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    Disclaimer I m a serious fangirl of this series I went into this book expecting it to rock my world so it started with 5 stars before I even read one word on the first page Now, I bring you my biased review Before this series, this is the way I imagined dragons It s hard to think of a hot alpha hero shape shifting dragon when you think of a cute loveable huggable dragon that you want to hug in the form of a stuffed animal.After this series, this is how I imagine dragons I still want to hug the dragons and then some..Ok, so I haven t really said a damn thing about the actual story in book 3 Who cares It has Mick, and Mick is Mick He is loyal, and hot, he cares for Janet than he cares for himself, and their sex is so scorching, they have a safe word and this isn t even an erotica novel Which brings me to the story Ok, so the story is great Seriously It was way better than book 2 and I gave book 2 a very happy 5 stars So If you haven t read this series, go right now and read book 1 and book 2 If you have read this series, you ll love this book But one warning, Mick is mine.

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    Wow I didn t realize how much I missed Mick and Janet until I jumped back into their world.In this latest Stormwalker installment, the book opens with Janet and Sheriff Nash Jones falling into a random sink hole out in the middle of the Arizona desert Except nothing with Janet is ever random.In that sinkhole about 200ft down Janet sees these awful freaky skeletal hands coming her way Nothing she does can get them to leave her alone, and there are hundreds of them crawling towards her Mick is able to save her and an unconscious Nash, but not before one of those spider like skeletal hands grips her leg The injury is similar to frost bite, and only Mick is able to heal her.Mick goes down into that hole to investigate, and comes back a changed man, er, dragon He is hostile to Janet The magic mirror screams and screams and screams Magic Mirror tells Janet that Mickey has been touched by shadows They are all around him Janet in fact can see the difference in his aura as wellbut only sometimes Other times he s her normal wonderful Mick But what worries everyone, is the burning question What is strong enough to work some serious mojo on Mick Meanwhile, Nash is recovering from his fall into that hole, but someone is out to get him too Can Janet figure out what is controlling Mick, who s trying to kill Nash, why those skeletal hands are after her, and the icing on the cake, why is the hotel inspector showing up with a list of fix this now for her Can Janet catch a break please Janet s half sister Gabrielle is involved in this one, and I can honestly say I m happy with the way it worked out with her I wasn t sure what would happen with her, but I should have learned by now not to doubt Ms James.The only spoiler I m willing to part with is that Mick is actually being controlled by a Shadow Walker And let s just say that any person who can control a dragon as powerful as Mick is a force to be reckoned with The dragon council finds out, and so so much happens from that point on Mick is no longer his normal self he is losing pieces of himself I loved the scene when he finally broke free, and how Janet helped break the Shadow Walker s spell This is a non stop ride that cranked me to the top only to be dropped in a free fall and caught again.Jennifer Ashley Allyson James writing is always consistent, her stories wonderful You will never be disappointed when picking up an Allyson James novel.Fans of Urban Fantasy will love this series.Fans of kick ass heroines will love this series.Fans of super sexy dragon men will LOVE this series.I canNOT stress enough how I don t like Urban Fantasy and yet I love the Stormwalker books And btw, can I say I love this cover GORGEOUS ARC provided by Allyson Jameshttp www.demonloversbooksand.co

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    of a 3.7 3.8What I like about this book is that there isn t a love triangle for me to have worry about I like that Janet and Mick are a firmly established couple and they have each others backs However, I would still like a little of a relationship aspect of them without the constant shagging This book provided me with a bit of that, so I m happy about that.What I m not so happy about it is the large rambling plot threads that didn t really make much sense until the final part of the book and still, it was still a Huh Wtf moment Why couldn t Janet have figured out the Mick situation sooner Why didn t she press her grandmother for info Why didn t she just give Gabrielle a really good slap in the face I don t have these answers.Despite it s weight and baggage, this book is still one of the better books I ve read this year in this genre This series is still very good and I care very much about what happens next Especially with the little cliffhanger at the end.

