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According to the Daily Beast publication, the US internal revenue service (IRS) uses instruments to track bitcoin transactions. The instruments have been developed by Chainalysis company which specializes in blockchain analysis technology development. According to the US General services Administration (GSA) data, the IRS has partnered with Chainalysis:

since 2015, the service uses Chainalys` software with the purpose to “follow the flow of funds through the bitcoin cryptocurrency”. Under the contract, which is valid till the beginning of September, the IRS has already paid out more than $88 000. “It is necessary to identify and obtain evidence of money laundering or income concealing under tax fraud or other federal crimes, carried out using bitcoins,” says the IRS.

It is very simple to find a person associated with the specific transaction in the blockchain, if little attention is paid to the network security. It is just enough to access the information that is automatically collected with the help of cookies, which help websites to remember and recognize the visitors when they relog on, Princeton University experts say. The test results of 140 major sites showed that 107 of them provided data to 40 organizations. More than 30 sites allow to gather information about personal bitcoin addresses and the amounts of transactions. Among the companies that receive users` information, are Google, RevJet and American Express.

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