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The cost of one bitcoin will grow to 50 thousand dollars within the next 10 years, the founder of the  investment company Standpoint Research Ronnie Moas believes, Rambler News Service has reported.

As Moas explained, the situation with the demand and supply of crypto currency may turn out the following way: 200 million people around the world will try to buy several million bitcoins (the crypto currency issue is limited to 21 million units), this will lead to a deficit and, as a result, the rate growth. According to Moas, on October 24th, bitcoin capitalization exceeded the analogous index of the Goldman Sachs  investment bank. If the crypto currency growth continues at such rate, its market value will exceed the cost of Apple (more than $ 800 billion), the investor explains.

Former broker Jordan Belfort, whose life story formed the basis of the plot of “The Wolf from Wall Street,” on October 23rd, said thatfunds raising with the help of ICO (an analogue of the IPO for crypto currency) is fraud. In his opinion, the activity of 5-10 percent of fraudsters will lead to the catastrophe of the whole sphere. In early October, it was reported that Goldman Sachs had an intention of trading bitcoins and other crypto currency by creating a new trading option. Goldman Sachs could be the first major Wall Street bank to enter the digital money market. According to Coinmarketcap, by the evening of October 25th, bitcoin capitalization reached 92 billion dollars, the rate of crypto currency was, according to CoinDesk, $ 5.4 thousand.

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