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    Unlike most of my Filipino friends here in Goodreads, this book is neither my first history book nor a required reading in my History class I ve read a lot of history books and had them for leisure Primarily because I am interested to know about what happened in the past as they are oftentimes used by my favorite and not so favorite authors in their works You see, sometimes you encounter a novel with a historical event as a backdrop and that perks up your interest to know what really happened in the novel s milieu.Intention wise, this book is good Ambeth Ocampo is now a respected young historian in the country However, this book first in a series of 6 is only a compilation of this articles previously published in the country s leading broadsheet newspaper , The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Because they are articles, they oftentimes suffer in the brevity They are not enough to satisfy my cravings for the particulars and details Sure, Ocampo can make the cold boring story that we used to study in school interesting by throwing some jokes and by relating the lives of our heroes to what we have now However, in the course of my reading Philippine literature and history books, I have encountered most of the things that Ocampo mentioned in this book So, oftentimes my reading was boring and forgettable.I would like to list down the nice information that I learned from this first book in the series 1 Mier das in Spanish means shit So next time you say, Mag la mierda tayo it could be misinterpreted as you are inviting your friend to each shit p 20 2 Pitoy in colloquial Spanish means penis so when Pitoy Moreno was called on the stage after his models did their modelling, the public burst into laughter because his name means dark penis p 40 3 Magellan was not the one who named our country Felipinas that later was changed to its present name Philippines It was Ruy Lopez de Villalobos In 1521, when Magellan reported about his voyage to Spain, he used the name Islas del Poniente or Isles of the West p 61 Those were just the three new things that I learned from this book All the 6 books in the series have been in my possession since a couple of years now but I decided to read them one after the other now to catch up with my 2013 Reading Challenge My backlog is increasing and I want to hit my 300 book target I can still make it, don t you think

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    Philippine History is my favorite aspect of history Written in a witty manner, the book uncovers unfamiliar yet cool facts about our nation s past If only these would be taught in a similarly motivating way, I m sure the younger generation would grow to love our country s rich and wonderful history.The book also portrays our national heroes in a different angle These historical figures have been confined in our minds and classrooms as superheroes with seemingly extraordinary stature, and yet they are also human beings like us Ambeth Ocampo s book showed their human side, helping the readers identify to their character as ordinary Filipino with extraordinary desire to serve the country.This is my first Ambeth Ocampo book, and I like it His expertise as a historian and researcher was exemplified in Looking Back I also like the way that he encourages his readers to not cease in exploring our history, for the lessons of the past will certainly guide our present and benefit the future I will definitely collect of his books

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    I always loved history but this book showed another side of history Other side of heroes whom we believe as superhumans Ocampo showed their human side Suddenly the became real, like us I can imagine being friends with Quezon, helping him in courting women I can imagine hating the Luna brothers I also enjoy the Spanish lessons, very enlightening Every Filipinos should read this This is the juicy part of Philippine history not taught in the classroom I would definitely read Ambeth Ocampo books

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    I got a copy of this book when I attended Dr Ambeth Ocampo s lecture Mukhang Pera Bank Notes and Nation, at National Museum I paid only Php 200.00 and I was able to get into the lecture plus the book The book, a collection of articles extracted from Ambeth s column in Inquirer which bear the same name as with the book, is a worthwhile reading Instead of going into the usual presentation of History, Ambeth, a true historian, examines deeper on things which might other historians do no bother Throughout the book are pages filled with revelations we would not expect that will surely make you utter those hackneyed exclaimations such as Really , OMG , Wow , etc.The book made history not only a painstaking, serious profession but a fun, enjoyable, and interesting to read.

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    A good read book It s like I m reading a very compelling novel where all the characters are inspired by real events and true story I never had an enormous interest to our local history although I always loved history since this book had reached me I just realized how our history classes had deprived us in knowing much of what we should have learned from our past That limitation is disheartening knowing that our students today have so much better to learn from our own history.If Ambeth R Ocampo was my History Professor, I might had another career direction to go through on becoming the same as he haha Not as best as him of course but perhaps having the same passion to learn and go beyond whatever it takes for the sake of learning His approach of sharing the history is far different from what we had accustomed to have of which how our academic learning of the discipline can be much as fascinating as a whodunit A.R.OI ll definitely read the rest of the editions.

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    This book is not just about heroes and politics, it has also given us a background of some of the terms we now use which reminds us, as we have always been reminded, to think twice before we utter something.

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    This was a required read for my literature class I really didn t want to buy this book because I never did fancy buying reading books written in my own language but after finishing this book, I dont regret a single cent that i spent buying it It was hilarious and entertaining If history classes were told the same way it was, I probably would have listened, understood and cared about philippine history.Highly recommended book for my fellow Filipino people

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    I ll give it 4.5 starsInteresting, informative yet not quite as reliable as a regular history book not the government sponsored books though Like any other historians, he has his own interpretation of the history Though unlike the notable historian Agoncillo with his writings against Luna, he s not as aggressive about his findings.

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    History Fun Yes History, after all, is a collection of stories, complete with characters, settings and plots History, in Filipino, is kasaysayan, which means salaysay na may saysay That translates to meaningful stories People like stories, right More so if they bring meaning to them Some of these stories can be found in the Looking Back series by Ambeth Ocampo Continue reading our post here.Please note We don t use ratings but for this purpose, we tag books with three stars by default Would like to be a reviewer contributor to Bookbed Sign up here We also accept review requests More info here.

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    Pretty fun I ve always been a fan of studying history an interest which was fueled even by my time in the university so I m always excited to read new material about certain aspects of our history that never seem to be mentioned in our schoolbooks, or are often told inaccurately that they end up misguiding instead of informing The essays do feel a bit short, although I feel part of it is because we still have yet to discover much about our own past.Finally, historians will always have their own bias and that was clearly evident here, but to me it only encourages research and a bigger effort to consult other works.

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