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Remnant Population pdf Remnant Population, ebook Remnant Population, epub Remnant Population, doc Remnant Population, e-pub Remnant Population, Remnant Population 31954d9cdc3 For Forty Years, Colony Has Been Ofelia S Home On This Planet Far Away In Space And Time From The World Of Her Youth, She Has Lived And Loved, Weathered The Death Of Her Husband, Raised Her One Surviving Child, Lovingly Tended Her Garden, And Grown Placidly Old And It Is Here That She Fully Expects To Finish Out Her Days Until The Shifting Corporate Fortunes Of The Sims Bancorp Company Dictates That Colony Is To Be Disbanded, Its Residents Shipped Off, Deep In Cryo Sleep, To Somewhere New And Strange And Not Of Their Choosing But While Her Fellow Colonists Grudgingly Anticipate A Difficult Readjustment On Some Distant World, Ofelia Savors The Promise Of A Golden Opportunity Not Starting Over In The Hurly Burly Of A New Community But Closing Out Her Life In Blissful Solitude, In The Place She Has No Intention Of Leaving A Population Of OneWith Everything She Needs To Sustain Her, And Her Independent Spirit To Buoy Her, Ofelia Actually Does Start Life Over For The First Time On Her Own Terms Free Of The Demands, The Judgments, And The Petty Tyrannies Of Others But When A Reconnaissance Ship Returns To Her Idyllic Domain, And Its Crew Is Mysteriously Slaughtered, Ofelia Realizes She Is Not The Sole Inhabitant Of Her Paradise After All And, When The Inevitable Time Of First Contact Finally Arrives, She Will Find Her Life Changed Yet Again In Ways She Could Never Have Imagined

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    Colony 3245.12 is located on a planet far away from Ofelia s planet of Terran birth She s lived at Colony 3245.12 for forty years where she s worked the land, buried her husband, and raised her lone surviving child Now elderly with thinning gray hair, Ofelia longs for solitude, away from the demands of her grown son and of the Sims Bancorp Company, the corporation that dictates how humans cultivate Colony 3245.12 When the Sims Bancorp Company declares the colony is to be abandoned, Ofelia sees her chance to stay behind and have the planet all to herself, a plan that goes swimmingly until the moment Ofelia realizes she may be the only human, but she s not the sole living inhabitant on the planet Ofelia makes for an unorthodox protagonist, one who easily charms the reader Her independent and spirited nature is well balanced against a feisty, irascible attitude, from which her most humorous thoughts emerge Ofelia glared at him, wishing boils on his posterior and head lice on his children One moment he questioned her as if she were a stupid child, and the next he thought she had magical powers and could fly thousands of kilometers Ridiculous, insulting she ran through her store of invective, in grim silence, until his face turned red. Once she believes herself to be the only living being on the planet, yet another likable side of Ofelia emerges Now free of societal judgement or labor related demands, she essentially starts life over and discovers an untapped childishness She had needed it all her life, without knowing that was what she needed The joy of creation, of play, had been the empty place unfulfilled by family and social duties She would have loved her children better, she thought now, if she had realized how much she herself needed to play, to follow her own childish desire to handle beautiful things and make beauty. Though Ofelia makes for a pleasant protagonist, the way her story unveils is a disappointment At first, the stakes appear high with Ofelia s life on the line and, because of her age, fear that she could fall or injure herself doing strenuous work while tending the remaining housing and equipment at the colony However, Ofelia has everything she could possibly need fresh water, fuel provided by a waste recycler, power, fresh grown as well as frozen food, healthy cattle, and a fabricator that can make her just about anything she wants from new dinner plates to roof tiles, though her attempts to get the fabricator to make light bulbs they were on its menu had never worked, and she didn t understand the machine well enough to understand why not The fabricator can even convert rough grain to course or fine flour One soon realizes that if Ofelia were to die, there would be no story, so readers subsequently settle in to see how her retirement reinvention of herself plays out Sixty six pages pass before something goes wrong, and it s not until page 100 that something interesting finally happens Thankfully, new stakes are introduced when view spoiler Ofelia makes first contact with an alien race known as The People hide spoiler

