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Affiliate Program. How to get maximum profit of the Internet.

affiliate program

Affiliating is almost the main source of income for site owners, blogs, group moderators, and for others it is a decent part of their income.
What is the point of affiliating?
By participating in the affiliate program, you receive money for some actions performed by the user who has been transferred by your affiliate link from your site or group (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Those actions can be:

  • registration on the site;
  • subscription to the newsletter;

purchase or order of goods or services (information and training courses, forex trading services, online stores).
Commission amount

The commission amount varies. From any commodity transaction, one can expect 3-5% of the sale price, payment systems will pay up to 10% of the revenue for each customer, the most generous are service companies whose payments may vary from 20 to 70%.

How to choose Affiliate program?

There are a lot of affiliate programs. When choosing a program, one always needs to rely on their site audience and its point. The closer your target audience to the topic of the affiliate program, the more profitable it will result. If you have a female target audience (for example, Fashion Blog), it is very unlikely that they will be interested in affiliate programs for earning money in Forex. It is much more profitable to place a partner program here for cosmetics, jewelry or clothes. A financial trading strategies site or a blog dedicated to investments will lead to higher income if you join an affiliate program of company offering forex or option trading.

Affiliate choice is an entirely private matter. Someone is closer to Forex, and someone to Alibaba. But if you have no idea about the product you will promote, it’s better not to do it at all. The success in earning on affiliate programs depends on how deeply you understand the product itself.

Types of affiliate programs (AP)

1. One-time AP- you once sold any good or service (for example, an information course, a training, a lesson) and that is all, after you do not your anything from the affiliate.
2. Multiples AP – you get a percentage of the company’s income, which has been received from a user passed by your affiliate link. In this case, your affiliation with a partner is longer.
3. Regular AP – perhaps the most profitable and stable type of cooperation. Referrals regularly, weekly, monthly,etc pay a partner company a certain amount of money for using their services. As an affiliate, you receive a percentage from those payments also every week,month, etc.

Types of affiliate partnership

The first thing that we are concerned about in the affiliating is what profit is made of. Be careful here and pay special attention to this issue. Very rare are the companies that provide to their partners the detailed information on the profit made on each customer. This is a reasonable indicator that partnership will be transparent and reliable.
Pay-per-click(PPC or cost-per-click, CPC) is one of the lowest fees. It does not exceed three cents per transfer fee. The point here is that only the transfer of a potential customer by a reference link is paid. Product or service purchase does not matter here.

Cost-per-view(CPV) – is also a low-cost type where views are paid. In this case, the number of clicks on the reference link does not matter, as you are only paid a couple of bucks for each 1000 views. You need to consider the number of visitors of the site to earn a decent amount of money on this type of affiliate partnership.

Cost-per-action performed (CPA or pay-per-action, PPA or pay-per-lead, PPL) is more interesting. This type means that you will be paid for the actions that a client performs by passing through the affiliate link: registration on the site, filing a questionnaire or applying for a loan, downloading a file. Your reward here is higher, which may mean additional advertising.

Pay-per-sale (PPS or cost-per-sale, CPS) – users passed by your link are supposed to buy the product or service offered by the partner before you receive your reward. Mostly, whether the user of your site will buy product or services or will not, depends entirely on you as the site owner. This is the affiliate partnership type where you can earn a lot. The profit percentage here varies from 5% to 80%.

If we do this for free, then this is a “street talk”. If each sale brings a certain percentage, then it is affiliate marketing. And the percentage is quite high (from 30 to 100).
Anyway we pay a percentage to our employees. Why not to pay same percentage to our customers? This is an issue to consider.

Affiliate programs aggregators.

Below is the affiliate programs sites` list with which I work myself.

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