous Enemies After Being Run Out Of Boneville, The Three Bone Cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone And Smiley Bone Are Separated And Lost In A Vast Uncharted Desert One By One They Find Their Way Into A Deep Forested Valley Filled With Wonderful And Terrifying Creatures It Will Be The Longest But Funniest Year Of Their Lives

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    After being run out of Boneville because of one of Phoney Bone s schemes, the Bone cousins wind up in a valley in the mountains It s a case of out of the frying pan and into the fire when war erupts around the valley and the cousins and their new friends are caught in the middleBack in the 1990s, this book was the talk of the town but I was too cool for a comic book about cute characters Now that I m much older and also uncool, I decided to finally give it a shot.The art shares some similarities with Calvin and Hobbes, probably due to the Walt Kelly influence on both It also has a Disney feel I likened it to the Black Cauldron while I was describing the series to my wife Much love for the design of the Rat Creatures, BTW.At first, I wasn t super impressed with the story Yadda yadda quest, yadda yadda dark one vs chose one, etc However, I quickly got attached to the antics of the Bone cousins and loved Gran ma Ben Both of my grandmas were tough ladies so she quickly became my favorite character Thorn was a strong character, not content to buy all the bullshit people were spewing in her direction after being lied to all of her life.The story was epic in scope The Barrelhaven, the valley, and reality itself were at stake before all was said and done I think the mythology of the world did a lot to elevate it above a lot of epic fantasy You know, plus the Bone cousins Bone has pretty much everything you could want in a tale humor, action, unrequited love, poignant moments I really can t think of anything bad to say about it Bone deserves all the awards it has won over the years, an epic tale for all ages Five out of five stars.

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    This review is from 2006 I haven t done a review for a while, so I thought I d do something a little bit different A week or so back, a friend loaned me the complete BONE graphic novel.This is one I ve been wanting to read for a while Not only have I done very little reading in the graphic novel genre, but I ve heard a lot of very good things about this one I remember a friend reading issues from the then serialized comic back during my freshman year of college It was something of an underground hit that went mainstream, and all of the issues some ten years worth, or 1300 pages were released in a single volume a couple of years back.It s a very interesting read It s something of a cross between an old Loony Tunes cartoon and a serious, epic fantasy novel It s about a group of three Bones from Boneville who get lost and end up in a kingdom far from home, then get caught up in an epic struggle between good and evil.It owes a lot to The Lord of the Rings However, much of the writing is excellent, and there s some fairly decent original worldbuilding This is fascinating for me, because these are things that I don t immediately associate with comic books I know that I m not doing them justice and I m sure there are lots of very excellent ones out there However, I was surprised to read one that felt so much like a traditional epic fantasy, all be it one with three cartoony characters mixed in with the rest of the medieval style fantasy cast.I felt that the story broke down a tad near the ending There were a couple of points where the plotting seemed forced, and I have quibbles with the resolution of a few climaxes However, I find I must give a great amount of credit to the author an independent artist named Jeff Smith He not only did this virtually on his own, but managed to release something serialized that he could never change, had to plot and pace over ten years time, and had to bring together into one massive story at the end.The restraints of the medium considered, he did an excellent job There s a good mixture of humor, pacing, and action even if the character arcs of most of the characters are a tad weak All and all, I can see why this has been named as one of the top ten graphic novels of our time.

