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Unknown Bitcoin Cash Miner controls almost 97% of network hash

Bitcoin Cash

There are many features in the Bitcoin Cash network. Perhaps the biggest problem for everyone is that an unknown pool continues to mine a huge number of network blocks. Nobody knows who is behind this mining or how many people can participate in it. Until now, it seems, most of the rewards for the extraction of these blocks were sent to only two addresses.

So who extracts Bitcoin Cash?

Since the Bitcoin Cash network was launched, one of the large pools has consistently supported this chain. An unknown company has never disclosed its identity. For miners, it’s not uncommon to remain anonymous, but this causes a serious problem for the entire Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. An unknown object has been producing about 95% of all network blocks for quite some time.

Not knowing who is responsible for this mingling activity, there are many reasons for concern. The one who extracts these blocks on his own can easily perform an attack of 51% against the Bitcoin Cash network at any one time. Although this has not yet happened, but certainly something like this must be borne in mind. Given that ViaBTC, BitClub and several other pools support the BCH mining, it will not be strange if this unknown object does not join the steel pools.

With the overwhelming majority of awards for the extracted blocks, going to two addresses, all become even more confusing. Perhaps the strangest thing is that none of these addresses has yet shown interest in selling coins, but simply collects BCH and that’s it. These two combined addresses have a total balance of more than 10,000 VSN, which costs about 720 PTS at current market prices. This is a little consoling, although there is still a threat that 10,000 coins can be dropped on exchanges at any time.

Until it looks like the Bitcoin Cash community is overly concerned that an unknown person successfully monitors the vast majority of BCH’s capacity. Those who are behind this initiative clearly have high hopes for the future rise in prices for BCH, expected this whole week. For some reason, market makers are more than satisfied with the fact that the cost of BCH is about 300 US dollars. This is a good price for those who control more than 10,000 coins, but it is possible that secret miners are waiting for a much higher price.

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