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    old woman, tired of people, tired of the way people treat her, decides to stay behind when the rest of her fellow colonists are uprooted by their corporate bosses and sent to another planet old woman, once surrounded by demanding and unloving voices, finds she loves being alone, no annoying voices bossing her around, the only voices the ones in her head, now she has all the time in the world to garden and do beadwork and just do what she wants to do, alone finally alone but it turns out she s not alone on this world after all I loved all the things this novel did with its protagonist Ofelia is cantankerous and moody, she has to deal with her aching joints and a little loss of memory and having to use the bathroom all of the time she has a couple voices in her head the old her and the new, braver her but she s far from crazy Remnant Population doesn t downplay all of the physical and mental things she has to deal with but it also shows how she is just as resourceful and clever as anyone else she s than an equal to the men who have made demands on her all of her life and to those younger than her who would dismiss her knowledge as no longer relevant, practically useless Ofelia cherishes her crafts and her vegetables and wearing or not wearing what she wants I love how the novel spends so much time on the things she loves, on the beadwork and the sewing and the gardening and cooking and the freedom of bare skin in the sun it was enchanting reading about Ofelia going through her daily life on her own, focusing on her tasks and ruminating on the past and considering her future a truly enjoyable and unusual protagonist.the story brings humans back into her life, and of course the aliens great aliens vaguely like bipedal, mammalian owls genuinely different, carefully crafted, surprisingly adorable aliens those alien babies were the cutest.I like how Remnant Population is a feminist novel that critiques the roles women are often placed into by men as well as the elderly by the young but still embraces traits and activities that are considered stereotypically feminine I hate either or binaries and this novel doesn t have that Ofelia is a three dimensional character strong and kind, unsentimental and maternal, resourceful and forgetful, sharp tongued and grouchy and impatient, generous and open hearted and patient.I like how Remnant Population illustrates the importance of freedom and time alone, but also recognizes that a fulfilling life will be one where a person is a part of some kind of a community a place where the individual can be independent and true to themselves, but still be a useful part of a world and connected to the people in it lovely message lovely novel and fun

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    Remnant Population is the kind of book that made me fall in love with science fiction in the first place It s thoughtful, has great characterizations, a plausible future, and humans coming to understand aliens This is the third book I ve read by Elizabeth Moon and she s now on my list of favorite authors She is an amazing storyteller She is a master at revealing rather than disclosing She never over explains and her characters behave exactly like real people would.I love the Moon uses older female protagonists In Remnant Population, that protagonist is Ofelia, an elderly colonist whose colony is being relocated Ofelia is sick and tired of people telling her what to do and having to look after others She just wants just a bit of peace and quiet So, she decides to hide out until all the shuttles leave with the other colonists I can so relate to how she feels and I exhilarated in her new found freedom I love that she s not obsessed with aging and that she s strong and capable She reminds me a lot of my grandmother Eventually, she finds herself in a role that she never imagined and goes from being a completely insignificant person to someone who is of utmost importance to two intelligent species I checked this out of the library, but I may just need to buy a copy to add to my permanent library.

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    There are not enough novels with awesome old ladies as their protagonists Speaking as someone who wishes to be an awesome old lady some day, I consider this a gap in the market At the start of Remnant Population, the members of a failed colony have been ordered to pack up and leave the planet that has become their home Widowed Ofelia decides the hell with it, she s staying put her grown son doesn t need her, her daughter in law can t stand her it s mutual , and she s fed up with living her life to please other people.Meanwhile on another part of the planet, a new colony is wiped out by a previously unsuspected group of indigenous inhabitants Ofelia must figure out how to communicate with them, and how to explain them to the human colonists, before the two sides attempt to wipe each other out.I am a sucker for stories about first contact and miscommunication and culture clash something C J Cherryh does so well and in this book there is plenty to go around we get the indigenes attempts to communicate with Ofelia from their point of view and Ofelia s frustration at being treated by the new colonists like an ignorant, confused old woman from hers I m happy to report that everything works out OK a bit unrealistically perhaps, but it s terribly satisfying just the same.

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    Remnant Population is a quiet sort of SF book It s along the lines of, say, Ursula Le Guin than Lois McMaster Bujold or David Weber at least, there s very little by the way of epic space fights, and much about people Mostly just one person, alone I loved that the protagonist is an old woman the ending, with the recruitment of old ladies, seemed like a bit of a joke even so, but I liked that this is very much a defence of the worth and importance of the elderly, and particularly elderly women.I liked that the aliens really are weird and nothing like us that all our exo scientists assumptions were just way out I think if we do find other life out there, it might be like this we might not even know what we re looking at They might learn in radically different ways sorry, Pinker, Chomsky they might mature at different speeds We base our assumptions on carbon based mammals Perhaps the unrealistic thing is how easily it s settled You require a set up like Le Guin s Ekumen for that, and this seemed like a society run primarily by corporations It didn t seem like cooperation would be so easy But even then, there s a hint at how that can be done the People join in the commercial enterprises of the rest of the universe.Overall, I really enjoyed this one it s not going to be a new favourite, but it was a good read.

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    This is a magnificent book which looks closely at issues of gender, aging, cultural norms, and selfhood.Powerful in every way, it also has the fun of first contact, tech, colony, and aliens A must read particular for the heroine who is not a twenty something and has a an epic journey and her own Happily Ever After made of her own mind and hands.