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    Book 7 for Jugs Capes read a cleaner version of this review on CCLaP pre read I ordered this online and it arrived today not in a padded envelope, as is customary, but in a big ass box I should have understood then, but not until I sliced the box open did I realize just how massive this thing is Good grief I read on the subway, for heaven s sake I need my books to be portable So obviously I took a steak knife and some old Vice magazine covers and DIY d it into three somewhat manageable volumes I haven t had to do that since Infinite Jest post read Here is something that I have never thought about before what is the onomatopoeic rendering of a sword pulled fast out of itswhat is it, scabbard Give up It s SHING I mean, of course it is, right But who knew That was my first roundaboutly clever way of saying omg omg omg Jeff Smith is a fucking genius.Here is my second, and it involves a visual aid Just prior to the below panel, Bone has been told by several people that winter comes on fast in these parts Then what happens This Yeah Jeff Smith, man Fucking genius.Now I will talk about the book itself As with a handful of amazing books I ve read lately The Instructions , for one also Raising Demons , if you d given me a plot synopsis before I d started, I probably would not have been particularly inclined to pick this up A trio of strange smooth androgynous bone creatures accidentally become part of an ancient war between the Dragons, the people of the Valley, and the God of the Locusts, and go on a quest to find the Crown of Horns, dodging Rat Creatures and Ghost Circles, aiding and abetted by by a sexy young farmhand and her ornery grandmother Um, no thanks I hate it when regular words get elevated via random capitalization But this, man, holy fuck This is unquestionably and irrepressibly riveting, engaging, fascinating There s an awesomely compelling plot, solid mythology and history, terrific characters, an amazingly vast scope, fantastic art, a pitch perfect balance at all times between pathos humor, action explication, dialogue art, cute animals bloody swordfights Man Wow A couple other things In college I took a course on Lord of the Rings, and one of the things we discussed was how the language of the trilogy subtly reinforces the path of the books from sort of light middle grade fantasy in the beginning to a high art, mature epic by the end I would say a similar thing happens in Bone, where it starts out all kind of silly fun and games, but the book and the plot and the characters all elevate and expand as things proceed, opening and blooming into this vast, mature epic scope.Also, not only does this book pass the Bechdel Test with flying colors , it s basically all women The hero is a woman Her great teacher is a woman Small by cryptic spoiler Even the villain is a woman In addition this I didn t come up with myself thanks Jugs Capes girls there is basically no romantic subplot How often does that happen in fantasy I d say close to never But here, our heroine Thorn is way too busy being brilliant and strong and savvy and kicking ass and saving the fucking world to bother with something so trivial as whom to kiss Yeah Okay okay, enough But jeesh, what a brilliant, spectacular book Who cares that it s too big to carry anywhere Who cares that it s written for kids Who cares that it s epic fantasy It s just fuckin stunning.

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    Once upon a time, the Marx brothers went to a magical kingdom and met a old woman who races cows and stupid, stupid rat creatures who have idenity problems involing the eating of quiche.It s funny how we change and yet, somehow, stay the same I ve read comics or graphic novels at three points in my life so far In each of these points, it s been a slightly different style When I was a preteen, my local store sold mainly DC and so I read those But it was mainly non mainstream Rocket Raccoon and Atari Force In high school, I got mainly into Marvel long live the original New Warriors, Firestar, and Jean Grey until the Marvel writing really, truly declined Now, when I read comics I m reading Veritgo so back to DC or independent graphic novels stuff like The Complete Maus I picked this up because several reviewers raved about it.It s a cartoon epic fairy tale It is what Disney princesses should be It s an instant classic It s pure genius It s laugh out loud funny.I guess one of the reasons why I stopped reading Marvel comics was the secondary status of many of the female characters as well as the fact that whenever a female got too powerful, she had a power issue something that Magneto, at time if ever, really had And there is a trend in fantasy fiction, be it comic, book or movie, for the chosen one to be male Or if the chosen is a girl, she s a baby think Willow Here the chosen one is a girl who matures over the length of the epic Her name is Thorn, btw, and she isn t the only strong woman in the story.The main focus of the story isn t entirely Thorn, but the Bone cousins Phoney, Smiley, and, most importantly, Fone These Bones have been run out of Boneville due to an unfortunate political campign, and eventually met up with Thorn and her grandma Ben, who races cows What then follows is part Lord of the Rings, part comic book action, mostly epic fantasy with slapstick thrown in at the right moments I personally loved all the Moby Dick jokes myself.The epic combines the best part of an epic fantasy story with the best part of a good comic book It deals with family love, loyalty, romantic love, friendship, the pysche, and cats As well as dragons and the nature of good and evil It is the type of book that you would love to see on the big screen, but you now if they ever did, Hollywood would F K it up.While the book is mostly child friendly there are scary scenes and violence as well as jokes about nudity , it is really adult in most of its references.Aww, skip this review and just read it, okay

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    I loved this comic book The art style reminded me of Belgian comics of my childhood and the story I must say should be worthy of Tolkien.

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    I thought, okay, weird little guys with big noses, lost in the woods, this is going to be goofy humor with throw away gags And what ARE these guys, anyways I never did figure that one out there s a whole other story waiting to be told about that And then, it turned into an epic With kingdoms, royalty in exile, and battles, and life and death danger stuff AWESOME I liked this better than the Lord of the Rings Shhh Don t tell the Tolkienites.