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    4.5 starsI had small memory term capacity, so I didn t really remember a lot from the previous two books lol BUT, it doesn t matter because as soon as I read the first chapter, I remember how much FUN this series are and how much I love Janet, her sexy dragon boyfriend, Mick, and her round about friends.The book is opened I think in similar way of book 1, Janet being attacked while speeding with her bike my God, I love chick with bike Then the plot goes with Mick being enslaved by a powerful witch, and he ends up trying to kill Janet So Janet must try to rescue Mick from the enslavement, while also finds out what the witch is up to with the help of her friends, including the void sherrif Nash Jones, her wicca manager Cassandra, the mysterious Coyote, and Janet s own Crow grandmother As plot goes, I think it s pretty tight Ms James keeps the witch s evil needs until the end All the while, my heart goes to Janet with Mick trying to kill hurt her and she tries to remind Mick of their love The battle between Janet and Mick is awesome, because Mick is a powerful dragon but Janet also has two kinds of magic in her Stormwalker and Beneath magic I LOVE that almost all secondary characters are present, EVEN Janet s step sister Gabrielle, Cassandra s wolf lover Pamela, and Mick s friend Colby Oh, I love Colby, he gives comic relief to the book my favorite scene of him in this book will be when he tries to escape the dragon binding by using Nash Well, him and the horny magic mirror lol Nash is not very present though, but at least in terms of relationship, there is a sign that he is moving forward with the fiery Maya So I m good The ending is surprising but at the same time a bit teaser naughty Man, I cannot wait to see how this new development is being handled in the next book FINALLY, someone that seems to be able to put Coyote on his place This, by far, is my favorite of the series yet..

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    Books like this one remind me so much why I love to read I stayed up waaaay too late reading this fantastically, awesomely, wonderful book.My biggest complaint from Firewalker was that it didn t have enough Mick in it Let s face it, Mick is one of the main reasons I love this series So imagine my surprise that Shadow Walker started a little slow but then picked up when Mick left the scene I think the difference is while Mick is not there for me to read the storyline is still focused on him.Without giving away too many plot spoilers I found myself surprised that Mick didn t break out sooner Each time he fought Janet I thought for sure she would find some place in him that wasn t caught and that place would stop him from trying to hurt her But James did an awesome job of not letting that cliche happen I knew that Mick was in there somewhere realizing what he was doing and when he was all better he would be so appalled by the acts he had performed.And finally the scene where Janet drags him out of it.oh Mick you poor, wonderful man It was fabulous His emotional reaction was priceless I love that Janet made the decision not to hurt him and how Mick realized that and ultimately gave her his name.Another wonderful installment in the series 5 happy stars.

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    Compared to Stormwalker and Firewalker , Shadow Walker dragged Shadow Walker hinged on breaking one stretched out, magical conflict, especially in the last chapters, that left Janet repeating ad nauseum, Give me your name I wanted to give her a hobby Shadow Walker did pack some emotional punch, however In the next book I hope she focuses on the dragons they steal the show Coyote too And Nash What Not first place but a fun series nonetheless Well worthy of being a popcorn read, as my friends say.