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    A failing colony is removed from an alien world by the company that owns it, but one old woman, tired of having others run her life, hides in the forest until everyone is safely gone The abandoned equipment and supplies enable her to survive, and she settles into a routine Months later, on the communications equipment in the colony Center, she listens to the landing of another colony on another part of the planet and its immediate destruction by natives whose presence no one had suspected The natives decide to send an expedition to check out the distant other site where the Monsters may have landed the company that had bought the planet from its previous owners sends a scientific expedition to check out the possibly sapient animals that had killed their colonists The old woman, Ofelia, first has to establish communication with the stone age natives, then with members of her own species The natives, at least, are willing to believe she s an intelligent being The natives are interesting, Ofelia s an engaging character unfortunately, this is an idiot plot, utterly dependent on both Ofelia s complete lack of education and the idiocy of the scientists sent to investigate The most intelligent, most open minded, most reasonable member of the expedition is a cultural anthropologist he identifies a singer in the natives non literate culture as an entertainer, nobody important Why would the company send such incompetents if they spent the money on a scientific expedition at all They wouldn t, of course There are numerous similar idiocies throughout the book For instance, why is Ofelia, the product of a very prosperous, high tech culture, uneducated to the point of almost complete illiteracy Why, because education is a privilege, not a requirement, of course Ofelia s from a large underclass kept intentionally uneducated That this makes no sense in a prosperous, high tech culture, that it is completely incompatible with maintaining a prosperous, high tech culture beyond a generation or two, matters not I feel a need to be absolutely clear about this this star spanning civilization is intentionally creating and maintaining a large, profoundly uneducated underclass that can t even do the most basic gruntwork in this culture that would challenged by the basic gruntwork necessary in early 21st century America or Europe The plot requires it, and that s the end of the matter Ofelia s one of the very bright young children, identified by her teachers for a scholarship to continue her education beyond the basic primary level Her parents, preferring her sister to Ofelia for reasons never even touched upon, much less explained, send the sister for that extended education instead of Ofelia Somehow, this controlling, bureaucratic, records obsessed culture has no means of distinguishing between one underclass child, specifically identified for continued education, and her sister, at least a year different in age, specifically not selected for continued education Further, and I say this as someone happy to attribute all sorts of evil and malevolence to giant corporations, the corporations that control this society are malevolent in unbelievable ways, ways that are directly contrary to even their most obvious, short term interests It all makes for a book that s extremely irritating if you think at all about what you re reading But if you can turn your brain off, it s kind of fun.

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    4 5 4 stars A Some might find the pacing of this book a bit ponderous but I really enjoyed the slow unfolding of the story This was one of those old fashioned style sci fi books where the human race and humanity are put under a microscope wielded by a human who has broken out of the mold, and an interesting gang of aliens Vanessa Hart did a great job as the narrator I really take my hat off to her for interpreting the sounds and words of the aliens in a believable and even comprehensible manner.

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    4.5 stars because I can t recommend this to everybody because my mom, silly woman, refuses to read SF, but I think she d love this if she weren t so stubborn But Ofelia has taught me to respect her choices Rereading for buddy read in the SFF group Among other things we re saying, I ve commented I love the nuances I mean, it s hardly a spoiler to say that SimsBancorp is an evil corporation or at least a typical one that doesn t care much about ethics but that s the nuance are they evil really Moon is good at asking the next question, taking the ideas one step further It s still a fun read, but it s literary than many because it s so thoughtful.

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    4 to 4.5 stars One of the best books I ve read so far this year And it s not even a romance, which is normally my fav genre LOL.This book has been around for a few years, but I only discovered it recently It s compelling, and I couldn t stop reading I read it in just a couple of days If you like sci fi, I highly recommend this gem.It s a first contact story, a tried and true trope, one of my fav sci fi tropes in fact But it s also a highly original book For starters, the MC is an elderly human woman who has resigned herself to the fact that she is in the latter stages of her life She s fairly fit and well, but she is old, and most of her life is therefore behind her Readers, please don t let this put you off Ofelia is a wonderful character, and as you read on, you are rooting for her and .Ofelia decides to illegally stay behind on the planet where she lives when the company who owns the settlement decides it s not a feasible colony any, and orders the withdrawal of the population into cryo sleep transport to some other colony, not of their choice So Ofelia quietly chooses to stay in the home where she lives comfortably, with her garden etc, and live out the rest of her life there in peace.But unbeknownst to Ofelia or the Company whose colony it was, there is already an indigenous population of aliens on the planet And they and Ofelia come into contact, and slowly, a little reluctantly on Ofelia s part at first , they start to learn about each other Over a period of time, Ofelia forms a truly beautiful relationship with the aliens, and this is the heart of the book It s what keeps you reading But trouble is ahead, when it becomes widely known that there is an indigenous population on the planet The humans come blundering back, underestimating both the aliens, and Ofelia herself The way the book ends is quite appropriate and a satisfactory conclusion to the plot I did feel the ending was a little rushed, however, which is why the book didn t quite make it into 5 star territory for me Perhaps some of the ending events could have been related in a kind of epilogue, when you had time to draw a breath after some of the drama As it was, it all made sense, but seemed to have been telescoped into too short a section Then suddenly it was over A pity, because the rest of the book was so beautifully paced Still, this is a relatively minor quibble about what IMO is a wonderful book I highly recommend.

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