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    A friend gave the Bone single volume collection to me a gift one year I wasn t familiar with the series prior to that but had just finished a semester of graduate english lit courses that focused on cultural studies and serial fiction Bone is Lord of the Rings meets Dickens I loved it The beginning pages hooked me with humor, the middle turned into serious plot with social commentary, then wrapped everything up but was a little too ladden with explanations, I thought, of the authors vision and Bone mythology I would recommend this to comic and graphic novel lovers, serialized fiction lovers anyone who likes to read really It looks intimidating because the book is so hefty, but it ll rest nicey on any coffee table or nightstand wihout clashing with the decor of the room until you can read through to the end.

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    Smith s evocative and energetic drawings tell an enthusiastic and deeply felt mini epic His simple chiaroscuro backgrounds create a fantastical but very real world His strange cartoons mix with caricatures of realism to produce an easy to understand psychological reality However his very strong characterization sometimes falls prey to simple archetype, which weakens the story and the suspension of disbelief Otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable, funny, endearing, and exciting read My Suggested Readings in Comics

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    Jedan od mojih omiljenih stripskih serija Koli ina arma, toplote i lepote koja krije ova na prvi pogled jednostavna pri a je prosto neverovatna Najja i deo cele knjige stripa su sami likovi i njihova interakcija Iskreno mogu da pri aju o bilo kakvim glupostima pa e meni biti zabavno da itam sto strana Pri e koje pratimo su u su tini dve razli ite jedna o poku ajima familije Bone da se vrate ku i i druga i daleko klasi nija fatazijska pri a o sukobima dve rase i izabranom ko e pomo i da se sukob re i Naravno to se na kraju sve izme a ali je opet izuzetno zabavno iako ne suvi e originalno.Crte i su predivni, u ve em delu slu ajeva jednostavni ali kada zatreba budu takvi da oduzimaju dah I na in na koji je akcija prikazana je odli na po to na momente se dobija utisak da su stranice ive i da gledma crtani film a ne da itamo strip.Plus humor je prvoklasan Suptilan i iznenadan tako da sam sebe esto hvatao da se smejem ko lud, a to se nede ava esto i naro ito ne u tivu koje nije predstavljeno kao humoristi ko..Ako bi morao da uporedim ovo sa nekim filmom najsli niji bi bio Smrtonosno Oru ije ako va treba neka ideja kakva vrsta pri e vas o ekuje po tonu.Sve u svemu svaka preporuka ak i ako niste ljubitelj stripova.

