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Currently the number of opportunities for both earning and losing money is immense. As a trader may place a trade in either Buy or Sell direction, the potential of earning profit is always available. Thus the possibility of gaining additional money may be equaled to the possibility of losing it.

Every day trading market is being joined by new traders, which have not come to learn to hold their emotions and psychological mind traps, and all that is the main reason why 95% of the newcomers lose their investments within the first 3-4 weeks of starting trading.

However, trading experts have found a way to sweep away the emotions from the trading process and concentrate totally on numbers and logic. And the decision is an algorithm trading robot in Meta Trader written in the MQL4 language.

Anyway, one needs to remember, that using a trading algorithm does not mean that robots will never lose. Even big investment companies have to stop the trading algorithm before suffering a fatal loss. Getting back to 2013, when faults in the trading algorithm cost Goldman Sachs $100 million.

As a trader, one needs to realize clearly that a result of trading using an algorithm may not be obligatory profitable, but may also result in a complete loss. A trader needs to realize that he/she is responsible for any trade placed by the trading algorithm. The other side of this medal may be a considerable profit earned on your account. Thus income will be earned for you in a passive way while you may stick to your daily activities.

Still, such a hands free trading strategy is not the only way to earn profit. Anyway, the alliance of automated trading and human being involved by following the economical news and events and by being able to stop the algorithm whenever any threat of funds loss comes up. Trading market may make one rich in seconds, and in even less seconds one can lose all.

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