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    AH I cannot stop talking about how much I adore this wonderful still fairly new series by Allyson James For those not familiar, the series followers half Navajo Janet Begay, a Stormwalker who can bend the power of storms to her will Oh, and she also is the daughter of an evil goddess who has passed on dangerous Beneath magic to Janet She lives in a small Arizona town, owns a quaint hotel, has a ridiculously hot and sweet boyfriend, Mick, and trouble seems to follow Janet where ever she goes The third story picks up shortly after the end of the second book and opens with Janet finding herself in danger once again when she plummets to the bottom of a sinkhole while being tailed by Sheriff Nash Jones for speeding Janet finds herself under attack from dozens of mysterious petroglyphs and once again, she finds herself at the center of another dangerous mystery One thing I love about this story is that Janet has matured She has always been a mighty kick ass heroine, but by now she has gone through many trials, including saving the world, and she is embracing all of her magic even the dark Beneath magic The overall plot of the third book is another fantastic mystery This time, Janet needs to find out why an evil witch, a Shadow Walker, wants to claim Janet s hotel, how her evil sister same goddess mom is involved, and how to save Mick from potential enslavement, all while entertaining 2 dragon shifters who would rather kill Mick than allow others to be enslaved, and her grandmother who is keeping secrets with the cook while sending Janet s one big ally, the trickster god, Coyote on errands Janet has her hands full, but she never gives up I love that she gets frustrated and mad, and she may fall and fail But in the end, her beliefs and inner strength, along with the support of her friends, keep Janet going Finally, I have to reiterate how important the supporting cast of characters is in the function and enjoyment of the book s There are several, but each is written so organically that every one has his her place and is an important cog in the machinery of this series No matter what I write in this review, I cannot give justice to this story or series Ms James has created an amazing world with such intricate details and comprehensive characters My Rating 5 Stars Please visit my blog to read my full review

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    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyI would never have thought dragons and Coyote of Native American lore would mix as well as they have in Allyson James s Stormwalker series, but after three books, the mythologies blend better than ever In SHADOW WALKER, Janet has her hands full with both practical and romantic problems, but with her Stormwalker and Beneath powers still refusing to work together there s no such thing as an easy fix.On the practical front, Janet s fairly new yet oddly deteriorating hotel was an interesting mystery to start off with especially since the magical force affecting the hotel had no obviously discernible cause or perpetrator What I liked the most about Janet here is that she didn t refuse help from her friends and used her resources and connections right away to try and solve this problem instead of dealing with it on her own.Along with Janet literally trying to keep her roof and lively hood from collapsing on top of her, her dragon shifter lover Mick has become uncharacteristically moody and reticent Mick s subtle personality shift was exceptionally well written as it was drawn out over the span of a few chapters I was just as bewildered as Janet was as Mick slowly pushed her away As a big fan of this couple, I think I was distressed at the possibility of a break up than Janet was.Just when I was beginning to think the hotel and Mick s problems were two completely separate story lines, there was a bizarre but brilliant twist that brought them together Even though I was blindsided by the end of SHADOW WALKER and some of the character revelations, I m invested than ever in this series and can t wait for shocking twists from Allyson James.Overall, I loved the way the multiple story lines in SHADOW WALKER fused together and the way the writing allowed me to intimately experience the story The romance between Janet and Mick is still just as sizzling as in previous books and even strengthens after this most recent test to their love for each other The fourth installment of this series, NIGHTWALKER, has no publication date yet but will definitely be on my to be read pile Sexual Content Explicit sex scenes, references to sex

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    A Stormwalker, a hot, biker dragon, a buttoned up witch, a smart assed female electrician who is in love with the hard assed military man sheriff in which magic can t effect, a Native American Coyote God, a tiny mean Grandmother that turns into a crow AND last but not least a magic mirror that is an equal opportunity voyeur Seriously, what could you possibly want in a PNR This series gets better with every book One last thing, this is the third book I ve read this year by Allyson James Jennifer Ashley She also writes the Primal series under the name Jennifer Ashley which is good, the Shareem under Allyson James which is the first series I read by her Be warned those are scorching hot Erotica , a historical series under Jennifer Ashley, which started out with one of my all time favorite reads and finally this Storm Walker series I am always amazed that this author can turn to other genres so easily and put out what I think is incredibly enjoyable quality books If you enjoy this book go and check out her other titles.

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    THE REVIEWWhy this book I liked the other books of the seriesWhat I thoughtEach book is getting better and better In this installment Mick is enslaved by a witch and Janet must save him before the dragons kill him She also has problems with her half sister Gabrielle The action in this book leaves you wanting and so does the characters My only problem was it didn t have enough Mick in it, since he s one of the main reasons I kept reading this series With that said I m looking forward to next book.

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