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    Bad morning I wasn t sure I d ever review Jeff Smith s Bone After all, is there much that can be said that hasn t already been said Bone s so long been part of the canon of comics literature such as one exists that reviewing it at this point is like reviewing Watchmen or The Dark Knight Returns or Maus Or for the non comics literate, a bit like if someone penned a review today for Huckleberry Finn I mean, what s the point, really Still, I tell myself, there are those who haven t read the book yet There are those who have read comics for years who haven t read Bone and ought to be ashamed of themselves These are aficionados of the medium who need to be cajoled into reading something that will make them better participants in the medium And there are those still new to the medium who might not be familiar with the canon and might not be aware of Good Places To Start This review is probably mostly for them And for people who might google the question, What s the first graphic novel I should read You hear that Google Additionally spurring my interest in reviewing the book, I have a daughter She s three and likes me to read to her in the evenings I had read her The Little Prince and Just So Stories when she was two, but I thought she might get a kick out of comics before bed She had previously seen book one of Gene Yang s Avatar The Promise, which she loved because she was already familiar with the show A father can only read so many times about Sokka and Toph getting the oogly booglies from watching Aang and Katara getting frisky before that father just snaps so I needed something fresh Something new Something I could stand to read repetitiously So I pulled down Bone She was almost instantly excited And after she became interested and comfortable with the characters, she was wholly invested Now Smith s characters thoroughly infest her imaginative play She insists that she is Bartleby and her one year old brother is Ted the bug I have become Jackal Bone, some fell hybrid between Phoncible P Bone and, well, your common jackal Though sometimes I am Kingdok and sometimes I am Roque Ja and sometimes I m the Big Red Dragon In any case, she and other kids love this book and rereading it several times to her over the last months has given me new appreciation for Smith s creation.Also, there s the whole colour thing to consider More later Promise First, a bit of history There s always time for locusts Bone was one of that first crop of creator owned books that constituted a burgeoning movement away from the malaise of the corporation directed folderol of the 80s Smith spent thirteen years from 1991 to 2004 publishing chapters of what would eventually be a 1300 page epic fantasy story I hopped on in somewhere around the year 2000, when Smith was nearly 65% through Waiting each month for the release of a new chapter was tortuous I needed to see the conclusion and I needed to see it now And then, as Smith approached his finale, several months would pass between chapters It was grueling Readers first approaching the book today are blessed with the option of purchasing the entire series in a handy, single volume paperback version.1But rather than just talk about the book, let s start with looking at some of Smith s art Because while, yes, his characters and dialogue and verbal storytelling are wonderful, one of the foremost joys of the book is how he conveys his narrative through artistic choices.This is a simple chase sequence, but it s composed masterfully Fone Bone jumps from a snowbank onto a lower bank and makes a little progress while fleeing furiously from the rat creature who dives into the snow at his heels Excitement In the next panel, we see another rat creature face first in the snow at Bone s heels a second time Hot pursuit Fone Bone comes to an impassable river and waterfall but looks down to find an escape We and he think he s found a respite but are surprised to find rat creatures to be driven by instinct than by reason While the page ends with some humour, the real punchline is on the next page as the branch fails to support their weight and the three tumble into the falls below The second panel on this page is majestic as we see silouetted the three small figures against a mere portion of the formidable falls If we hadn t taken in the awesome danger Fone Bone is in by panel two, Smith drives it home by completely obscuring the three characters in the tumult of the falls base The volatile energy in that scene is terrific Panel four brings us relief again as Fone Bone breaks the surface with a gasp We know how lucky he was to make it but are almost instantly dismayed in the next panel to see the heads of the rat creatures breaking the surface as well, and the pursuit is begun anew Unfortunately, wet Fone Bone slips on the icy rocks and the tension crescendoes on the final panel of that second page.Here s another one While the prior example was fraught with action, this shows Smith using entirely different techniques to build tension Across these three panels, there is essentially no movement save for Thorn s eyes and from Fone Bone as he struggles then reacts to what he s seen Otherwise, Fone Bone, Granma Ben, and Thorn retain the same position across the panels The source of drama comes from a bright lightning flash in the second panel We and Fone Bone see the scene unveiled for what it is, for what was wholly obscured by the dark and stormy nighttime Fone Bone moves from being annoyed at Granma Ben to startled by the lightning to terror at what he s just seen It s a beautiful scene and the book is full of this stuff Over the years since I first finished the story in 2004 I had remembered the characters and their plot points, but I had forgotten this I had forgotten what a master craftsman Jeff Smith is when he chooses how to visually tell his story Bone employs a lot of dialogue and Smith is not shy about using words Still, he shows over and again that he knows when to shut up and let his art speak for him and his characters Even if Bone was entirely wordless and plotless, it would be worth your time for the art alone.So then, what about words Another thing I had forgotten was just how funny these characters can be even while in the midst of terrible, LOTR level, world collapsing events People are dying left and right and there s a tremendous war on and Smiley Bone is still a silly bastion of joy and laughter And to Smith s credit, that never feels trite or abusive That the book is riddled with funny moments even in the midst of dark doings and ill tidings may be exactly what saves it from being as grim and dour and thematically grey as some of its fantasy genre cousins The reader never feels that lives aren t at stake but simultaneously never feels overwhelmed by that threat It s true There is As well, Smith populates his story with expressive, unique, and noteworthy characters That my daughter would adopt so many for her waking dreams is impressive and is evidence of the good job Smith does All of the protagonists are well rounded and individuated save perhaps for Smiley Bone, who remains a bastion of zany aloofness throughout Even the supporting characters are given personalities and motivations We spend the most time with Fone Bone and his opposite lead, Thorn, and by story s close we see them grow through the challenges they ve had to overcome They are full fledged fictional beings Smith s villains are worthy as well Though he doesn t so much follow after the footsteps of Miyazaki, making his antagonists sympathetic figures, he does at least make them interesting Bone s story is as full orbed and ranging as its characters What begins as light adventure soon turns to dark mystery And then back to adventure And then to epic journey and battle against cataclysmic evil And all woven throughout with a sense of myth and spirit There are forces at work in Fone Bone s world that are beyond the seeing eye and tap into energies outside the realm of the sciences And I don t mean wizards and dragons Even though those are there too These things work to make Bone s world and mythos feel substantial, solid And it helps that his story is exciting Which you already knew because why else would I describe the wait for new chapters as tortuous At the end of the day, if you haven t read Bone yet, you really ought to If you like comics at all, you owe it to yourself If you like adventure or fantasy, you owe it to yourself If you want to read your kids something a little dangerous and a little exciting and a little funny and quite possibly the best thing your kids will have yet experienced, you owe it to yourself and to them And if you ve already read Bone but it s been a couple years, you owe it to yourself Thorn s such a flirt The Colour EditionSeveral years ago, Smith worked with Scholastic to bring the book to a wider youth audience Part of the marketing was to colour the book As originally published, Bone was a strictly black and white endeavor I m not sure whether having the book in colour was one of Smith s abiding desires or if Scholastic believed they could better sell it to kids if it were in colour but whatever the case, when you go onto or wherever to order your copy, you ll have a variety of formats to choose from One of those is the colour edition sigh I won t say that Bone in colour is an abomination, but only because I can t really justify that critique because I haven t read the entire thing in colour Because what I did read was awful Or maybe not awful Maybe it was just uninspired But when you lay uninspired on top of majesty, you ve done something terrible This colouring job is that You may not think it s possible to suck the life out of a black and white comic by adding colour but you can You really and truly can.So please, for your sake and for your children s sake buy and read Bone in black and white It s beautiful and stunning and you won t feel embarrassed for the book while reading it.The One Thing I Didn t Like Really at AllSo this is weird and in a way pretty major, but I hated the ending Now is the time for those who haven t read the book to stop reading You already know I adore the book and think you should absolutely read this thing It s canon and it deserves to be so Everything hereafter is SPOILER.Okay, so I was completely and entirely sold on Smith s world until the last chapter The climax and even most of the denouement were stellar and right along with what Smith was doing with his story and characters It all fit Then, in the last pages, we see his principal characters make a decision that kind of goes wholly against who Smith developed them to be I m not sure why he chose that ending for his book In the story in my head, fifteen years earlier when Smith first thought of the story, he came up with an ending Over the intervening years, his narrative grew and new ideas insinuated themselves His characters grew in ways he hadn t originally charted out They became something than what he had proposed to himself in the beginning And over the years he added plot points and dialogues and maybe even new arcs So when he comes to his conclusion, it obviously needs to be different in at least nuance from what he had originally planned And yet, for reasons foreign to my imagination, Smith decided to stick with his original ending, even though it clearly did not fit with the characters he d created and the circumstance they find themselves in That s how it happened in my imaginary version of what went down to make this ending the ending that got published I recall being disappointed when I first read that last chapter seven years ago But whatever my reaction was, in my memory, I was merely annoyed Reading it again now with my daughter, I was actually angry I wasn t angry that these characters made the choices they did I was angry that they did so inexplicably that there was no justification for their final decision It didn t fit with Fone Bone s character arc It didn t fit with Phoney Bone s character motivations It felt entirely foreign to everything Smith had done prior to that moment And that just makes me sad for the project, that perfection could be so easily evaporated in a book s final pages.And now I m sad Anger _____________________Foot Notes1 My impatience for the final unveiling of a story is the primary reason I no longer buy single issues of any series and will even push off acquiring the collected volumes until a series wraps If a series is good, I always regret reading it in fits and starts while it waits to complete Bone, Y The Last Man, Cross Game, 20th Century Boys, and Twin Spica.Note within a note The tough thing about my newly acquired methodology is that it s inhibiting to smaller publishers For instance, Twin Spica s publisher Vertical saw such poor sales on the series that even in the month the twelfth and final volume was released, older volumes were out of print with no plans to bring the series back Beyond merely being a shame because it s such a good series, this makes it bad news for those who would wait until a series concludes to begin collecting._____________________ Review courtesy of Good Ok Bad

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